Inflection – Career Arcs from Evolving India

Blurb: Real careers are not perfect. Professional success is not absolute. People shape careers and then over time,
careers shape people. Feb 1999. The batch of 1999 steps out from one of India’s leading business schools—Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata—into the real world of careers, not unlike many other professionals before and after.  Eighteen years later—in the middle of their working lives—32 of these professionals pause and take stock. They look back on their careers, on the choices they made, their successes and their failures, their highs and their lows. They reflect on what they assumed when they graduated from B-school and what the world has taught them since.  There are Real Lessons in Their Reflections; There are Common Themes in Their Career Arcs. This is the story of real careers taking shape in the rapidly evolving post-liberalisation India of the last two decades. Of conventional careers and not-so-conventional careers and something in between. Of people who took the corporate path, who became entrepreneurs, who became academics, who went abroad, who became specialists and even those who let their careers go with the flow, unplanned. Step in as they take stock of their journeys.  As relevant for mid-career professionals, to peek over their shoulders at peers, as for those starting their professional careers, curious about the careers choices ahead and the road signs on the way.

About the authors:  Nilesh Shrivastava currently heads the South Asia financial sector investments portfolio at International Finance Corporation, part of the World Bank Group. Pushp Deep Gupta is Executive Director at Deloitte Consulting in Leadership Advisory. Both Nilesh and Pushp are graduates of Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta, batch of 1999.

Review:  All careers don’t guarantee success; you need to make them happen with right planning. In the year 1999, batches of students pass out from Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata into the actual world to make their career. Fast forward life, 18 years later, 32 candidates from this batch pause and meet. They all rewind their lives, rethinking about the choices, failures, success, highs, and lows, bad and good of themselves. They realise the lessons they learnt, the themes which their career gave them. This is a real story of real careers that took shape in India of the last two quick moved decades. After I quit working in a corporate sector and turned back to self employment, I always thought of reading something on the world I was a part of earlier. When this book was in my hand, I was happy reading it. Not just the subject was interesting but something I could connect with. It is unfortunate that our education system doesn’t prepare us for the outside world which is different than what has been shown to us. Most of the times many of us don’t know where to start and how to start. The book has 32 individual stories which have been written in such an interesting way that gives us a desire to know more about each story. The book addresses the issues which every one of us faces in our careers. I am sure you will get to connect with someone from these 32 mentioned stories of individuals. These stories will guide you to channelize yourself being productive to get desired results and reach your goals. I highly recommend it to everyone as it is highly inspiring and educative, doesn’t matter at which level of your career you are; the book has something for everyone.

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My First Breakup by Dhruba D. Roy

About the Book:

“Oh God, why me?”

This is perhaps what we think of when we go through a ‘breakup’.
This story is about Anirudh and Anvi.
Both of them have their own thinking which are not alike.
The story begins with Anirudh meeting with and accident. As he slowly succumbs to the pain, he starts reflecting about his bygone college days where he found his love for music. He loves Anvi dearly who is a long-lost friend of Anirudh.
The story reveals how Anirudh struggles as the hands of reality strikes him down.

Book Links:
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From a Writer to an Author

It feels good to be an author of a book. It’s sort of a recognition that distinguishes anyone from being a writer to an author. To be honest, I never loved writing in my childhood. In fact, I would even question the need of writing an essay during my school days. Many a times I was even caught copying while writing an essay during my English literature classes. So, why did I become an author????

The answer is very simple. I had something stuck in my head and it was tingling me from the inside, asking me to get it out. So that was the moment when I decided not to ignore my feelings and rather express them in the form of creative writing. I started putting down my thoughts on paper and before I could realize, I noticed this thought of mine to be about 240 pages thick with around 55,500 words, quite a fat thought huh!!!

Yes, I had just drafted my first story, but I wasn’t done yet. This was my creation, so I decided to give it a name, a name with which I could call it. After days of brainstorming, I came up with a name that I though would perfectly suit the theme that the book tried to portray, and there it was ‘My First Breakup’.

Now it was time for me to make a decision if my creation, this though, ‘My First Breakup’ was good enough to be read by others.

“Nah!!! No body cares about what you have to say…..

No, it’s not gonna make sense to others”, my Practicality forewarned my Imagination. But then again,

“There might be somebody willing to hear you out.

There might be people out there ready to accept your thoughts for what they are”, my Imagination countered back.

At this juncture I decided to get my book published. It is difficult to get a book published but I believe, if we have faith in our work, we eventually get what we want no matter how long it might take.

Being an author is not something that I have ever considered myself to be. I still feel I am no author, I am just a narrator who likes to tell stories for what I perceive them to be. “My First Breakup” is a story that I feel will connect with many of us as we all know that there is a phase where most of us fall in love only to snap out of it.

