Shocking Health Problems Caused By Consuming Broiler Chicken

People often misunderstand healthy lifestyle habits and Frugal Living.

Well, not that I mind, but I have often had to brush away looks that seem like trying to push me inside the earth, just because I say ‘NO’ when it comes to fab food and packed food.

Well, today is the turn of the broiler chicken.

Broiler Chicken – The Quick Growing Livestock

It all started when on a visit to a nearby livestock production unit, I found that along with the feed the chicks were administered with antibiotic.

I asked if it were a one-time dose- but to my shock, I got the answer that –tetracycline was administered in small doses regularly.

And this lead me to google this particular behavior and you would be shocked as to what I found.

Antibiotics in Livestock

Livestock now have begun to be grown in huge farms and runs like an industry. The chick grows to a consumable form within 65 days. A chicken piece you are eating grows from egg to muscled form in just a couple of months, and this, is done with the help of growth hormones and antibiotics.


Yes! Some antibiotics such as tetracycline taken in small doses can give a boost in muscle growth.

This after being found economically beneficial had become a very common practice among broiler farms.

Who Warning

In 2012 World Health Organization has already warned about using the antibiotics to livestock’s and humans are dreadful and has to be minimized.

However, in spite of the warning from the World Health Organization the farmers all over the world inject antibiotics to their livestock so they get healthier and are free from other diseases.

By research it is found that MCR-1 bacteria, which are a mutated bacterial strain which has evolved due to low dosage administration to poultry, move easily between the strains of E – Coli and other bacteria causing many blood, urinary and gut infections.

What Does This Actually Mean to You and Me

Well, when you eat the chicken that is been fed with such feed and anitbiotics, you will be accumulating a lot of these antibiotic (remember the food chain diagram that you learnt in school).

This makes it easy for mutated organism to grow easily in your body – now, can you correlate newer types of fever where the docs are not able to find the culprit. These are grouped under the umbrella of unknown viral infections.

Believe me – the culprit might be some bacteria transferred from your dinner table to your tummy – reaching the E.coli there.

It is found that consumption of antibiotics is more in livestock’s than humans. Human who takes more antibiotics also face the problem of resistant bacteria.

Antibiotics are important to get rid of certain infections and diseases but must be used minimal. Farmers worldwide feed colistin antibiotic for chickens for fattening.

In India because there are very less restrictive laws against such acts, there is no control on the use of antibiotics. The condition is better in US.

Food and Drug Association Program

The Food and Drug Associated initiated a voluntary program in Dec 2013 to stop the overdose of the antibiotics for livestock, wherein not to use on them for making them grow big in size but only minimal to protect them from diseases, but this was not a strict step but entirely depends on the industry to decide to join or not. It was designed mainly to reduce the use of antibiotics on livestock and resistant free illness on humans.

What Should You Do

Well, under the circumstances, all you need to do is go organic – go local.

Yes! You have read it right – buy from local farmers, near your place. This will help not only you consuming healthy food, but also would help the farmer.

Buying frozen meat and broiler meat may look easy and economical; however what you are doing is harming your family. You not only are playing with the immunity but also the hormones of people at home and young children.

By, Menaka Bharathi

About her: Menaka Bharathi a.k.a Simple Indian Mom is basically an Agricultural Microbiologist. She is an Organic Lifestyle Enthusiast and Organic Food Producer who markets it under her own brand –SIM Organics. Mother of two energetic boys she blogs at simpleindianmom and is a Parenting Consultant and conducts online and offline workshops on teaching mindfulness to children and mind-mapping for a better future for children.

Facebook – Simple Indian Mom            Twitter – MenakaBharathi

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A window to her dreams – Inception

A million memories opened in my mind as I looked down at the first copy of my Novel, ‘A window to her Dreams’.

The dream had turned into a reality and though it has been almost two years when I started on this solitary journey it seems time has gone by in the blink of an eye.

I have been known to pick up a book just because the cover is eye catching and made me wonder what the author has written about. Guilty pleasures.

 So when half way into my manuscript a well -meaning friend suggested that I start thinking about the cover of my book, I was taken aback.

Wasn’t it too early? I thought

Nonetheless, it was an encouraging thought to say the least. An abstract idea was now a tangible hope. And thus began my search for the yet to be finished book’s cover. As I skimmed through pictures and ideas I realized that maybe this would be a daunting task. As I was steadily moving towards finishing my manuscript, a picture of the female protagonist formed in my heart. She was a part of me.

