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There is no second doubt that Dan Brown is one of the most important writers living today. What he does in a way that appeal to millions of people around is to tell stories that remind us there’s more to the world than meets the eye. His books are filled with history, intrigue, secret codes, and symbols embedded in paintings, books, churches, monuments and buildings which say that the things we take for granted are imbued with hidden meanings. A painting may not just be a painting as Dan Brown’s most of the novels say and the cover-up on a building may be more than a simple beautification. I am sure many of us; do not normally look beyond the surface of the world around us. Exploring the symbolism hidden in these pieces of architecture might not help you pay your monthly bills and make you rich but in a society where poetry, myth, religion, and philosophy are obsolete; maybe we all should care to ask and find out the secrets.

Dante and Shakespeare have divided the modern world between them, giving no space for a third writer. While most people are similar with the works of William Shakespeare, many people have never ever heard about 14th century Italian poet, Dante Alighieri. Dan Brown inspired by the first part of the Dante’s Divine Comedy introduced millions around the world to one of the most important writers that ever lived through Inferno. His narratives, laced with science, history, art and geography, have helped to bring out awareness among people on diverse figures, concepts, Leonardo Da Vinci, Jesus, anti-matter, the esotericism of Manly P. Hall, the Vatican, the Louvre, Noetic Science, Freemasonry, and the beliefs of the Founding Fathers. From Rome and Vatican City (Angels and Demons) to Paris (The Da Vinci Code) to Washington, D.C. (The Lost Symbol) to Florence, Venice and Istanbul (Inferno), Dan Brown has set his books in the some of the most beautiful and intriguing cities in the world.

For me Dan Brown is my favourite author and one of the most important thriller writers in our time. His books are special and good investigated. The themes in his books are so complex and he has much insider information about whatever theme his books are based on. Dan Brown delighted me for the grail search, secret societies, Opus Dei, The Illuminati, and much more to read further on them. Beside the fact that I admire Brown’s willingness to throw rocks in ponds I have to also say, I am very impressed with the amount of research he does and he did for his each book.

Dan Brown has the ability to capture his reader. For example, when I start to read one of his books, I cannot put it away till the very end. His books are so interesting that when I go to sleep I continue to think about the story even in my dreams. His characters easy to connect with. I feel feeling as love, hate and fear with them. Some of his characters surprise me and others disappoint, but the main character is always developing and changing during the story and sometimes I don’t know for what to be prepared of. I believe that the key point in thriller fiction is the easy to follow plot, otherwise the writer will lose his reader. Dan brown, from my point of view, succeeded in keeping his readers during the plot. I find his stories easy to follow due to the fact that he doesn’t have too many characters in his story.

I would like to wake in you the fascination at Dan Brown books, and if you have not read any of his thrillers, it is time you read. He is one of the most influential authors of our time, so read to experience the other side of life, and I feel it’s a good reminder to all of us to log off of Facebook and Twitter every once in a while and lose ourselves in a good book.

On the occasion of International Author’s Day I thank my favourite author Dan Brown for writing such fast paced thrillers. I wish he should write more of the Robert Langdon series.

It is not just over here, I would like to know who your favourite author is. Please do write it in the comment box.

And as an expression of my heartfelt thanks to all of you for joining me in celebrating International Author’s Day which is being hosted by Debdatta Dasgupta Sahay of B00kr3vi3ws.


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  1. My favorite author is khalid hosseni and franz kafka . Reading “A thousand splanded suns” was a journey. It took me to read new genre ofreality feminism women atrocities. While kafka is the one whose evert written word is a quote for me.

  2. My favourite author has to be JK Rowling. I really don’t want to imagine my existence on this planet Earth if I didn’t have the Harry Potter series in my cupboard!
    The reason why I love JKR so much, is because she is an epitome of struggling through hard times, converting every bad experience into something pleasant for others to enjoy. She is a true philanthropist and a classic example of her own quote,
    “It is our choices…that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.”
    She could have easily consumed the fruits of her labour. She could have easily enjoyed her life after struggling through it in the past years. She has the money, she has the fame, she has the power. No one would question her motives. After all, money earned rightfully can be spent, right? But, no. She used her experiences of the past to motivate her to help others. Knowing the pangs of poverty, she tries her best to ensure that not many children go through the same hell. As much as she brings relief to children via the Harry Potter series, she also tries to bring relief to them via her charitable work. She not only works as a Galleon-throwing-Santa for kids, but also as Madam Pomfrey for people suffering from Multiple Sclerosis. In 2003, Rowling took part in a campaign to establish a national standard of care for MS sufferers(Scotland). She is also a supporter of The Shannon Trust, which runs the Toe by Toe Reading Plan and the Shannon Reading Plan in prisons across Britain, helping and giving tutoring to prisoners who cannot read.
    All in all, this magical word weaver has won the hearts of many through her Harry Potter series and also through her philanthropic work. Being a billionaire doesn’t affect her zest for uplifting the needy. Nor does it affect her ability to reply to tweets by fans!
    JKR and Robert Galbraith be the best! 😀

