Want to be a better cook: Here are the Secrets

Cooking is one of the arts that is mastered with continuous effort one puts into the act. It is not necessary that you need to cook every day for that, of course that does not hold good if you are a professional cook. When you are a home chef and wants to be master in the kitchen floor it is necessary to follow certain rules, which are nothing but to make you more organized and feel more passionate about what you love. Cooking is a stress buster for me. Though I cannot churn out lip-smacking dishes every day but, yes, most of the time I do. And I would love to mention and share the credibility with my better half, my wife, Manasi. Cooking is not a rocket-science and it can be made hassle-free by remembering few small things.


Cooking is a continuous learning process and you can master it with continuous learning. It is easy to give up when the recipe you try to prepare doesn’t go well in the first instance. But you should make a commitment of continuous learning – who knows you can master the art someday.

Be attentive

It is highly necessary to be attentive when you are cooking. Pay you 100% attention towards your act and do not allow anything like TV or internet surfing or talking over your mobile phone play a hindrance towards your passion of cooking.

Be well-organised

This is the most important rule to be a good cook. It makes your effort of cooking easy if you keep all the things handy beforehand. This will help you avoid the last-minute running around.

Engage your taste buds

Your own taste buds are the guinea pig for your experiment. Don’t wait till the completion of the dish. Since the taste of any dish builds layer-by-layer keep on tasting every now-and-then to know what you need more.

Try to keep it simple

It is always better to start with the basics. Hence keep your cooking spree simple in the beginning and increase your proficiency level as you get experienced.

Take care of the shopping

Always remember that cooking doesn’t start in the kitchen. It starts with procuring the right ingredients in the right quantity. Hence invest some extra minutes and care in choosing the best ingredients would save you time and energy during cooking.

Having the right equipment

Having the right equipment is the key to success of your cooking spree. Before start cooking you need to know whether you need a wok or a skillet or a slow roaster for your recipe. Keep some basic equipment like chopping board, saucepan etc. at easy reach.

Keep stocks in your kitchen

Don’t think your kitchen as an ordinary one and always make your shopping list keeping your kitchen in mind. It’s always good to keep assessing the stocks in your kitchen so that you don’t be empty-handed at any point of time.

About the author

Shamik is from Bangalore. Because of my love for writing I take up freelance content writing works along with Copy Editing and Proofreading work. I call myself a foodie and cooking is my passion. I love experimenting with different types of recipes – especially during the weekends. I love watching movies and ensure traveling at least thrice in a year.

Twitter Handle: @Writer_Foodie

Blog URL: http://themixedflavors.blogspot.in

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNUyaZOC0MW5M3ebk3QgHHA

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Reiki – A Life Force Energy

 Dear Novemberschild Readers,

Reiki is not mind-control! I know a lot of us grew up hoping it was – and that if we knew Reiki (which I did) we could influence our teachers, and receive high marks! Alas, that never happened L – coz, that isn’t what Reiki is about.

What Reiki is, is a cosmic energy, which flows from our Crown Chakra through our hands to sooth and heal the recipient.  There are numerous practices of holistic methods  of healing using  universal energy to heal and rebalance the life force energy eg.-Yoga,  Chi kung,  Pranic, Reiki etc.

Of all these practices Reiki is the only practice where no formal training and practice is required.  With an attunement by a Reiki Master, and a demonstration of how to use it, one is ready to start. Reiki is a method of hands-on healing, with the advanced practitioner being able to transcend space and time and do distance healing to someone who is in a different location, or give Reiki to a past or future event.

The beauty of the Reiki method of healing is that it is an intelligent energy, there is no wrong way. And you cannot misuse it or harm anyone.  In fact, you can give Reiki, but it is up to the higher self of the recipient to decide whether they wish to receive Reiki’s healing energy or not.

There are no Do’s & Don’ts in Reiki, except for what is common sense. Don’t give Reiki when you are tired, ill, or under the influence of alcohol/ drugs.

Reiki is not affiliated to any religion or ethnic group. There are no rituals or conditions attached to the practice of Reiki.  There are no tools required.

Reiki can also be used for healing the aura, chakras, physical, mental, and emotional problems. It works on the entire being – Mind, Body and Spirit. It brings one back into a state of Harmony and Balance.