The window was already an essential part of the book. The inspiration was the one I had in my room all through my growing up years and so I drew the sentiments from there. I had always been drawn to the window in my room. I lay in my bed at night, playing with moonbeams as they streamed across the bed, weaving dreams and visualizing the pictures that evocative books conjured. Most days I could hear the music from an adjacent flat where a music loving boy played his soft instrumental and sometimes heavy drums long into the night. There were nights the three Sahni sisters sat huddled on the bed, by the light of the moon binging on Namkeen and Pepsi, giggling and talking about all and sundry.

 It was a magical time. The hope of an all-encompassing love and the wish to see the world had me sighing deep as I looked at the cloudy grey sky heavily pregnant with rain clouds. I was prone to day dreaming and observing people from that window as I looked at them pausing to talk or walk past their words drifting in the wind, leaving a world of what if’s, in their wake. That time certainly formed the core of my personality and my quest to find answers.

How could I then, I good conscious desist from drawing from my time spent at the window?

The yellow saree had found mention in the story by then, the window was equally important and her line of sight had to be just right.

Painting, as with writing, is a hobby and a thirst. A skill I am still developing. I found myself itching to bring Aruna alive on canvas and hence to put my unease to rest I decided to start the painting and defer the logic of using it… or not, after it was complete.

The window came first, the swirls, the cerulean color and its play of shadow on Aruna. Her positioning, the yellow saree came easily. It was her expression that demanded complete submission.

As I looked at the blank space where her face was left to be drawn her story living and breathing in my mind, I realized that the moment I wanted to capture was not one of ecstatic joy. I wanted to depict her at the moment when she has the love she wants and yet she feels something is amiss.

A moment when she looks out of the window, a space where she has stood and woven adolescent dreams and then cried over them, her heart crushed. It had to signify her acceptance of love freely given that is new and slightly uncomfortable to wear. It had to be an instance of discovery, of pride at rising above her violent past, when her belief in herself has just starting establishing itself.

 I can’t say that I didn’t fret over it or trouble the family. I have to accept my guilt there. But as I finished I came away happy. My Aruna was before me and I didn’t have to search for her anymore.

She was beautiful in her unique way as is everyone who rises from the ashes.   Someone who I could consider meeting while taking my evening walk, shy and hesitant. Somewhat inverted.

Some would say she articulates nothing with her face and then if they looked closer they would see the sheen of wetness in her eyes that had seen too much in their lifetime.

Her need to stand and strum the spiral rounded grill of the window in her room was a reality. I hoped the viewer wondered what the lady was thinking about.

 During the launch of the book the above question was asked the audience and we had an amazing response.

Ranging from a philosophical take that “Aruna is looking towards the light leaving the darkness behind her” to a child chiming, “it’s raining and she is watching the rain” and another “she is waiting for someone” and obviously the funny take, “no electricity and hence waiting for the light to come on” the different perceptions of the same visual stimulant was an unearthing of deep seated needs.

 The cover and the painting certainly had them talking. I guess it served its purpose. And as I look at it shinny and new on the cover of the book, I feel a quickening, the thrill of creating something substantial. It is humbling and yet equally exciting.

I hope it reflects the Aruna within us, sans the mirage we are forced to create for the benefit of the world that we envelop ourselves in.

About the Guest bloggerHarshali Singh

An academician with a decade of experience of working with pre-primary age group in different capacities ranging from Operations Head to the Curriculum and academic head. She, as a teacher trainer conducts workshops to enhance proficiency in advanced teaching methodologies. She is a trained Occupational Therapist from the Institute of the Physically Handicapped and also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Education while currently pursuing her L.L.B degree. While handling these demanding jobs she managed to take out time for her passion- oil painting and has also held an exhibition of her exclusive, vibrant paintings at the India Habitat Centre in 2014

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OMG! The Best Paragliding Experience Ever!

I wouldn’t call myself an adrenaline junkie. But I do love to keep things exciting, like the rush of blood through my system excites me! I’ve tried a number of adventure sports enjoy zip lining, mountain crossing, river crossing anything that keeps me excited is a YES for me! Here’s one of my experience with flying down a cliff! Manali, the most coveted hill station in India is located a little over 6500ft above the sea level. Manali a perfect backdrop for a number of serving your adrenaline in India is a snow-capped mountain with a restless river flowing through it. Skiing, trekking, river rafting, paragliding, its the perfect place to fulfil your adventurous side in India!

