Happy Anniversary #FridayFotoFiction

The roses were stunning and orchids, lovely; I thought. Realizing I was going nowhere; I walked to the park. Today was our 10th wedding anniversary. About our life, I hope to laugh and cry about our gray hair and deciding how to spend the pension. We have those years ahead of us, I know it. Nevertheless things are difficult now; he doesn’t even know I am thinking these things. We will become the old couple sitting on this bench. Smiling, I went back to the florist and I can tell you he was a very happy man seeing me back.

Word count – 100 

This post is written towards Friday Foto Fiction prompt being hosted by Tina Basu and Mayuri.

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10 Things about ‘Being Human’ that makes me Thankful #ThankfulThursdays

I believe qualities makes everyone distinctive. It is the outward manifestation of what you believe inside your mind and spirit. It is your nature, personality, and moral fiber. Your character is the attitude and set of mind which indicates to others who you are and what you stand for.

This week I talk about 10 Things ( my qualities) that makes me thankful to be human.

1. I am humble: Humility is a quiet sort of confidence, an inner strength that allows for vulnerability because its possessor cares more about what is true than who is right. I am humble because I am open to criticism and correction without being emotionally battered and bruised by what is said or even how it’s said.

2. I am courageous: Loving the loveable is easy. But loving the unlovable takes courage. Being loyal to your friends is easy in front of your friends. Being loyal when there is pressure to be disloyal requires courage to stay true. Honesty when I know I will be praised for speaking it is easy. But honesty when I know I will be in all kinds of trouble for telling the truth requires all kinds of courage to tell it anyway.

3. I am grateful: I notice the light in the dark, joy in the sad and purpose in sorrow. Where ingrates only see pain, despair and emptiness, I have mastered the attitude of gratitude that sees opportunity and fullness. I am grateful for what others might consider the ordinary and common – that which is so easily taken for granted. I smile at the curiosity of the child who asks question after question after question. I notice the flutter of leaves in the breeze and the blueness of the sky and the crispness of autumn.

4. I am tolerant: I am truly happy hence I am a tolerant bunch. Iam tolerant of others’ mistakes. I am tolerate of the uncertainty of life. I don’t blow up or blow things out of proportion. I live comfortably with change and disruption and opposing ideas and attitudes.

5. I am loving: Love is the great neutralizer of negativity. It allows me to see pain behind anger, to recognize hidden misfortune behind very public expressions of bitterness and to reach out with kindness and compassion to those who strike out in fear and blame. Love truly does conquer all.

6. I am forgiving: Forgiveness at its highest form is forgiveness broadly applied, as an expression of a forgiving heart. It is the attitude of forgiveness. I do not carry the weight of grudges to be crooked and disfigured with hate and resentment. I cannot have burdens of the soul, hence I am lighter, freer and happier.

7. I am selfless: Selfishness is the great destroyer of love and compassion, of kindness, empathy and happiness. The problem is that it is also quite a natural part of the human condition. I truly lose myself in serving others, which has uprooted the crippling characteristic of selfishness and made me learn to release and love and feel. I serve and help and watch the good results.

8. I am funny: I have the caliber to laugh, especially at myself. There is humor in almost every situation. I just have to find it. And laughing is almost always better than crying.

9. I am disciplined: No one watches over my shoulder when I slack off–except me. I have sense of ethics, of what is right and what is wrong, and act accordingly. I am strong enough to say no to life’s many temptations, from food to drugs to illicit sex.

10. I am confident: I always believe that someone out there who is better than you, you can realize your own abilities. Be confident in what you can and cannot do.

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Wordy Wednesday #2

This Week: Word Prompts

Badge of Honour

Back to Basics

Between a rock and a hard place

Born with a silver spoon

Use any one or two or all the  prompts in your posts.

Many people on twitter think that I was born with a silver spoon, as what they see is an outgoing girl, with decent appreciation for her writings and guys fawning over her. But trust me when I say it was not an easy journey to reach here. There was a time when my life was stuck; it felt like I am stuck between a rock and a hard place. At that time somewhere I read a quote from Joseph B. Wirthlin “Great sculptors and artists spend countless hours perfecting their talents. They don’t pick up a chisel or a brush and palette, expecting immediate perfection. They understand that they will make many errors as they learn, but they start with the basics, the key fundamentals first.” My passion was writing and I had to go back to basics to learn and unlearn about writing. I started reading like a maniac– first part of basics. Then I kept grinding myself to earn the badge of honour in the blogosphere. No demands are asked, too great to bear my words are my anchor that will suffice in the basics, we can always trust to earn honour, upon backing on the right advice.

