Black Love


Reining me deep, chuckles your black love,
A toothy smile, I’m lit in your dives,
Black black ocean, we waltz underwater,
I twist my leg, your black love cries,

Your love slaves, sips my pain,
A look so abyssal, it chokes me in chain,
Black black eyes, a silent chatter,
A toothy smile, your black love’s mine.

About the Guest blogger: Preety Sharma is an amatuer writer, writing poems, plotting novels. A young one you may call her (just 18, shh) she believes in dipping low and treasuring all she could. A college student. | Sharma Ji ki Beti. | A Tweeter. | Just A Kid. | She can be contacted through her blog or Twitter handle.

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Find yourself: Come out of your comfort zone

We go through change every day – be it in our personal life or professional. Sometimes it so happens that we get into a situation where we feel very awkward and uncomfortable – especially in the workplace. Neither we can take it up nor can we say NO to it. But from my personal experience what I can say is getting out of your comfort zone actually helps you to find yourself and makes you realize what you are capable of. Getting out of your comfort zone actually makes you to think out of the box and also adds more vibrancy to your life. If you really want to embrace the change around you, there is no other way but to get out of your comfort zone.

The question obviously comes – “What if I fail?” I won’t use the clichéd words “Failure is the stepping stone of success” but I would say even though you fail it will make you to think what went wrong in the process and what can you make better next time to taste the success. It’s not that you try something extraordinary or whacky stuffs when you are trying to get out of your comfort zone – but try something different that challenges you. Initially you will feel that it’s not your cup of tea and feel like quitting. But if you stick to the challenge you’ll discover your new self after few times of failure.

There is no shortcut to success, you have to put in your best and 100% effort and work hard. If you want to achieve something it is mandatory that you need to put your heart and soul to it. Your comfort zone might call you back, since you had been residing there since long, but you need to take a call and break the wall to proceed further and come out of your comfort zone. Moreover you need to have trust on yourself. Make snap decisions but take time in making that decision and most importantly do it in small steps. Always remember its “One Step At A Time”.

I’m sharing my heart feeling through this post from my experience when I was trying to get out of my comfort zone. It would be difficult initially, rather I would say It would look difficult, but if your stick to your goal and give that required effort nothing can stop you reaching your goal.

About the blogger:  Shamik is from Bangalore and because of his love for writing, he takes up freelance content writing works along with Copy Editing and Proofreading work. He calls himself a foodie and cooking is his passion. He loves experimenting with different types of recipes – especially during the weekends. He loves watching movies and ensure traveling at least thrice in a year.

Twitter Handle: @Writer_Foodie

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Self Acceptance

When you care for yourself without worring about the world

Many times in life we face situations and circumstances that challenge our self perceived value. There are two things that collectively determine who we are at a particular point in our life:-

how and what we think of ourselves

do our actions align with the above statement

When somebody criticises us on something that may not even be true, our world seems to come to an end. We get shattered. If the person standing in front of you in a bank line pushes you and tells you to maintain distance, it is somewhat fine. But when the same person later makes an offhanded comment on uneducated people not knowing how to stand in a queue, you feel hurt. A person you don’t even know, their words poke your entire self esteem and you get into a spiral of negative self talk. That is how fragile the human psyche is. After years of learning, doing appreciable work, having friends and lovers around, we get hurt by such small things.

What we think of ourselves motivates us to do what we want to do in life. When a lady whose dream is to be a beauty queen eats junk food, smokes cigarettes, doesn’t exercise and turns obese, it somewhere affects her value of herself. Her identity is tied to being healthy and aware of her lifestyle choices but her actions don’t seem to correspond with what she dreams. That leaves her vulnerable. And when she will be called names, her reactions will be negative and her value in her own eyes shall diminish. Her aspirations and actions conflict with each other and that makes her doubt her capabilities and worth.

When nobody likes us we want to feel liked. It gives us an immediate happiness boost when somebody compliments or appreciates us. What we don’t realise that by this mindset we are living our lives at the mercy of other people’s judgement of us. Of course it matters what others think of us (majority of us are not psychopaths who don’t care about people’s opinion of themselves). What matters more is what we think of ourselves. People who genuinely matter in our life should be the ones we look upto. The world is full of people who won’t like what we wear, how we look and will joke on how big our nostrils are. And that’s fine. It is their choice to say what they want and our choice lies in staying true to our core values.