The word Reiki means universal Life energy. ‘Rei’ describes the universal limitless aspect of this energy. And  ‘Ki’ the vital life force energy which flows through all living beings.  Even if at this point you don’t understand how it works and the reasons for its effectiveness, open yourself up to the experience and try out a Healing session and experience it for yourself.

The best example of this, is a mother’s loving hand on a child’s back, harnessing the universal energy and soothing the child. It is worth noting, it is not the hand which the child recognizes, but the energy that the child reacts to.

Reiki is a wonderful path for self-discovery and development of the personality. You can give Reiki to yourself and others, to Life events, meetings, exams, to objects – your books, car, phone etc. To animals, plants and even invoke Reiki while cooking food for your family.

Reiki is a way of Life.

Blessed Be!

About the Author –  Ishieta is a published Author of a book on Numerology.
A practicing Reiki Healer & Master, She has set up Isheeria’s Healing Circles  (http://isheeriashealingcircles.com/) to help people Heal & Design their lives through the Esoteric Arts and Healing Methods such as : Reiki, Numerology, Astrology, Feng Shui & Tarot Readings. You can contact her at: [email protected] to avail a Healing session or join the next Reiki Batch.

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Women in Books I wish were real

Women are intriguing creatures. With multiple layers of emotions, their persona is beyond imagination. Women have been the subject of exploration, fantasy, admiration and even envy from time immemorial. Various artists have tried to capture the colourful aspects of womanhood in their respective artworks but words and women seem to form an enigmatic bond. Whether as an author or as a character derived from an author’s imagination, women come alive while playing with words. History is strewn with examples where women in books have come alive with the magic of writer’s pen and influenced the readers.

I bring to you five women-characters from some famous books. These women portray the author’s creativity and imagination and yet seem to have a voice of their own. They seem to come out of the books and stand in front of you to recite their story- the story of grit, determination and perseverance; the story of prejudiced society; the story of hope and the story of womanhood.

Lolita – Gora is one of the most intense and probably the largest works of Guru Rabindranath Tagore. While Gora or Gour Mohan babu is the protagonist of the novel, Lolita is one of pivotal characters around whom the story revolves. As an educated Bengali girl of Kolkata, Lolita has strong views about Hinduism, Brahmoism, religion and society. While many of Tagore’s women characters have had a fair share of charisma, Lolita with her feminist streak, stands out in the brigade.

Laila and Mariam– Khaled Hosseini’s A Thousand Splendid Suns is a cathartic masterpiece that celebrates the intensity and charisma of womanhood. Laila and Mariam, the two central characters in the book are placed against each other by destiny. But these women go beyond animosity and find recluse in the bond of friendship.

Ferieba– Nadia Hashimi’s novel, When the moon is Low, has Ferieba, a young girl in the pre-war Kabul city. As this tale of war progresses, a deep sense of respect is generated for Fereiba who is determinedly optimistic even when her world is falling apart. Women and children are worst hit by war and its collateral damages. This novel portrays Fereiba as a fragile ordinary woman who finds extra-ordinary courage in times of desperation.

Rahima– As a bacha-posh, a girl posing as a boy, Rahima becomes Rahim in her pre-teens. She grows up to be married to a loving husband and then loses everything to war. Nadia Hashimi’s debut novel, The Pearl That Broke Its Shell, is a masterpiece for many reasons and the most important being the portrayal of its female protagonists. Rahima has every element of womanhood- love, emotion, hope, perseverance and sacrifice.

There are many such extra-ordinary women in fiction which you wish were for real. It is almost impossible to list them all. I consider these 5 women as flag-bearers for the rest of our fictional womenfolk. This is an ode to women and womanhood in books and beyond.

About the Blogger

Deepali Joshi Adhikary is a freelance writer/blogger/trainer. She has a diverse writing portfolio which spans from light-hearted humor to the issues affecting the society, her parenting challenges and reviews of books. She also has keen interest in andragogy as well as pedagogy and loves to work with different age groups. When she is not writing or training, she likes to read. Connect with her @deepaliadhikary on twitter or visit her blog at kolorpencil.com

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Time Lapse

As it seems to me,

Days went while years leap,

Holding hands we spent time,

I stood by you and you, mine.

As it seems to me, the time brought,

Every second, minute and hour hand go,

Bringing joys and our flow,

Shades of hair, yes, its grey from black, Oho.

With every day, we looked into each other’s eyes,

How we cared those tough times,

Like a sail and winds love,

We are here, aged at same clock.