This post is written for Wordy Wednesday #2– January 2017 #BARWoWe

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#HappySunday #LinkParty #6

#HappySunday #LinkParty

Welcome Lovely Bloggers!

I have been having a great party this week and am enjoying it thoroughly. It is with immense pleasure that I am announcing the featured blogger of #HappySunday #5.

Simple Indian Moms Focus
#HappySunday #LinkParty

Romila is a freelance writer/editor/book reviewer and a blogger. Her enthusiasm has overwhelmed me. She takes special interest in #HappySunday #LinkParty and has always linked up first. I am extremely happy to have her as my cohost for this week. Welcome On Board Romila!

#HappySunday #LinkParty #6

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 Special Feature of This Week – A Prompt

This week is special in a lot of ways and to make it even more special I am coming up with a prompt to write. In fact I have been asked for a prompt from many bloggers, and I have been wanting to write on something very important and so here we are with the prompt for this week.

#BangaloreMolestation #LinkParty
#BangaloreMolestation #LinkParty

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Reasons I am Thankful for being a Blogger #ThankfulThursdays

I started my blog in June 2004 in Rediff. I decided to start my blog for as I needed a productive hobby. As I was a keen writer with a desire to go into journalism/PR/marketing/publishing, I was always told to start a blog and create a portfolio. I thought a blog would help set me up in good stead for a freelance writing career. It seemed like a good idea at the time, and it was and it remains. I loved reading blogs and magazines, but I was so glad to have my own, and it’s one of the best decisions I ever made! When I started my blog, I didn’t think about it becoming a huge thing. Since then, I’ve had some pretty cool opportunities. I’ve been to blogging meets and I’ve been able to join the blogging community which is full of like-minded bloggers like myself.

All in all, I am Thankful for being a Blogger, because:

  1. I have gradually developed confidence in myself and my abilities since I started blogging. I believe in myself as a writer and I believe I have the potential to go all the way.
  2. Before I started blogging, I didn’t think I had the ability to be creative, but blogging is a creative task in itself. I am always coming up with ideas and figuring out how to put the words down.
  3. I have always been good at writing. I can’t draw, I am not the best with numbers, I don’t like sciences and I am not good at them. Writing seemed to be the perfect fit for me: I’ve always been good at essay-based subjects – which is one of the reasons why I studied journalism and I always loved to write. Since blogging, I have become much more passionate about writing, and I feel like I can totally own my craft: I was born to write and I love what I do.
  4. As a result of my blog, I have been able to attend events and meet fellow bloggers. I have been able to find a place in a community – blogging communities.
  5. Blogging gives me my own space for expression my opinions. I can talk about whatever I want (within reason of course.)
  6. Sometimes life can get a bit too much, so my blog is like a place of escapism for me and writing is a way for me to de-stress.
  7. Devoting myself to my blog has been really challenging. And as of this year I have been trying to blog more consistently which has been really challenging but really rewarding too. I am really grateful that my blog pushes and challenges me, because this helps me grow.
  8. Starting a blog has been the catalyst for me connecting with some really incredible and like-minded humans – who I didn’t even know existed! If it weren’t for this blog I would never have connected with these incredible humans, and for that I am incredibly thankful.
  9. Ever since I started this blog I have been continually called to step up. I launched my free eBook and before I started this blog I didn’t think I would ever do something like create an eBook – but I am really thankful that being a blogger I have been able to do things that I never thought I would ever do.
  10. I love brainstorming blog post ideas, writing and putting together posts, sharing the things I love, creating images, and responding to comments. I love spending time reading other blogs for ‘research’ (and by that I mean my own enjoyment) and bookmarking them.


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The Bougainvillea Bloom

“Plant yourself like a bougainvillea in my heart, bloom into my mind until there’s nothing left dividing us, taking our love to a new horizon.” 

Picture courtesy: Clicked by me on 21st December 2016 at Shilparamam, Hyderabad. 

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Wordy Wednesday #1

This Week: Word Prompts





Use any one or two or all the  prompts in your posts.