Being a 15-year-old and the only child from our group to eligible for a paragliding experience had boosted my confidence. We climbed up the hill at the Solang Valley. Being my first time I was accompanied by an instructor whose only words to me on the whole ascend were, “When I say run, you RUN! OK?” Being an over-enthusiastic teenager I knew I could run on the ground, so I was like “OK! That’s Easy!”

So the instructor strapped on himself and the equipment on to me and shouted, “RUNNN!” I moved my legs as fast as I could, but… but 2 steps later, I found myself running on air. It was pretty hilarious (well, that’s what my dad told me!). Couple more steps later, I was FLYING!

I felt like a Himalayan Eagle sailing myself through the picturesque landscapes and small to the eyes towns, an experience one could only experience in movies! It was amazing! When we got closer to the ground my instructor gave me a choice, he asked if I wanted to descend the old-school way or the cooler way. Of course, being a teenager I chose to descend the cool way, so he steered the parachute into a downward spiral. It felt like being on a roller-coaster, only more fun!

To land we have to run again to make sure the parachute does not land on you. We landed safely on the ground. But all the excitement makes you hungrier! So with all the equipment safely returned and the instructor tipped up we had some pakoras and Maggi at the stalls nearby and headed back to our hotel rooms!

After a long day of full excitement and experiences, I had a great sleep but made a mistake I still regret! I forgot to collect the photographs from the photographers that click pictures of you while you glide down the valley!

About the Guest bloggerBhavish Shah 

A Tech Blogger (, with some add-ons of being a travel blogger ( and a personal blogger (
You could find me on:
Live.Love.Laugh. Be The Gud1

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Caged Mind #FridayFotoFiction

I find myself staring at the sphere, bringing to mind the memories from this cage I call, as my mind.

I find myself wondering about aches that made my heart stronger.

I find myself screaming melodies of burning dreams.

I find myself cursed persistently, trapped dipping down in an ocean of unbreakable stillness.

I find myself locked in a cage of my own design, at ease to live a life confined.

I’m not impressing. Holding everything deep within like my mind is harmed.

Maybe I am happy in another universe. Just maybe, I am free to be true to myself.

Word count: 100

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Collateral Damage

January 1st, 2017

She has frighten by my touch. My girlfriend is afraid of me, she is shivering even when I tried to touch her to comfort her, today has changed everything and it’s like a beginning of a long nightmare. Last night when I left her alone just for an hour, few drunken guys arrived and molest her….

And it changed our life…..

It’s all over the news now, it happens in many parts of Bangluru and country. Whenever something like this in news, usually we don’t give it much attention until it happens to us. Now she is crying, from last night, barely sleep for few hours, didn’t speak a word at all. Her friends came by, they try to make her understand and we even try to make her agree to register FIR, but she just kept crying.  Finally she is sleeping now, I gave her sleeping pills so that she can have good rest. But I know, Deep inside her, her heart, her soul is ripped apart. I need to do something soon.

January 2nd, 2017

Last night I didn’t sleep much, she wake up in middle of the night and started screaming like hell. I have to run from living room to her room to calm her down, at first, she was terrified by me after a moment, she recognized me and hugged me and started crying. I had sleep on the floor, beside her bed. But I couldn’t sleep for a moment; her screams kept awakening my soul. At office, my few friends came to me. They were asking about her, most of them worried about her health. Between this chitchats one of my close friend told me something which I would never forget. She said “No matter how much you will try, nothing will be normal like before “. I refused to believe that.

I came home and heard loud noise from bathroom, she was vomiting. She was so weak that she couldn’t even able to walk few steps; I need to pick up her to the bed. I even ask her permission to touch her. Whole day her friends tried to convince her to eat and she eat a little and now she vomits that too. Its make me worried, I asked her “can I call your father?” she refused. Her parents didn’t like me much and also the fact that we are in live- in relationship. I remember last time when I talked to her parents, they didn’t care who am I, or my religion. They just want their daughter to be married and then live with me. Of course I love her, so is she, but marriage is long way to go. There is also issue with that if this news is spread, her parents had to suffer a lot.

So it’s all on me now.

