April 26 2016



FOR 365 days of the every year I am single and I am free to do whatever I want, when I want. Being tied to a partner meant I would never have been able to do so many things on my own. To me, being single means no smooshing someone else into my schedule, no judgement for the clothes I wear or the movies I like to watch and best of all a bed all to myself. Then Valentine’s Day happens. The balloons, the chocolate, the stupidly cards – they are all screaming that you need a partner. The TV shows and movies about the mopey single girls in a corner while everyone else is loved up. The slightly nauseating news stories about some random person’s over the top expression of love. The entire world is telling you, you need to be loved up and if you aren’t there is something wrong with you. I’m happy being single, no one else gets to be the judge of that.

I have never been in a relationship, I don’t understand why there is a day dedicated to love. There is so much hype about the day dedicated to showering your loved one with gifts. I truly believe we should share the love every day. It is about the memories and experiences we share in life that leave the biggest imprint on our hearts. The special experiences doing something you love together show the true meaning of love. These are the moments you cherish forever. I would love the experiences like getting home from work to the smell of my favourite meal being cooked by candlelight with a glass of wine or whiskey, or enjoying an adventurous experience we both love like ( if at all I get hitched). I believe when you meet your best friend, who becomes your love, life is more about the joys you experience together in life rather than the watch or tie you gift him or the bag he gifts you.

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