             Picture Credit: Pinterest 

“Aspire to Inspire Before I Expire”

I superb love this quote. It has been included in my book of quotes, which I keep on my desk and refer it daily. I believe we all need to live life to its fullest because we never know what may arrive tomorrow. To me, living life to its fullest is to love unconditionally, talking often to my family, learning something new daily, looking for challenges, taking risks, smiling at strangers, and being a good friend. I always thank people who help make my life comfortable: grocery clerks, taxi drivers, trash collectors and apartment staff.

One of the best things that you can do is be an inspiration to someone else.  I think I have always wanted to help others, but I never considered that I was an inspiration until I was told by others that my message helped them. If you want to help others move ahead in their life, tell your story.  Share your failures, success and about you.  It does not matter if you think it is important or not, because you never know who can gain from your story. If you just make a conscious decision to Inspire one person by being interested in what is going on in their life. To enhance our life, it is a great ideal to enhance the lives of others.  I’m not talking about always giving money; you can give advice or kind words.  If you are always on the giving in of life, you are guaranteed to aspire and inspire.

“Life is a journey, not a destination,” and that “Life is not a dress rehearsal.” How true. So let us all get out there tomorrow and days after that and live life to its fullest and, in doing so, be inspirational in lots of ways.

This post is written for Wordy Wednesday #1– January 2017 #BARWoWe

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3 Blogs I am thankful for reading

Thank You  Amrita &  Tina For Choosing Me As Winner Of #Thankful Thursday Week 6. I wanted to take a moment to extend my most sincere thanks for selecting me as a Winner of weekly prompt. I am so humbled to have been chosen for this award knowing that there were many qualified contestants . You have no idea how happy I was when I received notification that I was selected as the winner. It was such a surprise. You can read my winning post here. 

3 Blogs I am thankful for reading 

1. Between Write and Wrong : To start the topic, I would like to say that ‘book reviewing’ is an easy work. So if you talk about book reviewing online, then Sakshi is doing a wonderful job. I am thankful to her reviews because her book reviews are general in tone and do not contain any unnecessary information. The reviews are insightful, point to point, in good language, and most importantly in general and candid tone.

2. Passionate About Baking : As the name suggests, it’s a food blog about baking, cooking, food photography, food trends, cuisines and cultures. Deeba Rajpal believes in ‘Doing Food From Scratch’ and her posts reflect the same. She loves baking with fruits, baking whole grain bread, exploring new ingredients, alternative flours, gluten free foods etc. She writes an online baking blog for the Times of India in the name – The Rabid Baker. I am thankful to her for my baking recipes and her amazing posts. 

3. Vanity No Apologies: Vanity No Apologies is not just a beauty website but a global reference and resource for beauty enthusiasts featuring in-depth reviews, beauty news, photos, DIYs, tutorials, beauty tips along with popular features such as Top 10. I read a lot of beauty and fashion blogs in my spare time, this blog is definitely one of them. I thank this blog for giving me absolutely superb reviews on beauty products. 

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#WedShadow Week 6

Love (for me) always provided an immense boost of extra motivation. You kind of stop living just for yourself, and start considering how your actions can affect this other person. Your mind, heart, and the rest of your body doesn’t want to disappoint them, or make a mistake that could cost them, or cost you this person. I have this bad habit of falling into a nihilistic frame of mind when I’m alone. Having this fear was good for me. I worked where I otherwise wouldn’t have, finding energy I wasn’t even aware was in me. Love allowed me to test the boundaries of my virtues. I don’t think I would have figured out who I am, what I truly want(ed), and have learned as much about people without it. Life would have more of a monotonous tone than it already does, and I can only view myself without it as Robotic in a sense. The concept of love in itself is enough to keep me alive. I want to experience it again, more than I want to die. I can’t really say that about anything else. The biggest shortcoming is needing someone to love you back for it to last. For it to really mean anything after repeat endeavors. Love, It’s such a powerful addiction.

How to Participate in #WedShadow?

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Today’s Prompts:

  1. Everyone’s addicted to something in some shape or form. What are things you can’t go without?
  2. Write about your shopping wishlist and how you like to spend money.

We had 4 bloggers who submitted their entries and this week’s winners are Geethica and Zainab. Congratulations for marking impression on #WedShadow by your wonderful blog post.🙂

For this week’s entries please leave your links in the comment box. Looking forward to read your posts and have your participation.

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