10 Day You Challenge | One Picture of yourself

Now that I you know almost everything about me, its time that I put up a nice picture of mine. As the say, choices define a person, I’m sure by now all the posts have given you the idea of what kind of a person I am. Writing the last nine posts was an experience for me. I’m glad that I took up the challenge. This picture would have been a treat if I was an anonymous blogger. I have left the life of anonymity now.

I’ve had a love for the scaly creatures of this world ever since I can remember. Yes, dogs and cats and birds and hedgehogs are cool too, but my choices are little more on the cold-blooded side. I think my love for reptiles began with dinosaurs. Just something about these absolutely amazing beings walking the Earth millions of years before us. I had toy versions as a child which is what I spent the majority of my time playing with. I watched ‘Jurassic Park’ as soon as my mom would allow it. Since I can’t surround myself with dinosaurs, I found the next best thing. Reptiles! As I could not get to pose with a real crocodile, I opted for this at the Hyderabad Zoo. Reptiles tend to like small spaces. This is why snakes at the zoo don’t have giant enclosures. If you take them out, they find a corner to curl up in and stay there. Having a tiny space makes them feel more secure, and they don’t use a ton of energy to move around because they’re cold. The first thing you hear out of someone’s mouth who doesn’t like reptiles is “Are you crazy?” “What if it bites?” “Is it poisonous??” I’m so over these responses. Snakes aren’t sitting in your yard waiting around to eat you or even inject their venom in you for that matter. They are simply surviving, same as you. Yes, venomous reptiles are dangerous and you should never provoke or mess with them. Being one of the few people who immerses herself in the reptile world, I have found a deep appreciation for this deeply understood creatures, and I strive to share my knowledge with others.

That is it. End of a mini-era, that kind of revealed a lot of me. I liked it. I feel complete.

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10 Day You Challenge | Two Songs

Every single person on this earth, sometime or the other, finds his/her solace in good music. Music is actually the best form of expression. No matter how sad or happy you are, you will always find a song to suit your mood. And today when I write about the 2 songs, I am sure they are actually going to reveal a lot about me. The kind of music you listen to, usually reveal a lot about you.




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10 Day You Challenge | Three Films

I have done the same with this list as I did with the books – I chose the first three that popped into my head. I am quite pleased with these choices (for now) but there are so many films that I love – Magic Mike being one for obvious reasons, but I’m not being shallow so here’s what I got.

  1. The Lunchbox (Hindi): It is the most optimistic film and one of the best which I don’t know how many times I have watched as I have stopped counting. Happiness is relative and nostalgia is a drug – both these themes jimmy in and out of every scene inThe Lunchbox.  There are no dramatic twists in The Lunchbox and there is believability to all the characters in it. Moreover it’s a pleasure to see a Hindi film that exudes a mature portrayal of adult characters who put their vulnerability on the line. There are plenty of moments to treasure in The Lunchbox, and they’re all small and delicately crafted. Those looking for romance will swoon with delight as they discover two lonely people can find a way to make things work. Even loveless, heartless audiences would probably have to to try really hard to appear unmoved.
  1. The Japanese Wife(Bengali): It is wonderfully shot, reasonably well enacted, and is sure enough long (or slow) as hell but has made into my list of favourite movies. Spanning across almost two decades, Rahul Bose plays a graying schoolteacher in Sunderbans.  This quiet gent makes contact with a Japanese girl, a pen friend, in Yokohama. They have written-English in common, though neither can speak the language as fluently. Over years, they write to each other, and at some point, in one of those casual exchanges, even decide to turn man and wife. Bose’s Snehamoy sends Ms Miyage (Takaku), “vermilion for the parting of the hair.” cellphones, or SMS, or Internet chats in a nearby town, are technological novelties waiting to be discovered by sulky Snehamoy and his Ms Miyage. In its most effective parts, the beautifully-lensed ‘The Japanese Wife’ is like a haiku, saying a lot without underlining too much, a rare thing in our movies.
  1. You’ve Got Mail (English) : When Meg Ryan’s character gets the sniffles and retreats from the world in ”You’ve Got Mail,” she puts on pajamas and curls up in bed with her trusty laptop or a favorite book. Someday, when this cozy romantic comedy becomes a videocassette, it too will be a comfort object perfect for such moments. The most important literary outpourings here are those exchanged through E-mail, which makes the film that much more amusingly attuned to its time. Nostalgia is one of the charms of You’ve Got Mail, and the old-fashioned courtship at the heart of it, despite being conducted online, is the most charming of all and references romances-by-letter of times past. Hanks and Ryan have heaps of chemistry, and though the fact that they fall in love given the circumstances seems highly unlikely — the plot’s a little far-fetched, but what romcom doesn’t have an implausible one? — we buy it because, well, why not? The pacing is perfect, the characters likeable, the dialogue breezy. Some observations, including one about the overly complicated choices at chain coffee stores — Starbucks, specifically — still hold true.