An time lapsed, I see now,

It’s a love unbound,

Letters became reality,

Our relation, became our entity.


By, Masoom Jethwa

Bio note:  Masoom is a science graduate currently working on the planetary atmospheres in Space sciences. He is a Python and Perl Programmer. He blogs about the anecdotes on feelings, life and social experiences.

Blog: Link to Blog – https://mpjethwa.wordpress.com

Microblog: Link to Twitter – https://twitter.com/masoomjethwa

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Why Networking Is Important For All Bloggers?

Still I remember the day when I created my blog. Initially the posts got many likes and followers. Slowly the numbers got reduced. I felt I was alone. I was in a hibernation mode, waiting for my status hike. But nothing happened magically. I was totally depressed and thought to quit blogging. At that time, I was introduced with the power and strength of networking.

Now with almost 3 years of experience and lessons learnt in the journey of blogging, I list out Why Networking Is Important For All Bloggers:

High Traffic Rate

Based on your frequency of posting, there is a high chance for your traffic rate to get increased. Every time when you publish a post, then you are creating data in the web sphere. And social media sites can help in sharing your posts to wider range of readers. That attracts more traffic to your site. It’s like Social Media Karma – If I share others’ posts, I get my posts shared too!!!

Personal Tips: Initially I had only my personal facebook account. Then I realized the need for opening a facebook page for my blog. Next I came to know that Twitter pulls more traffic to your blog. Now I have fb, twitter & tumblr accounts for my blog. My best score would be given for fb and twitter. So what are you waiting for? Go create your social media accounts and get connected to the world.

Extended Friendship

Through blogging and social media, your friendship circle expands. Now you are able to make global presence and a wider reach. Your friendship gets amazing as an extended family. Friendship will provide you directions, guidelines, sharing and caring. They will help you in getting connected with many others. Be happily connected!!!

Personal Tips: I have earned many friends through blogging and networking. Among many, I like to mention a few, such as Srividhya, Anamika, Bilna Sandeep & Corinne who had their initial positive impact on me and my blog. To get more friends, leave positive and encouraging comments on other blogs, reach them out for any suggestions and attend blogger meet ups.

Blogging Community

Blogging includes reading, writing and sharing. There are many blogging communities who support fellow bloggers and motivate them to excel. Write Tribe, Blog-A-Rhythm, Blogchatter and IndiBloggers are my favorites. They help us by providing weekly sharing threads, writing prompts, conducting contests and challenges, hosting linkup parties, publishing guest posts, and blogger interviews. Blogging is nothing but Post, Comment & Share!!!

Personal Tips: Knowing the power of networking, I have a guest post series in my blog – “This Mom’s Life” – an interview type guest post of mommy bloggers. Through that I have got so many wonderful friends. That series is the closest one to my heart. I do welcome guest posts by other bloggers and do write guest blogs for my friends. And this post is one such, done for my friend Romila. Thanks dear!!! Think uniquely, come with creative ideas and do guest posts. Host blogger interviews and guest posts of your favorite bloggers. Reach out to reach better.

Support and Encouragements

Networking assists you with support and motivates you with encouragement. It also helps in Blogger / Brand collaborations. Thus by bloggers can get transformed into influencers. There is wide spectrum of opportunities for bloggers. True blogging is like flying a kite; and networking raises it higher.

Personal Tips: I am happy to share with you all that my dream of becoming a published author is shaping into reality. I have contributed for “100 Moms One Journey”, a book to be soon released by Parul Agarwal. I am also contributing for an e-magazine – “Raising world Children” by Aditi Wardhan Singh. So utilize every chance that comes your way. Accept and do reviews, host linkup parties, provide give-away. Encourage your readers to come back. Always end your posts with a Call-To-Action like share your views, add to the list, suggestions are welcome.


Ultimately every bloggers’ dream is to earn money from their blogs. Monetizing your blog is an art. You have to learn and play safe. Alexa rating, hit ratio, SEO rated posts provides a stronger impact on the blogosphere. Through advertisements, survey polls, sponsored posts and paid product reviews, your income starts flowing. Blogging Thumb Rule: Invest time at present and reap the money in future!!!

Personal Tips: I have recently signed MoU with a parenting website. Also I have started doing book reviews, product reviews and sponsored posts. Keep watching the status of your blogs, get inputs from your readers, learn about various blogging tools and plug-ins, research about SEO techniques. Self hosted websites attracts many brands and companies than the free websites. Invest some time and money to get higher price as a reward.