January 8th, 2017

I thought if I take her out for dinner, her mood will be changed, but it made her mood even worst. She is now afraid of going out in public, every second man is making her, think of her molester. We have to come back early, also she doesn’t listen much of what I said. She just kept staring in dark, at distance in silence. I played a comedy movie to cheer her up, but every loud voice makes her afraid. And now from few days she feared at home, she called me many time and ask me to come home, I have to take early leave or ask some of her friends to accompany her.

January 10th, 2017

She is okay now, I think.  She stared talking, not much, but a little. She got confused a lot and she has been absence minded, asking me what day it is, even if she has cell phone to look in to. She washed her hands many times in days and take bath more then twice. After bath she rubs her neck and her belly a lot, like she cleaning something. I think she try to clean the each place where her molester had touched her. Today when I tried to kiss her, she kissed me back, it’s almost like before and suddenly she stopped kissing and started crying.  I think everything happen to her came back flushing. I think I have to be just little patient and wait for her. I think everything will be normal soon.

January 15th, 2017

I left her. I know I am a bad person that leaves her in her worst possible time, but I left with no choice, I can’t live like that anymore. Its Sunday, we were sitting on the sofa and were watching a romantic movie. I kissed her, and she kissed me back and we started having foreplay. And then suddenly she kicks me, so hard that I landed on the floor. She started shouting, “Don’t touch me and stay away from me “ I almost started crying, and went behind her, I grabbed her hand and about to tell her that “it’s ok baby, I am here “. She slapped me and told me, she hates me and closed the bedroom door.

I cried a lot, yes she had face horrible time, but I was with her at every step. I packed my bags and walked out of the house, and now I am in the hotel. I messaged her that ‘’it’s over and she can leave anytime she want “ I asked my friends to get my things and now I am here at hotel, all alone. I tried, I really tried my best, but like my friend told me, nothing would be normal like before. And one thing I didn’t tell her, I didn’t tell anyone and will never.

At the night of 31st, when I left her for an hour, I was with my friends, riding bike around the city, drunk. And we see a girl, going in the street alone, and my friend turn the bike that way. We reached there, he stopped the bike and I grabbed that girl from behind. I pressed her body so roughly that I even scratched her and make her bleed. And then I kicked her to the ground, and went with my friend.

Now I can feel what she is going through. And I can’t live with my girl friend because even if I am not the one who hurt her, But I am one of them, an animal. And she deserves someone better. I won’t forgive myself ever.

About the Guest blogger – Pinakin Joshi 

Writing, is as scared for me as love, blogger for 8 years and an entrepreneur.

Read me at and 

Reach me @pinakin_joshi on Twitter

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The Firm – My favorite Book

I am a thriller junkie. I love reading mysteries and thrillers. Give me a good thriller and you won’t even know I am there till the book is over. Given this background, you might think that I will be talking about some classic, when I say my favourite book, but that’s not true. My favourite book is The Firm.

When I graduated from reading the usual ‘Nancy Drew’ and ‘Hardy Boys’ series, ‘The Firm’ and ‘The Rainmaker’, both written by John Grisham,  were the books my dad recommended me. He too loved court room drama and law thrillers. He is not around now, so every time I hold this book, I feel him closer to me. So you can say that there is an emotional value attached to it.

Coming back to the book – The Firm, written by John Grisham is one of the best legal thrillers that I have come across. First published in 1991, it still continues to be one of the most popular legal thrillers of all times. The narrative is lucid and fast paced. The twists and turns are unbelievable and you are left hanging onto every word as you read.

 It’s a story about Mitchell McDeere, a brilliant lawyer, fresh out of law school trying to make a mark for himself in the law world. Of the many offers that he gets, he chooses a small but well respected firm. He feels like he has stepped into a fantasy land when he is pampered with amazing perks from the firm -a BMW, a house, salary that is way beyond his expectations. It’s just too good to be true. Just as he is about to enjoy a life of his dreams, come the nightmares- the secret files, the bugs/spy devices in the house, mysterious deaths of colleagues. He is suddenly being sucked into a web of lies and deceit. A mesmeric plot, there is not a single dull moment there.

I read this book in high school first. So much was I in Iove with the character of McDeere that I had decided, I was going to be a lawyer when I grow up and take on the corrupt and the mafia with my acumen! It was only after I stumbled upon the actual law books that I realized ‘law’ was not for me! Well, that’s the story of my favorite book, Which is your favorite book? I would love to know.

