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I Hate Summer

I’m going to stick my neck out and say it: summer vacation is stupid.Β Because no matter how well thought-out my ideas for their summer vacation ever are, things just never… Read more »

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Leadership #HappySunday

Leaders are not made in a single day – They are cultured through their life. It is not easy for you or your child to become a leader – You… Read more »

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On being a Woman

  Femininity is a word that is difficult to say and tricky to understand for me. God has made each person (male or female) showing that there should be dissimilarity… Read more »

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#BookSlutThursday – Week 4

1. The images that touch our hearts most often wear the attire of simplicity. A smiling child, a shower of rain, an evening walk and a heartfelt conversation; they all… Read more »

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