When we think of ourselves in accepting light and make sure to act the way that makes us feel expressed, there remains more hope for joy in our lives. Changing who you are in order to please the world will not make any difference. What shall bring considerable conscientiousness to our lives is behaving the way we believe ourselves to be and conjugating our self perception with our actions. Freedom lies in being caring to our inner selves.

About the blogger: Arpit Chhikara loves to write, roam around, sleep and does whatever there is in between. You might find him in social events telling stories or watching art movies. He is young and curious about things that pertain to human behavior. Other than writing, he plans for big things many of which stay in his fantasies. Some of them turn real. Either way, his plans leave him with a story to tell, be it of success or failure. He doesn’t want to be another cog in machine and is working on to gain worldly wisdom through rich experiences in life.

Follow his blog for more of his thoughts, opinions and writings –

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Art of Critique

Art of Critique

…from experiences in groups and cliques and blah blah..

I have an aversion to the words, awesome, a days.

In world of critique groups, it loosely translates to: read quickly, found fine.

If you’re the kind who has an opinion on everything, loves to judge, loves ‘track changes’ feature and loves holding the red pen/marker, then this space is just for you. But you need to channelise your thoughts. And that’s where the ‘art’ part comes in.

The balance beam of writing and critique is heavily unbalanced. One cannot blame anyone though as we’re not trained in this. But it is a skill that could be acquired. It is a skill that needs an open mind, a slow reading skill, patience and a few vices like a sharp tongue.

Yes, you need to divert your fault-finding eye here.

A bouquet of things I learnt:

  1. Write ‘awesome, nice, good,’ on a paper, tear into pieces and throw it in the garbage bin. Never use these words unless compelled to.
  2. Read the piece by imagining the author or poet labouring it over days and nights, without eating food or watching tv (they could binge eat too ..that’s another lost case…but let’s not get there.)
  3. Mark the stanzas you liked/did not like/were pissed off at/were thrilled by. Do not judge the entire piece with the same adjective. Variety is the garam masala here.
  4. Show off your knowledge too. Compare them to some pieces you read.
  5. Comment on the grammar. The misplaced pronouns. What is this he, she, it point to? Question. Demand explanation. Be polite.
  6. Ensure that the writer doesn’t feel threatened but welcome into your brain space where the devil of ‘honesty’ resides.

Welcome to the world of critiquing! (Ba-ha-ha-ha – evil laugh)

The first line of this post is inspired by Kanchan, my friend, who critiqued my own critique once.

About the Guest Blogger:  Nivedita Narsapuram is a fiction writer, poet, editor, publisher, independent researcher, aspiring script writer, and an erstwhile journalist for The Hindu and Wow! Magazine and online news portals. Her poetry has appeared in Tempostand, The Sunflower Collective, Woodland Pattern Library Milwaukee, Viswabharti Research Center, Amravati Poetic Prism,, Whispers Magazine, Celebrating India displayed in an exhibition in the New York based Handwritten work and are forthcoming in Muse India; Her stories have appeared in Marijuana Diaries (Fablery Press), Literature Studio, Family Matters, World I Write In, Annapurna Magazine;  Her script ‘The proposal’ was shortlisted for Qshorts, a short film festival of Queer Ink, India’s premier website for LGBTQ; and ‘Tea Story’ is currently under production; Her essays and research papers on translation, publishing, and women’s poetry have been selected in University of Hyderabad, University of Jharkhand, Jyothi Nivas Bangalore, Café Dissensus. She blogs at:

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Paytm Karo – Youngest Brand Legacy

We are used to speak three letters ‘Pay’ in our daily routine payment activity and a person has established strong brand by adding two more letters which is known as ’Paytm’. From 2010 to 2016, only 6 years brand journey has achieved ‘Trust & loyalty’ with more than the double growth which is not an easy task in competitive market trend.

The core reasons are behind success that:

(1) Taken an opportunity on right time

(2) Strategy execution & communication from precise customer experience  

Today, naturally ‘Paytm’ comes first in the people mind or directly click on app/site whenever talking about any bill payment/recharge, wallet, bookings etc. This is precisely showing the brand legacy towards consumers which keeps consistently connecting and all the e-commerce/online transactions run smoothly. According to current market trend, total 9 out of 10 people are likely prefer to use Paytm first for bill payment/recharge, bookings etc.