About the Guest blogger Neha Tambe

I am a social media marketer and writer. On my blog I try my hand at writing short stories, travel musings and random thoughts that run through my mind.

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A non-forgettable birthday

Since morning, Mohit had been observing change in Payal, his wife’s behaviour. This made Mohit confuse and he could not find the reason for her sudden mood swings. He tried to amuse her with his nastiest humour but it aggravated her mood more. In their two years of married life, such incident never happened. Disappointed, Mohit left for his office with a heavy heart.

At work, while preparing his table for the day, Mohit’s eyes fell on the sheet called social life pinned on his board and Payal’s name was on the top of the list. It was Payal’s birthday today that he forgot. Mohit realised and cursed himself. He could not believe missing this occasion, because he knew the consequences of this blunder in his life.

He gathered courage and dialed Payal’s number. He turned nervous thinking what he would say to her. Her phone rang continuously but there was no response.

Mohit decided to take off from work to save his world from getting collapsed. On the way, he took her favourite cake and bouquet of red roses (flowers were Payal’s weakness). Mohit was still unsure whether he could convince Payal.

Nervous he reached home. Payal opened the door and was surprised to see Mohit with cake and bouquet and singing ‘Happy Birthday’ song at the door step. Payal tried hard to conceal her smile but could not; seeing her smiling, Mohit finally felt relaxed. She took the bouquet from him and he grabbed her tight for a hug and kissed her.

They cut the cake together and celebrated their private moments making it special. When Payal asked him for his forgetfulness, Mohit said he had planned this surprise for her and he did not forget her birthday. The lie saved Mohit’s life and they lived happily ever after, at least till her next birthday.

About the Guest blogger – Nadaan Parinda 

Blogger | Twitter Addict | Professional food fanatic | Travel Expert | Reader | My blog – my virtual identity | Photography fan | Subtly charmer | Thinker | Tea fan | Explorer | Fun, active and on-the-go | Music buff |

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Addicted to Stationery

I tend to classify myself as a stationary collector. I have been fascinated with pens and paper, ever since I was a child. I used to beg my parents for the colourful erasers, holographic rulers, pencil boxes and what not. As I grew up, this interest did not die down and gravitated towards paper, ribbons, pens and other stuff. I cannot walk into a stationary store and not pick up something. Even if I manage to stick to my resolution of not buying, someone else buys it for me – such are my cravings.


I am old schooled when it comes to making lists or jotting notes or just my thoughts – so no smart phone apps for me. As a result, I tend to pick up diaries and journals from everywhere and most of these purchases are done on an impulse. Here is a pic of some of the new ones from my collection.


Colours is something which I can never have enough of and I tend to pick up coloured pens – gel pens, ball point pens, sketch pens – colour pencils, pastels and even coloured ink for my fountain pens. I recently picked up a pen which has 6 different colour refills in it and I can use any one colour at a given time – isn’t that cool.


Wrapping papers tend to send me into a tizzy. There are quite a few stationary stores and book shops nearby where I live and I tend to end up browsing there while doing my weekly grocery shopping. I find the best wrapping sheets in the small stationary shops in community centres where they will stock some really unusual ones. For the vintage and rustic ones, my favourite store is the Wishing Chair which has some gorgeous English prints. Oxford Book shop and cottage emporium have some brilliant collection of very India- kinda prints from autos to cows to temples.

My collection has some soft tissue papers, sparkly cloth like thick paper in gold and silver – these are my prized ones and I use them very sparingly. Have a look at the Christmas themed paper I picked up for wrapping up this year’s Xmas gifts.


I love ribbons and coloured tapes for making my gifts pretty. My recent addiction is paper tapes which I have started picking up from wherever I can find them.


Art fairs, flea markets, dastkari haats and of course bookstores are my treasured haunts for picking up book marks. I have some really unusual ones – magnetic ones, metal cutwork, paper cutwork, metal rings, clip-ons and the usual paper ones.

Fridge Magnets:

Not a single trip where I haven’t picked up a magnet for my refrigerator – its my marker for all the places I have been to. Now My friends have also started contributing to this and so I have their travel souvenirs as well to put up on my fridge. I either need a bigger fridge now or no more magnets – what say!?!

I also have some butterfly shaped punchers and paper clips in varied shapes and sizes which is quite a unique thingy I picked up from I don’t even remember now. I just have to find something pretty and quirky to be hooked enough to buy it – never mind the utility.

