September 22 2013

If only you were here

Sitting around I wonder, watch the days go by

Looking at all the pictures and I think if only you were here.

You’ve always been there for me, my best friend

I was always there for you till your very end.

Though you have gone forever, you won’t really be gone

I try not to worry since it is now the past

But it’s hard going through life knowing nothing ever lasts.

Because inside of me you still live.

This is hardly a goodbye, I won’t weep more

Because now you’re in better place than you ever were before.

In the above prompt provided by Kajal Kapur , I have paid a tribute to my deceased best friend.

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September 22 2013

In between the shelves

NBT: Girl sitting in bookstore

I don’t know what it is but whenever I walk into a book store, I feel happily overwhelmed. And the smell of books, don’t even get me started, it’s one of the best smells in the world, simple as that. It’s like an adventure every time I’m in a book store and I love adventures.

I have bought an incredible amount of books online, but browsing bookstores is something else entirely. To walk along and look at shelves full of books old and new, giving me book love at first sight from across a room. A little golden ray of sunlight falling over the rows of spines, and making me feel there is nothing like picking up a book that catches my eye to indulge myself in. It isn’t only the books themselves that provide an escape with their characters, plots and stories, being inside a bookstore is another world I love to escape to as well.

There is something about a bookstore that is almost magical. That sense of calm when you enter the store, the background noise fading away as you make your way through the shelves to find the right genre for you. The trailing fingers along spines of books and rows to find a name, a picture that grabs your eye, some unearthly pull that grips your attention.

I will always support the bookstores that romance me. Do you have independent bookstores that you love? What do you love about them? Leave your thoughts about bookstores; I would love to read them.

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