Paytm brand growth journey at different phase:

(1) From 2010, launch only bill payment & recharge. Less people were aware & mostly young/adult was using Paytm only for mobile recharge.

(2) After 2.5 years, slowly people have been started payment of electricity bill/ gas bill/DTH recharge when rival brand ‘Freecharge’ have been launched TVC/OOH/Print campaign with offering promotional coupon concept.

(3) During 2014-15, Paytm came into market strategically by launching campaign ‘Paytm Karo’ and offering aggressively promo code of ‘cash back’ concept on recharge & bill payment as well as also launched other utility services included Paytm wallet. People have likely started use of Paytm successfully as well as established brand trust.

(4)   During 2016-17, Paytm brand has taken growth more than the double and become the successful payment gateway amongst the online market place because Paytm has taken leading advantage of de-monetization by released diverse campaign on ‘Cashless with Paytm karo’, also Paytm has proved successful cashless service without any constraints where consumers are being satisfied with cashless convenience.

Today, it will find at lot many places like provision/kirana store, pan shop, tea stall & many other various retail outlets that ‘Paytm Accepted Here’ across Indian Urban/Rural market.

Within 2 years, Paytm has introduced many other services like Flight/Train/Bus/Hotel/Movie etc booking &covering all major category for online shopping like Flipkart, Amazon. 6 Years youngest brand Paytm has achieved an excellent milestone in short span of period.

Recently, Paytm has also launched service in Canada March’17. Paytm is growing successfully & built remarkable brand image in the mind of consumers.

Author Bio: Virag Shah – Gujarat (India), Passion about Brand Strategy & Development, Consumer behavior & Analysis, Concept development & Market Research, Competitive Brand Analysis etc. More 9 years spent in marketing/advertising and having key expertise in the whole FMCG, pharma, OTC healthcare, Ayurvedic, Retail & Service Industry.

Twitter:- [email protected] Blog:-

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Monthly Tarot Reading – June 2017

Welcome Readers to the world of Tarot with Ishieta from

Tarot Cards were traditionally 78 playing cards which have evolved into a deck of 78 symbolic cards with esoteric meaning used for fortune telling and divination.

They are mysterious and deep and multi layered – The guidance can be applied to many levels and interpreted for guidance to all your Life’s questions.

Know what is in store for you for the month ahead with Tarot guidance to light the path ahead!

Monthly Tarot Guidance Reading

JUNE 2017


The Hanged Man (Reversed)

This is a time of crossroads, where you may be assessing different options and trying to take a decision. You should do what you think is right after proper reflection – Look within, see the patterns and stop fighting yourself. Let go of things which are in the past, embrace change! Positivity and better things are on their way to you.


8 of Swords

Taureans, you may be feeling like you are stuck and lack direction. You may be currently hoping that someone else will come and give you a push forward – well the Tarot says, YOU need to come out of this by being objective and letting go of your old idea – these will bring you clarity and show you the solutions.


5 of Pentacles

You are feeling as if something is missing in life, that there is a lack of something obvious. The Tarot guides you to look deeper under this feeling and discover the real reasons you are feeling like this.  Then go out and discover and find things which make you happy.


Wheel of Fortune

This is one of my favourite cards to draw in the Tarot. It signifies that the wheel of fortune is turning for you – and at this time, you can decide by your choices what you want to bring about into your life. Some of you may be feeling as if everything is destined to be like this, and things are out of your control, well, the Tarot says that you can take action now to change your today and tomorrow.


The Hermit (Reversed)

This is an extremely spiritual card – It indicates that it is time to stop avoiding what you are fearing. You have the wisdom which you can apply to the present and it will bring about good results for you. It is time to come out of self-inflicted hibernation and meet and interact with the real world.


The Hierophant

In the next month, you may find yourself getting involved in a group with a larger purpose, or meeting a guru, or a person who may be a teacher for you. At this time you may feel the need to stick to your own rules and belief, but also accept and allow for others to have their own . and also accept, that not everyone may understand your ideas or allow you the freedom you want – Just be aware – The answers are within you.


The High Pristess

This is a good time and a pleasant surprise is coming your way. This is a time to rely on your intuition and your inner knowledge – Be in touch with yourself and your gut instinct. Be careful when dealing in money matters – do check all information yourself!