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10 Day You Challenge | Four Books

There are  many books that I love, its hard to choose just 4 of my favourites! I really do not know which to choose so I am just going to pick the first four that come to mind and what I like the most about them.

1. The Fault in Our Stars – John Green. John Green is a new-found love of mine. I watched the film before I read the book (I do this in case the films are rubbish, that way they wont ruin the book for me. I learned the hard way with My Sisters Keeper and the first Flowers in The Attic film.) And absolutely loved it, made me cry so much. Read the book and it was sooo much better and I cried even more!

2. Where rainbows end – I haven’t read Cecelia’s P.S. I love you yet, but this book is a masterpiece! It’s really written in the usual novel language, but in the form of transcripts and dialogues.

3. The Merchant of Venice – I just love Shakespeare. In fact I love every classic. But this one is my favorite. A perfect comical drama. Why don’t we get these stuff now?

4. The Lost symbol by Dan Brown- I am a Dan Brown fan. No matter how boring his few books were/are or no matter how much hyped his other books are, but I am just a huge fan. I think I connected with it better than any other of his masterpieces. God, I feel geeky!

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10 Day You Challenge | Five Foods

I live to eat. Even though I don’t eat everything, but I try to eat everything that I want to. I might not be a foodie to share the food that you order, but I will be that foodie who would  go and explore with you all the places which offer the most scrumptious platter.

Here goes the list of 5 food that I enjoy eating.

  1. I love anything that my mom cooks. I claim she is the best cook in this world and whatever she cooks has that particular taste of love that I like.
  2. I am a hard core non-vegetarian. I love chicken. I love sea food. I love prawns everything which comes under this group and it has to be bit spicy.
  3. Gol Gappe, So in love with them. The ones with the meetha – pani.
  4. Pav Bhaji with butter, I can have them daily.
  5. I Love Desserts. From cakes to pastries to crepe to waffles, everything.


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10 Day You Challenge | Six Places

I am midway completing this challenge, and it feels good. It does.

1. Disney Land: Someone as kiddish as I am has to go to this place. I have grown up watching all Disney cartoons. In fact, I still have not grown up in that aspect. I have always wished to go there. I so want to go there. No matter how many Disney Land they open up around the world, but I want to go the original one.

2. Dubai: Yes, the glamour allures me. The ostentatious display of wealth allures me. Those are the only possible reasons for my love for travelling to Dubai.

3. India : Being an Indian, it wold be really fair if I scale the country before hoping on the foreign land or calling myself an enthusiastic traveler. I never do that anyway, but critic-critic everywhere. I have always wanted to visit all the “places of interest” listed in the General Knowledge books that we once read or the lost and unlisted places. It might take a very long time to do that, but I have realized it is not that difficult.

4. The Iguazu Waterfalls: The most beautiful of all the waterfalls on earth. Don’t believe? Google it or watch it on Youtube.

5. Paris: The most beautiful city on earth I would say. I really wanna be there once. Paris is my perfect place for a holiday with my love.

6. South Africa: No, Africa ain’t just deserts and camels. It has this place I would love to visit at least once in my lifetime.

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10 Day You Challenge | Seven Wants

I had to really think about what it was that I wanted the most out of life. I’m sure that a lot of people would have said that they wanted money or material things but, even though having a huge house and loads of money in the bank would be pretty awesome and not something I would ever refuse if offered to me, all I really want in life is for myself and the people who I love to be happy and comfortable.