“My First Breakup…. Learning to let go!!!”

#Dhruba D Roy

About the Author:

Dhruba Das Roy  is a freelance writer, a musician by passion, and a software engineer by profession. He is from Assam, but born in a small town of Meghalaya, where he finished his schooling. He then obtained his degree in engineering from the esteemed college of National Institute of Technology. He discovered his love for music there and was the lead vocalist of his band, “The Rozarts”.

He loves rock and roll and is a great fan of the pioneers of rock and roll-(Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Queen and the list goes on).Unfortunately, as engineering life came to an end, the band had to split. Recently, he moved to Kolkata where he is working in one of leading software service based companies in India.

Not everyone can put their thoughts into words. Dhruba had never tried his hand in writing; but he had an experience, an experience which changed his life for the better. Being a vocalist, his only way of expression was through the creative way. He decided to pen down his thoughts and he discovered that writing came naturally to him. His thought process in the novel relates to the general mass in many ways. He decided to stretch his limits and ended up voicing his thoughts in a different way this time.

Contact the Author:
Website * Facebook * Twitter


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A to Z Challenge Theme Two – Reveal

Today is The Great and Powerful Theme Reveal for the A to Z Blogging Challenge. The Challenge kicks off April 1st and the challenge is to blog through the alphabet every day with Sunday’s off. 30 days or rather 26 days because there are only 26 letters in the alphabet.

I finished up my posts, especially since I am doing two themes for this challenge.

So, what’s my theme?

It is HAIKU.

We all have special moments in our lives. Perhaps it was the moment our child took his or her first steps, or said his or her first word. Perhaps it was the moment we were kissed for the first time, or the moment we took that high school diploma or college degree in our hands. Whatever those moments were, we captured them, in a photograph, a video, or simply with a poignant memory, so that we could recapture, and often share, the joy, the pride, the excitement; the emotional experience that made that moment special. Just as we capture a special moment in our lives, haiku poetry captures a moment in time, creating and sharing the joy, the wonder, and the perhaps profound emotional experience that exists within that moment.

Haiku is a form of poetry that focuses on a brief moment in time, and a sense of sudden illumination or enlightenment. A haiku is usually composed of seventeen syllables in three short lines. The first line often contains five syllables, the second line seven syllables, and the third line five syllables. A haiku is usually written in present tense, with a pause at the end of the first or second line, and it normally doesn’t rhyme.

I’m looking forward to reading and ‘meeting’ new bloggers during this challenge. I hope you’ll stop by and read my Haikus, and please feel free to leave your mark by commenting or liking the post. But also, please stop by and support other bloggers during the challenge.

If you’re participating in the challenge, please let me know. This will be my third time, and I always find it to be a wonderful ride. It feels like a real accomplishment when you make it all the way to Z. It’s an opportunity to connect with other bloggers, and to explore a theme that is close to your heart.


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A to Z Challenge Theme One – Reveal

What is April A to Z Blog Challenge?

Every April, bloggers from all over the world participate in the April A to Z blog challenge, and you can too! To play along, all you do is make a blog post for each letter of the alphabet during April, then use the blog hop link to visit as many other bloggers as you can.

This will be my 3rd year in a row doing the A to Z blog challenge. I keep coming back because it’s so lively and fun! Plus, it’s a great way to find interesting new blogs to read.

The A to Z Theme Reveal was created to rev up interest before the challenge started. On a certain day (this year it’s March 19) A to Z bloggers are invited to post what their April theme will be.

My 2018 A to Z Theme is “Microfiction”.

As Shakespeare said, “Brevity is the soul of wit.” Which translated into modern language means, “Everyone should write and read microfiction.”

It’s a subset of flash fiction—those super short stories typically told in 1,000 words or less. Definitions vary, but for the most part, microfiction is any story told in 300 words or less, and could even be as short as a few words. Microfiction’s appeal to the modern reader is not surprising when considering the average adult’s attention span isn’t much longer than the time it takes to click a mouse or tap a touch screen, right?

Good stories come in all shapes and sizes—all lengths and forms. If a novel can be thought of as a ten course meal, and a short story as an excellent deli-sandwich. A microfiction piece might be an exquisite chocolate truffle. All are food. All are enjoyable. But they’re each very different. Microfiction is a scrumptious, bite-sized nugget of a story. It packs big flavor and satisfaction into a small package. As a writer, microfiction forces you to really look at your prose and determine what’s essential and what isn’t; what’s redundant and what isn’t. Honing these skills on microfiction can make your short story and novel-length prose that much sharper, but it’s also an art form of its own—a different medium for expression—as different from shorts stories as short stories are from novels. It’s fun to explore different story-telling media, and some writers find that microfiction is their medium of choice.

