January 7 2014

Delhi stopover


After reading lots of good reviews I decided to pick this book written by Tulika Malhotra. I was reading some heavy duty books for a long time and hence thought why not a light read.

The book is about a Lila Kapoor, a struggling, unsuccessful actress from the US who comes to Delhi to take a break from her not happening career and relationship. She accidently gets into the Indian modelling circuit and then her career spirals downwards. Towards the end, she is left without a relationship or a career. The story really goes right into the fashion industry like you’re right there! The book is super fast paced.

The book reminded me of Madhur Bhandarkar, yes the movie director, because his films and the story were so closely related, for a time I felt this was a mix of Fashion and Heroine. If you have seen these 2 movies than you can skip reading the book.

As the book has nothing great to talk about, I prefer keeping the review short.


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