I know this is a life long addiction and one that will just not be weeded out of me anytime soon! Unless of course there is some AA forum for it somewhere ….. I would love to hear about your stationary collections and fetishes….

About the Guest blogger – Shalini Baisiwala 

Passionate about everything design, I am in love with photography, travel and baking. My writing journey was initiated with my letter writing hobby as a child and has metamorphosised into serious blogging. I indulge with reading fantasy fiction, day dreaming and sipping good wine.  I am pretty much a Social Butterfly and can be contacted at

Facebook –
Twitter- @Shalz75
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Instagram – @shalzmojo


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Immolation or Suicide

With small scale of joy and happiness born as a human being she was tenterhook-ed by hurdles. She and her mother were born into the world of poverty unable to care for their physical needs.Her father was no more in their picture.Every element of life threw shame at her. Her self consciousness in dress was sordid, the sympathetic glances of teachers and neighbors made her graven. Yes, she suffered from deadliest Diarrhoeal disease which targets malnourished children. Over the months she adapted herself to make her mother happy as she was the only gift of self forgetfulness.While she tried to remain positive her inner soul suffered from depression. Prepared to become her own worse enemy addicted to suicide in name of immolation she hanged to death. She was able to see her mother shedding more tears than ever and herself rotted in grave rotating, rolling along in a plane to get a second chance.

Her soul in hushed tone left a message to this world


About the Guest bloggerShraesta Suresh

As a child, I wanted to be a doctor then later became a computer science student. Crazy lover of reading and writing ; now I’m more interested in blogging . Emphasis here is on enthusiasm and proof of your inner voice. Starting with least impressive part will get to the good stuff. I feel I’m ready for more challenging and this position really excites me.

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Old is Gold

Kishore da songs are the heartbeat of music to me. I am grown up listening to him from childhood and I feel attached to him when I listen to him. The legend’s birth anniversary falls on 4th of August, August is the month of monsoon and I was travelling on a rainy day from Jaipur to home that night. The weather was pleasant that day and I just love listening to my favourite music in the dim light of road. The drive was smooth; rain droplets entered and were falling on face through the opened window glass.
Happiness for me isn’t measured in terms of shopping or having a luxurious life, but it is long drive on cold nights, listening to radio or hugging the winds on the early summer morning days riding on my active, when the air is fresh and roads are empty. Ahhah, even writing this experience makes me happy and that night was one such beautiful morning. The radio RJ was super that day; He was talking and playing Kishore da hits.
I don’t need a better reason to fall for his sleepy voice, as he was talking about my crush. From that radio session I got to know that Kishore Da had four wives, He is known as the magical artist of India for his breath-taking performances.
He worked with Devanand sir, Big B, Rajesh Khanna. He worked in 100 movies and directed 8 films. Rajesh Khanna and Kishore Kumar the deadly combination Jodi worked together for 20 years. When Kishore Da passed away, Rajesh Khanna said, meri toh awaz hi chali gayi he
And one day Lata Mangeshkar and Kishore Da were singing a song together, where it was turn of Kishore Da to sing but mistakly lata Ma’am sang the lines Piya Piya mora Jiya pukare…..So now it was retake needed, but Kishore Da said with his eyes to continue till the end, and at last everyone said that we have to take a retake sir, there is a mistake in the song.
Then Kishore da explained them that there is no need to retake, when Lata Ji will sing her lines in case of mine, the hero will keep his hands on the girls lip and continue with his lyrics this will add a romantic scene in the picture and no one will think of it as a mistake. Everyone clapped hands the brilliant idea of Kishore Da and when the movie was released the scene won the hearts of many.
I was happy to listen to this radio session and here is my Favourite among many other favourites of Kishore Da –
1. Ek Ladki Bheegi Bhagi si…
2. Yeh Sham Mastani…madhosh kiye jaye
3. Ek Ajnaabe Hasina se yuh Mulakat ho gayi…
4. Tariff Karu kya uski, jisne tumhe banaya..
5. Samne yeh kon aaya…
6. Aate jate khubsurat awara sadko pe….
7. Haal Kaisa he janab ka
This is what why we say OLD IS GOLD, nothing beats the inborn creativity in them, they were so natural and alive that they touched the strings of heart and are still holding the first place.
About the Guest blogger – Dixita Mour
Rajasthani | Blogger | Reader | Tea Coffee and Rain lover | Influencer | Storyteller |

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