 Author Bio

Vasantha Vivek loves to call herself as a happy woman, daughter, sister, wife, mother, teacher, friend, mentor, seeker, lover. She’s from Kovilpatti, a small town of Southern Tamilnadu of India. She’s a teacher by profession. She worked as a professor at an Engineering College for nearly 15 years. She has learnt a lot as a teacher. She hopes that she had inspired some hearts during that period.  Teaching is her passion Reading is her love. Cooking is her heart. She enjoys reading and writing very much. She starts & ends her days with reading. She blogs @ “My Sweet Nothings”. She’s guest authoring in various sites like Indian Moms Connect, Monsoon Breeze, Parentous, Women’s Web, mycity4kids & World of Moms.

Featured At:The Times Of Amma, Stories of Motherhood!, Smart Indian Women

To read more stories of Vasantha Vivek, subscribe to her blog: http://mysweetnothings.in

Social Media Links: Facebook , Twitter

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The Woman Warrior

A storm whirling up,
Fighting against the odds
She survived the trial
Rising above all

Singing the song of her struggle
that followed her day and night
Yet, she reflected a smile back
Sending out a vigor of a warrior

Pen was her sword;
Words were her move
The memories that brought her weaknesses
She cut them off with her muse

A knight in shining armor
The children thought of her.
She was their fairy-tale
They found a mother in her.

By, Nikita Agarwal

Bio note: Hola! I’ll keep my introduction short and crisp. I am a commerce graduate, who is trying to figure out what to do with my poetry. I love writing poems; this is what keeps me going through life. To give you a feel, I’ll tell you my tale in six word – “’Where are you?’ ‘Searching for myself’.” For more such six word tales, or short verses, or poetry, follow me at – Blogspot   Instagram  and  Twitter

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Work Life Balancing act for #WomanBlogger

Work is always demanding, be it at office or home you’re expected to work for many hours to complete your tasks, and sometimes, the expectation is set to be available 24/7. It’s commendable to excel at your work, but when it creeps into your personal life it can ruin your mental and physical happiness.

You need segregation to achieve balance between your personal and professional lives. Many experts have pointed out, balance isn’t about building an unfathomable wall between your personal and professional lives, but finding ways to connect and integrate the two. Quite often people believe that to achieve success, they must give up their personal life. However, work-life balance is very much possible in a meaningful way.

“I’ve learned that you can’t have everything and do everything at the same time”. -Oprah Winfrey

”Reconsider your definitions. We are prone to judge success by the index of our salaries or the size of our automobiles rather than by the quality of our service and relationship to mankind.: – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

  • Excerpts from Google.

Some great vices from the legends, Here is my list of ‘balance your work with life’ and be happy:

  • Time Management: maintain a routine, implementing the daily routine will help keep you on track to achieve the balance you want. Work plays an important role in life. It keeps the life going, school fees paid, vehicles running, bank loans paid. Hence, setting up the day in advance comprising Work, Health, Family and Me-time is all the more important. Right thing at right time will make you happy & healthier.  
  • Learn to Unplug: We live in a world which never sleeps, you are on the job virtually all the time, sneaking on your phone while having a family lunch is a new trend now. But try and turn of f from the outside world, it provides time to recover from stress. It provides the much needed time to recharge, for newer ideas to surface. Ever wondered why writer’s block gets better by unplugging from writing temporarily? Our brain too needs time to rejuvenate.
  • Keep your approach flexible: Do not force yourself to cling on the invisible lines of set standards. Being flexible is as important ingredient in work-life balance as charting the routine is. Keep the ideas flowing; but adhering to strict regime of publishing daily and also managing the other work is tough to achieve. Keep flexibility in your schedule, it will save from last minute rush of meeting deadlines and compromise with quality.
  • It’s alright to be imperfect at times: Perfect idea or thought is a fantasy, in reality there is always scope of improvement. There have been times when I keep scratching my head for perfect blog post, but then after writing for hours realize this is still not shaping up. So it’s alright, accept the flaws and make scope for improvement in the next one. 
  • Defy Envy: a most vital cue for a happy work-life balance, do not let the Envy creep in and destroy your peace. Instead learn from other’s achievements. Many prominent bloggers provide opportunities for newbie to learn via linky challenges, contests, guest columns, etc. Do not hesitate in joining few.

