10 Day You Challenge | Ten Secrets

Yes, I am finally spilling some beans on a public platform. I’m not sure if I will be doing it correctly. I’m not sure whether the things I’m writing qualify as secrets. I’m not sure if I should write them at all, but I guess now that I have started, there is no turning back.  So here are the 10 secrets..

  1. I go on and off a diet but I love food too much for my own good
  2. I am never confused about my own life. Everything is organized. Plan A and Plan B
  3. I love online shopping.
  4. I love movies, especially watching them at the theaters.
  5. I love drinking milk.
  6. I am the biggest mango lover you can find
  7. I dont like cooking
  8. I have 3 nicknames
  9. I am hyper allergic to things such as papaya, dust, cold, few funny named vegetables
  10. I love History


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5 thoughts on “10 Day You Challenge | Ten Secrets

  1. Awesome Roms- I love mangoes too…….. Is this a blog prompt you have attempted or started something? Sounds good stuff but you need to make the secrets more evil 😉

  2. I love mango too! and oh, online shopping as well. When I am at home, my mother makes me drink a glass of milk every night before I go to sleep 🙂

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