10 Day You Challenge | Nine Loves

LOVE is a strong word. And thus, love is very easy to give and receive for me.  Describing or even enumerating the 9 loves of my life is not going to be tough task. I hope!

  1. I love reading. I have been reading since like forever. For any average Indian, if he/she says he/she is a voracious reader, it means that his/her reads consists of Harry Potters, Chetan Bhagat and may be the Shiva Trilogy. I am not that kind of a reader though. And I am too glad to boast about that. From the classics to the modern day fictions to respectable Indian authors to comics to newspaper, I just love reading.
  2. Music is healing, music is therapy, and music is something that words can’t define. My ipad have always been my saviour. Whether I am in the kitchen or on the laptop or on the go music is always on.
  3. I love eating out. Good company and good food, yes, they make my day. I love going to various places, exploring the food they offer there.
  4. Whether it’s here on the blog, or for my own private viewing or for the book that I dream to write someday. Blogging and writing is something I have grown to love and treasure.
  5. I love myself and I think it’s really important for everyone one of us to do so.
  6. Ice cream, because it’s the best food on the planet.
  7. I don’t know about you, but I LOVE that first moment after slipping into bed. I love stretching out my legs and feeling the coolness of the sheets.
  8. I’ve written/deleted/rewritten/deleted a number of things just now I want to say about coffee. There are no right words, all of the examples I want to mention still don’t do it justice. I want to write a book about my relationship with coffee. Heavy sigh.
  9. I can keep looking at it for hours and not get bored of doing that. It soothes my eyes. However, I never exactly know what they are keeping looking for out there.It calms my soul and gives me peace.. the night sky, for most of it.

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