Hope you like my tips on Work-Life Balance for #WomanBloggers. Thanks for reading and please share your thoughts with me on www.gleefulblogger.wordpress.com

Guest post by , Dipika Singh

About her: GleefulBlogger (Dipika Singh) shares her candid thought through her blog: www.gleefulblogger.wordpress.com her areas of content revolves around woman empowerment. She has donned many hats, from studious kid on the block to a full time romantic, from serious censoring role with International Banks to lecturing MBA aspirants. Now, she’s hands on mommy and a full time blogger.

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How will you #BeBoldForChange ?

Today, the world is celebrating the ‘International Women’s Day’ and I, being a woman is feeling thrilled but more than that – I am feeling thoughtful of why are we celebrating this day and exactly, what purpose are we fulfilling by dedicating this special day to the women? Are we really getting something out of it? On Googling, I came to know that “International Women’s Day (March 8) is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity.” (Are we really moving towards gender parity?)

I also got to know that the day has been occurring for well over a century now and is growing from strength to strength but looking at the present rate of crime against the females; I am unsure whether we would ever close this gender gap.

No matter what gender and age group you belong to, look for possible ways how you can bridge this gap and help emancipate the condition of female gender – all over the world and across each section of the society. There are 100 of ways that you can do to do your bit for this movement but I believe the following pointers are the fundamentals, which could strengthen the progress of this broad vision that we all have seen.

Support other woman

I recently read this wonderful quote – “There is a special place in hell for women who do not help other women.” ~ Madeleine K. Albright

For a few minutes, I gave it a thought and realised how unwelcoming we women are to our female bosses. Whenever a woman with great leadership skills tries to make a point, how she is perceived as ‘Bossy’ by her subordinates. This is disheartening to know that most of those who think like this are females only. And, through experience, I come to this conclusion that the cause of this attitude among females is jealousy for the other woman. If a woman won’t support the other woman then, how we can think of other gender to show support to us. If we all women together stand for each other then, no other force can pull us down. So powerful is the light of unity that it can illuminate the whole earth.

Raise your voice against crime

Never ever seal your lips on seeing even a minute crime against the woman. I strongly feel – if you don’t raise your voice against the crime done to woman, then you are encouraging it and it is going to be more dangerous in future. For you and for your people!

Don’t be a victim

They say – women are the weaker section of the society but I am of the opinion if a woman gathers all her inner and outer force then no one can stop her and face her. If you are molested in the public, then retaliate without feeling embarrassed. It is not your fault; the one who did wrong to you should feel ashamed. If you are emotionally and physically abused in your home – STOP it right away! You are capable of fighting for your rights and you deserve equal respect in the society.

Practice what you preach

We all talk about gender parity and show concern for the falling sex-ratio but how many of us are really doing something to balance this gender gap? How many of you have thought about supporting an orphan girl child? How many of you really wished that your first child be a baby girl? Or, how many of you have celebrated the birth of a second girl child? The point here I am trying to make is – if we really want to change the condition then it is important that we practise what is being preached and discussed year on year. Adopt a girl child. Stop killing female foeticide. Respect the other woman.

Be the change

Here I am remembering the popular quote by M.K. Gandhi – “Be the change, you wish to see” to emphasize on the importance of initiating the change from within. It’s very important that to encourage others to follow you, you take that first step. Dear men and women, if you really wish to see the change then, it’s high time that we all bring some changes in our lives and deeds. Take that small step and see how it changed your life and the lives of others. Do you want education for all? Then, do something for this – start educating that poor girl child of your house-help. It is these small things that can bring big changes for the future generation.

This year the theme of IWD is #BeBoldForChange and each one of us are required to take some action to accelerate gender parity.

I, through my blog DigiMother, pledge to create awareness about work-from-home options for mothers so that they can build work-life balance. I support and will forge women advancement. What action would you take to bring that change?

Take that action NOW!

Written by, Neha Jain 

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6 things you can do to encourage your favorite budding Indian writers

Most people assume that authors are a money-minting lot leading glamorous lifestyles. Well, some if us fit the bill but the percentage is abysmal. The sad truth is that most authors make little or no money from their books, or atleast not enough to sustain themselves. And yet, we write for the sake of passion, to express ourselves and tell stories that have been knocking at our insides, waiting to be shared with the world.

