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I began blogging in 2004, anonymously with couple of experimenting pen names, till I zeroed in Novemberschild.

Since then till today I have set up and edited many blogs, managed online communities and blogged professionally.

My writing has developed from personal musings to social issues, reviews, creative writing and digital content for businesses and more.

I have been in the Blogosphere for long and over the time, I have been christened with many titles and names by co-bloggers and friends – Blogging Queen, VIP Blogger, Veteran Blogger and many more.

I was for sure one of the earliest users of the Indian digital space who was loyal to Yahoo for 7 years and has been more loyal to Google (Gmail & other products) since 2005.

I’ve been writing since the year 1996 – prose, poetry, stories and articles. This blog proves the unconditional love that I have for writing. Born in Delhi, living in Hyderabad, I am a perfect mix of both the North-South cultures.

I write about topics as assorted as art, relationships, style, pop culture, genders and writing (as an expertise).

I have been featured in many websites/blogs not just as a Blogger but that as a Writer, Editor, Author and Brand Consultant.

My content is globally on many platforms in form of updates, blog posts, guest notes and photographs.

Professionally I help brands to promote themselves on social media and digital platforms through hosting chats/developing website content.

I welcome you to my online space. Whether or not you have entered my world with a smile, I hope that when you leave, it’ll be with a smile and a keenness to come back again here to read more. Cheers!