April 4 2016



The world of nature is colourful and human resourcefulness cannot match it. Right from the sky to the sea, nature abounds in the richness of colours. When a person is cheerful we refer to him as a ‘colourful personality’, in the same way the different colours are used to indicate human moods and attitudes: blue is associated with depression, white with serenity, green with jealousy and red with rage.

Nature fulfils man’s longing for colour. There is variety in everything. The sky can be clear and blue, it can be dark with clouds, and it reflects the glory of the rising sun and the setting sun. The sea which is normally associated with blue is not really blue, it can be green, grey and many more subtle shades and even the rivers and streams reflect the surrounding area and acquire that colour.

In the west, seasonal changes bring in changes in the landscape. While spring is rich with colour, autumn provides a restful view to the eye with its soft browns and ripe greens and winter brings in the whiteness of snow along with its tranquillity assigning the effect of sleepiness.

Coming to the birds, I have discovered that in their world there are endless colour combinations. If green and grey birds mate, the new born has soft green colour; if yellow and blue mate the babies may be either a heightened blue or a softened yellow. No painter’s effort can successfully imprison the indescribable world of nature.

Nature’s world of colour, especially among the animals, has a deeper purpose than there variety. The colour of animals helps them to successfully camouflage themselves. If the toad is brown and mingles with the colour of the earth, the frog merges with the green colour of the scum. The polar bear is white but not the tropical bear. A desert lizard will be sand-coloured while a lizard in a heavy monsoon area will be of greenish hue. Butterflies and insects also share this features. This is not to say that animals and birds do not have bright colours which contrast with their surroundings. This also has a purpose. The bright colours of the peacock are not only a pleasure to the human eye but they also push the peahen into anonymity and offer her greater protection.

Colours do not only give happiness, it also has a rationale. Imagine life without the colours of nature! It would indeed be dull and boring: the sparkle of life will not be there. Colour also has brought up problems. The whole problem of racial discrimination is connected with the colour of the human skin. Men are hidebound in their narrow beliefs and have not yet learnt to value the variety of colour and have not understood nature’s intention behind this.

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