April 27 2016



Life is an art

A mountain of troubles

In your trouble don’t cry

You should only try and try

Struggle hard

And conquer the sky

With your skill

And power of will

Be active,

Ever green and optimistic

Hope for the sky

You will learn to fly

To dream is your

Right to struggle is your duty

Will power is your need

To achieve the sky and to fly

Will is a great force both for good and evil. It makes impossible things possible. The story of man’s progress from chaos to order, from barbarism to civilization, is nothing but a story of his will power pitted against all the hostile forces of nature. This will power can be achieved by ably one of us by continuous process of concentration on noble objectives. Once acquired, it will enable us to have our way in all things. We should live every moment and live life to the full. We should count out the negatives and challenge ourselves to design the best life. Never forget; where there is a will, there is a way.

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