  3. I love Sherlock Holmes, so Doyle is always on my list. Ever since Relic, I’ve really enjoyed reading all of Douglas Preston/Lincoln Child Pendergast novels. He’s a “Sherlock -lite” character. 🙂

    But there are so many others I enjoyed!

  4. A wonderful post. I love reading the books of Dan Brown.
    I really enjoyed reading Rebecca by Daphne De Maurier in the thriller genre. I also enjoy reading James Patterson and Ashwin Sanghi.

  5. What makes Dan Brown’s books so interesting and thrilling is that they deal with codes, symbols, and conspiracy theories, apart from being well researched and informative works.

  6. While it’s unfair to name a single favorite author because I have many favorite books by different authors but to name one it would be JK Rowling who is not only a great author but a great human..

  7. While it would be unfair to say that I have favorite author but I do have many favorite works of some authors.
    JK Rowling is surely one of them who not only is a gifted writer but an amazing person!

  8. I pressed your post, I really enjoy the Dan Brown books, although I find he is getting more violent with each one! I love Digital Fortress and Deception Point which I felt did not get as much attention as they deserved.

  9. Good thought and insight about Mr. Brown. I am non-fiction type of person [hence not comparing apple to orange]. Not that I hadn’t read fiction. I had. The best among my reads was Paulo Coelho. His style of touching soul through his intravenous plots, leaves the reader in deep imagination.

    The describing properties of NovembersChild has motivated me enough to go through the books of her favourite author.

    Good Luck my friend. Wish you a Happy Blogversary.
    Love, Dynamo

  10. Hi. I loved your blog. Dan Brown is my favorite author too, along with Dame Agatha Christie and Sir Arthur Doyle. I totally agree with your views that Dan Brown takes seeing and thinking to a different level with his books. His writing skills are unparalleled. Once you start a Dan Brown novel, you cannot set it down till you have finished it.
    I have a request for you. Would it possible for you to write a guest article for my blog on Dan Brown? Do let me know if you would be interested. I loved your views on him and would like for you to put it up on my blog as well 🙂

  11. There are so many writers. Every one has his peculiar style of writing. Some specialize in a particular branch of literature like dramas or novels or short stories or essays. Some write in a humorous vein, others are serious in their approach. They appeal to different varieties of readers according to their tastes. My favourite author is Charles Dickens.

    The reason of my liking Dickens is that I like him for the engrossing stories of these novels for the streak of humour running through his writings and for the sympathy he shows towards suffering of the poor and alone of all for his delicate understanding of children. Dickens has portrayed the character of small children with such sensitive and delicate understanding that the writings immediately appeal to the reader. He has an art of describing a character in such a way that the character seem to come to life and walk out of the pages of the book to stand before our eye. His characters are unforgettable once you read about them you would feel that you have struck friendship with them.

  12. William Shakespeare is my favorite author. am enthralled by the great variety of human portraits found in Shakespeare’s plays. From highly philosophical Hamlet to farcical Falstaff, there is hardly a character type which is missing from Shakespeare’s repertoire of human species. Which author has created a more vivacious girl than Rosalind whose irrepressible sense of humor brightens up and radiates to every inhabitant of the Forest of Arden.There is hardly any aspect of life which has not been thoroughly probed by Shakespeare in his plays. Shakespeare enriches our understanding of life and makes us better equipped to deal with the problems of life.

    He holds up a mirror to life in which we can virtually glimpse our past, present and future. He is a complete author if ever there was one. And he truly belongs not only to England , the country of his birth but to the whole world which reads him , learns from him and looks upon him as a constant guide for going through the journey of life.

  13. A review that would most certainly make readers head towards the nearest bookstore to pick up a Dan Brown book and spend a thrilling afternoon reading it!

  14. I also love Dan Brown. But my current favourite author is Ken Follett. His novels are endless sagas set in historic times. I have read almost all his books.

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