Avirook Sen is a journalist. This is his second book. Seven years ago a teenage girl, Aarushi Talwar, was found murdered in her bedroom in Noida, a middle- class suburb of Delhi. The body of the prime suspect—the family servant, Hemraj—was discovered a day later. Who had committed the double murders, and why? Within weeks, Aarushi’s parents, the Talwars, were accused; four years later, they went on trial and were convicted. But did they do it? Avirook Sen attended the trial, accessed important documents and interviewed all the players—from Aarushi’s friends to Hemraj’s old boss, from the investigators to the forensic scientists—to write a meticulous and chilling book that reads like a thriller but also tells a story that is horrifyingly true. Aarushi is the definitive account of a sensational crime, and the investigation and trial that followed. The moment I saw this book, I picked it up. I didn’t expect it to be so much gripping with its bold stance and capturing every minute detail. Why the judiciary system didnt see the obvious things, why would suddenly a closure report becomes a charge sheet and the parents would become accused. Why would the judge irrationally reject the appeals and why would someone now think twice before
passing judgements to the character of a 14 year old dead girl and question its dignity. Why would media behave so irresponsibly and wait to pounce upon details which are not verified, and then make it the most sensational news ever. I only realize that it’s the truth of the shoddy judiciary system that we have where a high court in Allahabad is still listening to the appeals of year 1982-83! Let some sense prevail. A must read. Although full of legal details this book is a page turner. Avirook Sen has written a very clear account of the famous case and how the shocking verdict was arrived at. This book describes how our police and judiciary actually work on the ground. Every educated Indian who cares for the country should read it.

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  • December 16, 2015 at 1:56 pm

    Sensationalism of the news by the media is here to stay, I fear!

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