1. To be happy and comfortable in life.

2. To become a successful writer. I really want people to enjoy my work and want to read it.

3. I really want my kid(s) to be happy and have a good life. I want them to achieve great things, to go places, and to have amazing experiences.

4. I want to spend the rest of my life with Mr B. I want us to build a future together doing things that make us happy and to be a real family with our children.

5. I want to be the best mom that I can be. I want my kid to look back on her/his childhood with happy memories, knowing how much I love her/him.

6. I want to be happy. Completely and utterly happy with no depression and bad thoughts, and no niggling voices telling me how shit I am at everything. I want to love and accept myself with complete peace of mind.

7. I want more time. Really, my life could use a few more hours in the day, or a couple more days in the week. Given that I thrive when I have at least a couple of hours of silence each day, and then I have to sleep and eat.

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10 Day You Challenge | Eight Fears

  1. Fear of being crippled and dependent – Fear the day when I will need support for the smallest of the things
  2. Fear of Old Age – yes I fear old age; wonder how I will react at that age. How healthy will I be? How lonely will I be? How will I cope with everything on my own?
  3. Fear of not being needed anymore – Yes let’s face it it’s great to be needed and I fear the day when no one will need me may be that will lead to no one wants me
  4. Fear of not being able to talk – it’s no secret that I love to talk. I can’t imagine myself in a situation where I can’t talk.
  5. Fear of losing my phone – It is one way I connect with many people.
  6. Fear my laptop will explode someday; it has already started giving me signals. I need a new laptop already.
  7. Fear of water – Water is the most powerful force, according to me. The floods, tsunamis and other water related natural disasters scare the crap out of me at times. And when water combines with other force like air, they result in even worse disasters. And that is the only reason why I am scared of it. 
  8. Fear of missing a flight or a train – I behave like a total obsessed the days I have to catch a flight/train.




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10 Day You Challenge | Nine Loves

LOVE is a strong word. And thus, love is very easy to give and receive for me.  Describing or even enumerating the 9 loves of my life is not going to be tough task. I hope!

  1. I love reading. I have been reading since like forever. For any average Indian, if he/she says he/she is a voracious reader, it means that his/her reads consists of Harry Potters, Chetan Bhagat and may be the Shiva Trilogy. I am not that kind of a reader though. And I am too glad to boast about that. From the classics to the modern day fictions to respectable Indian authors to comics to newspaper, I just love reading.
  2. Music is healing, music is therapy, and music is something that words can’t define. My ipad have always been my saviour. Whether I am in the kitchen or on the laptop or on the go music is always on.
  3. I love eating out. Good company and good food, yes, they make my day. I love going to various places, exploring the food they offer there.
  4. Whether it’s here on the blog, or for my own private viewing or for the book that I dream to write someday. Blogging and writing is something I have grown to love and treasure.
  5. I love myself and I think it’s really important for everyone one of us to do so.
  6. Ice cream, because it’s the best food on the planet.
  7. I don’t know about you, but I LOVE that first moment after slipping into bed. I love stretching out my legs and feeling the coolness of the sheets.
  8. I’ve written/deleted/rewritten/deleted a number of things just now I want to say about coffee. There are no right words, all of the examples I want to mention still don’t do it justice. I want to write a book about my relationship with coffee. Heavy sigh.
  9. I can keep looking at it for hours and not get bored of doing that. It soothes my eyes. However, I never exactly know what they are keeping looking for out there.It calms my soul and gives me peace.. the night sky, for most of it.

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10 Day You Challenge | Ten Secrets

Yes, I am finally spilling some beans on a public platform. I’m not sure if I will be doing it correctly. I’m not sure whether the things I’m writing qualify as secrets. I’m not sure if I should write them at all, but I guess now that I have started, there is no turning back.  So here are the 10 secrets..

  1. I go on and off a diet but I love food too much for my own good
  2. I am never confused about my own life. Everything is organized. Plan A and Plan B
  3. I love online shopping.
  4. I love movies, especially watching them at the theaters.
  5. I love drinking milk.
  6. I am the biggest mango lover you can find
  7. I dont like cooking
  8. I have 3 nicknames
  9. I am hyper allergic to things such as papaya, dust, cold, few funny named vegetables
  10. I love History


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