April 11 2016



Ice cream is very refreshing especially when the weather is do hot. And for me it’s a brain freezing food. Actually when I have a little problem, I’ll just buy ice cream and my mind will be relaxed, it makes me think what to do. Every bite makes me happy, so try it. Ice cream is also considered as one of the popular desert in the world.
When it melts in my mouth,of course that is the time when I can taste the flavor of the ice cream. I don’t like durian flavor, but I love it when it comes to chocolate, cookies and cream, ube, and cheese. I love the sweetness of the chocolate flavored ice cream, especially with chocolate chips. In cookies and cream, I like the chunkiness of cookies. Ube flavored ice cream attracts me because my favorite color is violet, and it also looks delicious. In cheese flavor, I like it when I bite the grated cheese mixed with the ice cream. Yummy…
But when eating ice cream, we still have to remember our limitations. If you want to eat, then go, but you have to slowly eat because eating too much is not good for our body. Ice cream contains fats and sugar. If your body receive too much fats it can build cholesterol that is not good for our body, and too much sugars can lead to Diabetes. But don’t worry just remember our limitation and we can enjoy our delicious ice cream.
Ice cream would be more exciting if its look could attract people. Most  of the ice cream designs are mouthwatering, they put a little decorations and toppings to make it more attractive to people. To make it colorful, sometimes they put fruits like cherry, grapes and other ingredients as topping. They also put chocolate syrup on the top to make it sweeter and yummier…. So everyone!!! What are you waiting for? Let’s taste this delicious ice cream.

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