I can tell you from personal experience that writing blog posts with a theme in mind makes the challenges go much more smoothly for me. My goal for the month of April is to meet as many new bloggers as possible, visit old friends, stay acquainted with friends I’ve made from past challenges while visiting and encouraging new challengers. I can only do that with a game plan.

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Happiness and Me

Do I want to be happy? The answer is obvious, I want that feeling. In addition, I would also like to feel loved, appreciated, and valued. I have the same basic human needs and the desire to feel fulfilled in these areas is a normal part of my emotional makeup.

Yes, I deserve to be happy because I am alive and kicking. Not in the classic sense but in a biological fashion. I am built in a way to use happiness as a tool to assess the world that environs me. It’s in my genes, in my nature, to be happy.  Happiness is at the core of my experiences – it is as unintelligible to deny myself the feeling as it is to deny the practice of eating or sleeping or breathing. Happiness is a vital part of my survival.

isheeria happy celebrations

Yes, I deserve to be happy because my pain is not useful to anyone. The more I grieve and suffer, the less I grow, and the less I connect. When I am miserable, I shrink into the second-rate versions of myself. When I am happy, I thrive. I love to burn brightly enough to light up those around me, and my life takes on a stronger, more consequential rationale.

Yes, I deserve to be happy because I am not my past. I am not the choices I made or the chances I took when I didn’t know better than to take them. I deserve to be happy because the past cannot be distorted but the future’s still wide open. There are a thousand better roads left to walk down. I deserve to be happy because the people who have made the most errors have the greatest ability to warn others away from those mistaken paths.

Yes, I deserve to be happy because there is no sense in not being myself. The more I hide, the more I shake, the more I run away into the hushed recesses of existence, the more I deny the world the power that’s within me. And the world deserves that power. It deserves the encouragement of people who come alive through what they hope for. The world doesn’t need people half-fulfilling someone else’s dream: It needs people who are fully embodying their own and I want to belong to this group.

Yes, I deserve to be happy because the voice in my head is telling me otherwise is fear. And fear has no notion of the exactness. The truth is that happiness wants me– in all of my flawed, defective splendour. It wants me to come as I am, leave my baggage at the door and take a chance on becoming more myself – the version that I have always been too terrified to be. I deserve to be happy because happy people make their lives substance – and what else can I ask for than that.

I find the positive things in life everywhere I seem to be. I can always find motivation to be happy. I do good things and try to help others, too. By making others happy, I know that I deserve great happiness as well. I know what I want and I am willing to take the required actions to make it happen. Today, I am looking for even more reasons to be happy. No matter what the world has told me, I deserve to be happy.

This article is written as a part of #SuperBloggerChallenge2018 conducted by, and should not be re-purposed, republished or used otherwise. The content herein is owned by the blogger. SuperBloggerChallenge2018 is not responsible for any kind of infringement caused.

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Coffee Conversations with Shruti

Right now, at this very moment, the world of social media is as busy as it’s ever been. To no surprise, the increasingly large volume of posts, tweets, pins and stories brings with it a lot of noise and fun.

In an effort to help others find the real value and connect with those creating it, yours truly Novemberschild has put together a new series on the blog – featuring some of the interesting and famous faces of Social Media who are really my close and very good friends.

This week’s featured interview is SHRUTI

In her words – I like following my heart.  I wanna enjoy my life; make all my dreams come true & my life purposeful.

Let’s get into it.

Novemberschild: When you were little, what did you want to be?

Shruti: Engineer 

Novemberschild: If you had the option of adopting a baby fox or baby koala, which one would you choose?

Shruti: Baby koala

Novemberschild: What do you love about yourself most?

Shruti: I motivate myself on my own. Self -Motivation is my best friend.

Novemberschild: What would you like to eat for your last meal?

Shruti: I like a lot of cuisines n dishes, no specific meal/ dish. All I want is a good company. I’d like to enjoy my last meal with my fav person. It can be of his/her choice.

Novemberschild: If you had to be on a reality TV show, which one would you choose?

Shruti:  Maybe a dance reality show.

Novemberschild: What are your favorite lyrics?

Shruti: So many … my current fav is aaj se teri galiyan meri ho gayi ..

Novemberschild: Would you ever leave the house without makeup on?

Shruti: I wear makeup occasionally only for parties / marriages/events/meet-ups. 

Novemberschild: How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

Shruti:  15 minutes or 1-2 hours . Depending on the time & occasion.

Novemberschild: What do you notice when you first meet a guy?

Shruti: Way of talking.

Novemberschild: What makeup could you not live without out?

Shruti: Lip balm/ Lipstick

Stay up to date with Shruti via Twitter and Instagram.

Thank you Shruti.

If you wish to be featured in this series, you can drop me an email or get in touch on Twitter. I shall be really happy to make you part of this. You don’t have to be a blogger/writer/reader, but make sure you are an awesome personality.

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