April 8 2016



The greenery around us, provided by trees, makes us live a healthy and pleasant life. Planting trees is vital to maintain a balance in the ecosystem. All the living beings are dependent on trees in some way or the other. The strength, structure and endurance of trees make them beneficial for the environment, in numerous ways. In this increasing concrete jungle of cities, planting more and more trees in the surroundings has become a vital need. This is because trees not only support life, but also remove various kinds of impurities from the atmosphere. Trees serve as a natural habitat, which provides support to a wide variety of flora and fauna.

They provide a sense of privacy and security to the wildlife, seeking shelter in the woods, apart from providing them with food and nutrients. Trees control the climate by moderating the effects of sun, wind, and rain. While they moderate summer temperature by providing shade, in winters, they act as windbreaks for your home, thereby helping you save on heating cost. Planting of trees facilitates better management of flood water. Trees also moderate flood hazards, by allowing the rainwater to percolate into the soil, instead of running over it. Trees are great absorbers of noise. Noise pollution can be reduced, to a great extent, by planting more and more trees.

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