Besties , Billies and Behnas

Well from title you will got that its post on friendship and sisterhood, but what is Billies ? Well it’s the name of my college group. I didn’t have so many friends but I have two girls who made me Billi from studious Nikita. Yes, I am ‘Bhigi billi ‘of my group!

So basically we are three girls Nikey, Rukhma and Nikita (that’s me). I met these girls in Jun 2011, first year and first day of my college. I was scared, shy and I still remember I didn’t speak a word in whole class not even answers (I known it though). In lunch break, I was thinking what to do as I was new to that city I don’t know anything. And suddenly a beautiful girl with mobile in hand a headphone in ears called me, ‘Hey, we share the names , if you don’t mind we can share music too?’ and her smile was so genuine and lovely that I said ‘ yes’ without thinking for moment. From that day onwards we share everything , food , gossips, opinions , vacations , college life , books , cloths to makeup , from a little things to big secrets.  She was Nikey!  The Girl,  who taught me the meaning of friendship.

On the same day I met another blessing of my Life, who looks like me and act totally opposite to me. People usually ask us ‘Are you sisters?’ well we don’t have biological connection but “DNA of nautanki” matches in our case. She is the one who teach me all girlish things from nail polish to eye liner. She is the one at whose home Nikey and Nikita are almost in the category of ‘Satan’ and we did all things to prove that tag right.

This both girls has played important role in my life and my Career too. I never attained any lectures; I didn’t remember a single incident where I need to stand in any queue of college. They have managed from exams to results. They had written assignment for me; from getting study material to parties they managed everything. So they gave feeling of parents too sometimes.

As it happened in every fairy tale, in my case it happened too, separation from them. I had cleared my CA inter examination and I joined office and this golden period ended. I still remember that little fights when I couldn’t manage to be on their birthdays or on result days, as every separation ours was harsh and painful too. But, this time too they showed that bond of understanding is beyond any misunderstanding. They started making sure that I wouldn’t miss any fun.  This much understanding and support is hard to find.

We did lots of outing and 3 picnics together. Shopping to reading, exams to family issues, cooking to food courts, college to marriages our friendship has took shape. Three girls who were enough immature to fight on chocolates are now suggesting each other how to manage relationships and in laws. It says you don’t need hundred of friends, you just need one friend who will stand by your side as ‘karna’ I am blessed to say that I have two “Karna”.

About the Guest blogger – Nikita Dongare

I am a future CA who found peace at words. I am 22 and trying to make own world filled with books and words. Find the real Nikita at and stay connected with me at Twitter – @nikkuuu94

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2 thoughts on “Besties , Billies and Behnas

  • January 7, 2017 at 1:53 pm

    Too good Nikita,
    It’s reflect true meaning of friendship and emotions, you are truly blessed to have friends like them. Keep writing.

  • January 7, 2017 at 12:14 pm

    Hi Nikita, I also made some real good friends during my college time who proved to be friends for life.

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