5 of Cups

Scorpios, June will be a month of change. You will see that the old and that which you don’t need any more will fall away and you will embrace change and start to go with the flow. You may feel like you have missed out on an opportunity – but dig digger, don’t focus on the loss, but try and see what you have gained.


Page of Wands

The next month is looking good for you. It is time to start afresh. You will be confident and do make sure that you complete any of the projects you are currently working on. You will feel inspired and have many options before you to choose from – you will select that which will be successful in the long term.


King of Swords

This month will see you be active and energetic. You will use your mind to solve problems and find solutions. Balance your feelings with your reasoning capabilities when dealing with all matters. Be tolerant and not overly assertive.


3 of Cups

This is going to be a happy month for Aquarians, filled with laughter and friends. You need to reach out to people, and reconnect, or network and meet new people. This is a great time for you be part of social groups, and relate to others.


The Magician

This month will see you moving closer to realizing many of your goals – You will be able to harness the universal power to work for you. This month will see you be almost magical in what you do and achieve. Do remember that you don’t have the answers to everything – stay grounded and adaptable.

Blessed Be!

Isheeria’s Healing Circles

*The Tarot Reading for your Zodiac sign are spiritual and intuitive in nature, and are meant as a guidance only.


Ishieta Chopra belongs to a Lineage of healers, and is a practicing Numerologist, Tarot Reader and Healer & a freelance Writer & Editor.

Published author of 3 Books –
Numerology – The Power of Numbers.

A to Z of Healing – An Esoteric Healer’s Notes & Experiences

Dark Poetry – in A to Z – 26+1 Poems – exploring the darkness within in Verse
(email the author for a copy at [email protected])

She has set up Isheeria’s Healing Circles ( to help people Learn, Heal & (Re) Design their lives through the Esoteric Arts and Healing Methods. She works with various Tarot decks & various spreads for divination, guidance and an in-depth reading.  Contact for a personalised reading at: [email protected]

Social Links:

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How to Be Resilient

What do we really need in life? Good friends, family, the right motivation, the right values? What is it really? Lots of people tell us that when hard time comes we should just stick to our family and friends. They would tell us that the right people will give us more confidence and motivation to walk through life.

There are also times when people would tell us that even though we have our friend and family by our side we should still count on our self for motivation. They would tell us that we are just like a glass of water. Whenever our motivation or confidence is running out, we just have to refill it.

That may be effective in most situations, but there will come a time when this won’t be as effective anymore. We can’t always just refill the glass. What if there is no more water to fill the glass with? Well, we can always buy more water, but I’m afraid that won’t be the case with motivation. Nobody can buy motivation. When we run out of then how can you ever get more of it?

The trick is in being resilient, but what is being resilient anyway?

Being resilient is just like being a rubber band. You can stretch the rubber band as long as you want, but as soon as you let it go it will go back in its place. That is exactly how we should be. No matter how much the world pulls and pushes us around, we should still have the ability to get back on our feet. That is something that is easier said than done. I mean, being resilient is more than just telling yourself that “I am resilient from now on”. No, I am afraid that there is more to it than that. Well, here are some tips on being resilient.

Accept your emotions

We think that we accept our emotions all of the time, but what we really do is we resist them. The thing is when we try to resist our emotions, side effects occur. Accepting our emotions is a bit different. Accepting your emotions means that you accept the fact that you failed at some point. It means that you accept your weak point without feeling bad about yourself.

The thing is the more we try to resist our negative emotions the more difficult it is for us to move forward.

Keep yourself busy

The thing is most people would rather live in the fantasy that they have already reached their goals when they haven’t evens started accomplishing. When they actually started to do something about their goals they would fail. That is not because they are worthless. Rather, it is because they lacked preparation and planning.

Since they spent so much tie fantasising about their success, they can’t accept their failure. As a result, they get all broken inside.

About the guest blogger: Kelly E. Walsh lives in South Carolina. She is a graduate of BS in Computer Science but preferred pursuing her writing career instead. Mostly because she loves telling stories and sharing her knowledge through writing. She is currently writing for on a regular basis and do ghost writing for some companies as well.

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The story behind Cantilevered Tales – Why Jayant Kripalani wrote this book?