As a reader, you probably have a few favorites – some popular and mainstream, and some niche and lesser known. If you read a book you liked (especially if it’s by a newbie), here’s what you can do to show your love for the author.

Buy. Don’t borrow or ask for free copies: Buying a book is literally the best thing you can do for an author. More sales mean more royalties for the author, which in turn mean more publishing opportunities and motivation to write more books.

Give their books as gifts: If you know someone who shares your reading tastes or would relate to a particular book, give them out as gifts. Not only do books make for meaningful gifts, you will be simultaneously helping an author score new readers.

Share the love: Authors need all the exposure and cheering they can manage and then some. Whenever you buy a book, try to post a picture of it on social media channels to let your connections know what you are reading. Who knows, someone might find it interesting and buy a copy for themselves!

Write reviews: This cannot be stressed upon enough. Every time you buy a book online, try to leave a review and rating. It doesn’t have to be long and detailed – just a simple “wonderful read” will do. Online bookstores such as Amazon tend to promote books that have a higher number of reviews and ratings, and yours will definitely add weight. It only takes a couple of minutes, but goes a long way in helping an author with book promotions.

Spread the word: Liked a book? Don’t keep it to yourself! Let everyone know what you loved about it and why. Was it the theme? The author’s style of writing? The storyline? The characters? Don’t hold back from spreading the word about it – you’re after all doing your bit to keep the art of reading and writing alive.

Write them fanmail: Authors practically live off this kind of stuff. Most of us might say that we write for ourselves, but we constantly seek validation from our readers. An earnest compliment, therefore, can quickly chase our blues away.

Author profile

Shuchi is the author of two romantic comedies – ‘Done With Men’, and ‘I’m Big. So What!?’. She freelances as a writer, editor and blogger, and runs a writing firm called the Pixie Dust Writing Studio. When she’s not writing, Shuchi likes to travel, read and bake awesome cakes. Find out more at http://www.shuchikalra.com. You can also tweet to her @shuchikalra.


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Blogging Tips: How to start blogging

Hi, everyone,  I’m Z, and I blog at Slim Expectations. I started my blog, to stay accountable and lose weight. I’m in the middle of my weightloss journey at the moment.

I’m really excited to do this, ‘guest-blog’ & I hope you do enjoy my post.

1.  First things first, decide what you want to write about. You could want to journal your everyday life, or you just want to blog about your favorite recipes.  It could be a cooking blog, weight loss blog or just a basic blog. For example, Runs For Cookies blogs, about her daily life. What she did, eat or how much did she run.

2.     Social media, plays an important role once you start blogging. Twitter, Instagram & facebook become an important place for you to start networking with fellow bloggers. Make sure, that your blog name and your social media names coincide, makes easier for the readers to hunt you down.

3.      Buy your domain. To be honest, xyz.wordpress.in is as good as xyz.com. But, you have to admit that, when there is a .com there, you instantly get a feeling that this person is serious about blogging. It costs, about 999 INR for a year and it does make you look pro.

4.   Take part in blog-hops and linkys. Blogchatter, is a good place to start with blog-hops. They give you a prompt, and all you have to do is write your post and link it back to them.

I can recommend a few blog-hops for sure:

  1. Thankful Thursday (Hosted by Amrita, Deepa, Tina, Mayuri)
  2. Monday Mommy Moments (Hosts Amrita & Deepa)
  3. Click&blogAStory (hosted by your’s truly and Dew)
  4. FridayFotoFiction (hosted by Tina & Mayuri)

5.       Return the love. When bloggers stop by, read and comment, you must go back to their blog and return the love. This helps, in blogging bonding, or a term I coined – blonding 😉

6.          When you have reasonable amount of readers, you can host a giveaway. The giveaway, gift can vary from an amazon voucher to a shampoo bottle that you can courier. Giveaways, get a lot of followers and it’s a worth taking the pains.

7. Make a schedule and engage even more with the readers. They should know, when to ‘expect’ a blog-post from you. You can either make Monday’ your day, or any other day you like. Also, once in awhile, you may tweet them & ask what kind of post would they like the following week.

8. Now, once you have all this ready, you might opt for either Blogger or WordPress. Both, are good, but blogger is a tad easier for sure.

Happy Blogging!

(You can follow Zainab on Twitter, Instagram)


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