Why did I start writing this set of short stories that became one long story? I don’t really know. I was on way my back from somewhere by train and at Howrah Station a group of taxi drivers tried to extort a higher fare from me.  This was before the time of pre paid taxi booths.  Rather than shell out five times the fare I thought I’d take a bus. It was peak hour in the morning and though I did get a seat since the bus started from there, I hadn’t calculated the length of time I’d be sitting in the bus on the bridge. Forty five minutes of inching along later I heard a voice behind me say, “AitakiHaora Bridge na Laora Bridge?”

I knew exactly what he meant.

I knew then that I had the beginning of a story.

“Where are you getting off?” I turned around and asked.

“High Court,” he replied.

By now we had reached the East end of the bridge. It still looked like we’d be on the bus for another 45 minutes.

“Walk?” I asked him.

“Let’s,” he said.

And that as they say was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

His name was Khokon. He lived in Santragachhi. And because of that immortal first line, I called the protagonist of my story Khokon. In the book though, the line belongs to his colleague Ashutosh.

Some time later, I overheard a group of people talking about saving a water body from some unscrupulous builder.ArunLal the cricket player might have been a part of the group but I’m not sure.  I started keeping tabs on them. Not because I was interested in saving the environment or even that small little lake.

I am not a crusader.

I hate getting involved with issues.

But if you live in Calcutta, even for a short while, trust me, you’ll get involved.

More power to the builder I thought after I first saw the lake if you can call brackish acres of sludge a lake.

What did interest me were the disparate lot of people, and some desperate ones among them, who were determined they were going to save a stagnant water body from becoming an office complex.Frankly in my opinion that lake had outlived its usefulness to be anything at all.

I didn’t give a damn what happened to the lake.

But over a period of time I did start worrying about the people. And of course fell hopelessly in love with them. Their wellbeing and their good health became a matter of great concern to me especially since I saw the array of ‘villains’ lined up against them.

So rather than concentrate on Builder v Helpless Citizen – enough stories had been written about them, I concentrated on their stories and their histories.

This is their story or should I say these are their stories.  Some of the people are real; some of the people who come to their assistance are thinly disguised caricatures of people I admire; some are just people I met on buses and trams in my journeys across the bridge who wormed their way into the book.

And that is how this book got wrote.

Book Blurb


I overheard a group of people talking about saving a water body from some unscrupulous builder and started keeping tabs on them. Not because I was interested in saving the environment or even that small little lake. What did interest me were the disparate lot of people, and some desperate ones among them, who were determined that they were going to save a stagnant water body, which in my opinion had outlived its usefulness as anything at all, from becoming an office complex.

This is NOT a Builder v Helpless citizen epic. In fact that is the least important part of the book. This is about a group of inept people who you want to reach out and protect but you discover are more than capable of taking care of not just themselves, but of you too.

Author Bio

Jayant Kripalani is an Indian film, television and stage actor, writer and director. Known for his work in TV series like Khandaan, Mr Ya Mrs and Ji Mantriji, he graduated from Jadavpur University with a degree in English Literature. He has played character roles in movies like Heat and Dust, RockfordJaane Tu. . .Ya Jaane Na, 3 Idiots and, most recently, Hawaizaade and The Hunger. He has directed and produced a number of films and is actively involved with theatre. He wrote the screenplay for Shyam Benegal’s film Well Done Abba. He is the author of the heartwarming and nostalgic New Market Tales, set in the historic New Market area of Kolkata in the 1960s and 1970s. His recent foray into writing performance poetry has brought him acclaim in poetic circles around the country. When he is not in Calcutta, he is either fishing in Himachal, pfaffing in Bombay or being a beach bum in Goa.

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Life is one big marvelous book.

Life is one big marvelous book. Those who don’t travel stay on the same page. What makes our lives truly extraordinary is the “spirit of travelling”. When it comes to travelling in India, buses and trains are our best bet. Remember, when we were kids we used to fight like dogs, just to sit in the windows seat while moving in the school bus.

Those were the crazy days. Come to think about it, we never tend to make up our mind on whether we should occupy the windows seat or the aisle seat. Farmers working on lush green fields, the dazzling sun sparkling with all its might and the dog chasing the poor old guy.

These are some epic scene that you would miss if you don’t sit in the windows seat. But sitting in the aisle seat has its own advantages. If you sit in the aisle seat, you are a free man. You don’t have to pass through someone’s legs if you want to get up from your seat .

Imagine the sight of an grumpy old man sitting next to you, fuming with rage as you try to get out your window seat, carefully trying not to hurt his legs. Good Lord !!! We sure don’t want us to get ruffled up in a situation like that. Admit it guys, the aroma of the delicious food sold in the train can only be strongly felt when you occupy the aisle seat. So yummy, I am already hungry.

Have you ever got hit, I mean real bad. This happens when you are peacefully listening to music, enjoying the journey called life. And, suddenly you get hit real hard in the arm by restless passengers who can’t wait to get out. In such situations you curse yourself for not buying a window ticket. All said and done, if you really relish travelling, the seat in which you sit on doesn’t matter so much.

Talking about seating arrangements we tend to analyse a lot while booking seats for watching a movie. Most of the times we are in a dilemma on whether we should sit in the front row or should we occupy the corner row. Sitting in the centre row of a cinema hall is an amazing experience. You would have a perfect central view, which would keep you engrossed in the movie. When it comes to sentimental drama, erotic scenes, emotions of love the corner is the best place to occupy. Watching romantic movies with your partner, and imitating what the actors do, is a moment of euphoria. Thank god we have the corner rows, where we can spark up our own romance without the world watching.

Author Bio: Harshdeep Champaneri. An entrepreneur, Failed computer engineer, Passionate Public Speaker & Graphic Designer.Founder of Social media platform

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Why don’t you simply let me stay where I want?

They can be black, brown or grey. You can have them the way you like. Straight, curled or wavy, the choice is upto you. People in this world have them in places that you as a kid were told not to touch. They can add to your style and make you sexy. They can also get you funny looks and judgmental sneer. When somebody moves their hand through them, you feel excited and that’s actually a part of sexual foreplay. When you are full aroused, you pull on them. They add to one’s personality if they naturally have a great glow, texture or density. If you get in legal trouble in certain areas of this world without any reason, do blame them. Those people who suffer from that deadly “c” disease, they don’t have them to display to the world.

They keep you guarded from dirt and pollution and carry the burden of being unclean themselves. You protect them from bad elements that may affect their growth, shine and nourishment. When you walk and wind blows by, is feels amazing to let them just flow with wind. You have the liberty to leave them like they are rather than tie, cover or trim them. At times they will lead to unpleasing odour and you will be forced to wash them. Sometimes, getting them cut becomes a necessity. They are the real reason why you see men jumping in pools wearing vests. They are the reason for shame as well as beauty.

That was all about hair that was being described above. Everybody has them, but not many like to keep them. People in our society feel bad to publicly display their arms and legs that are hairy. Hairy doesn’t have to mean ugly and repulsive but we fail to understand that. You feel self conscious while raising your arms in public. Somebody might find out that you didn’t shave your underarms and you fear of being labeled as “that girl” with hairy underarms. You are afraid to bare it all and sleep naked with your partner, for they might judge you for your long pubes. When there is a guy walking with long beard and shaved moustache, you immediately make a guess what his name and food choices would be. As a woman you are afraid to have your hair cut short because that will get you unnecessary attention for being mistaken for a butch or a tomboy. As a man you are afraid to have long hair for the fear of judgmental people around you. That’s why you are making the world a little more accepting by writing this article.

When my mother tells me I’m losing my manliness with every cm being added to my hair length, a smile comes across my face. She doesn’t smile back. With my hair growing, I’m on the verge of being thrown out of home. I better make some money to stay somewhere outside. But before that, oiling my hair is to be done. They haven’t been oiled for more than a week!

About the Blogger: Arpit Chhikara, studies and roams around and does whatever there is in between. You might find him in social events telling stories and asking deep questions. What he knows is not what he necessarily speaks for curiosity is what he follows. Other than writing, he plans for big things many of which stay in his fantasies. Some of them turn real. Either way, his plans leave him with a story to tell, be it of success or failure. Finishing off his graduation from Kirorimal College, he doesn’t want to be another cog in machine. The future longs for the bold and with time all shall be healed and dealt with. That’s what he wants to convey as his parting words of wisdom from a twenty one year old mind.

Follow his blog for more of his thoughts, opinions and writings. Connect on facebook and drop in a friend request. He would love to have his photo liked by you. For those who are professional folks, connect with him via Email. 


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