June 27 2016

Symbolism of the Mandala

The individual representations range from the so-called Cosmic Mandalas, which transmit the ancient knowledge of the development of the universe and the world-systems which represents a high point among Mandalas dedicated to meditation; to the Mandalas of the Medicine Buddha which demonstrates how the Buddha-power radiates in all directions, portraying the healing power of the Buddha. The symbolism of meditation Mandalas has a rich tradition. The outer form of these so-called holy circles is a geometrical diagram, a Yantra, and each detail of its construction has symbolic meaning. The essence or purpose of the Mandala is concerned with the process of invocation, the calling in and realization of the spiritual force within the contemplator himself. All these different picture-tools have essentially the same inner meaning and purpose, but there are mandalas to suit all levels of consciousness: for the spiritually highly developed, for average people and for people not yet developed.


For the unfamiliar, a mandala is a sacred symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism, made from a nest of squares and circles, that represents the cosmos.  The Cosmic Mandala is encompassed by a flaming circle. At the Centre is a three-footed spiral symbolizing a first movement, surrounded by rotating wind which condenses into so-called basic elements, representing the states of aggregation: Wind or Air stands for the gaseous state; Fire is usually depicted as a red triangle and stands for transformation; Water for liquid, represented by a half-circle or circle; Earth for solid matter, symbolized by a yellow square or cube. The emerging forms of the elements are painted in the blue ring surrounding the Centre, in the lower sphere intimating the world-continents to be. The blue Ether represents the all pervading condition, the source of all elements filling the space of the Mandala. On it circles are drawn; looking like ellipses in their dynamic intersection, they portray the orbits of celestial bodies, painted in all the colours of the rainbow plus black and white and indicating the directions. These twelve astrological circles of the upper sphere demonstrate the movements of sun, moon and stars in the seasons.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to experience the healing power of the mandala is by using mandala coloring pages.  Why are mandala coloring pages such an effective tool for healing? First of all, coloring is fun and relaxing. It’s an enjoyable way to express your creativity. And, it’s an activity you can fully participate in whether you’re 4 or 94 years old.

Do you want more proof on why you too can easily unlock the healing powers within the mandala coloring pages?

•    There is no right or wrong way to color a mandala.
•    You can color just about anywhere.
•    Coloring lifts your spirits and brings out the child in you.
•    You can color at your own pace.
•    You don’t have to follow any rules when you color.
•    Kids and adults alike enjoy coloring.
•    You know you’re creating a unique work of art.
•    You can share the experience by coloring in groups.
•    It’s affordable.
•    It activates the intuitive genius within you.”

Have you started coloring Mandalas? If not, it is time you should.

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June 22 2016

Beauty Of My Bangles


Softened glass shaped in a perfect circle

Coloured with the shades of brightness

Embroidered with sparkling stars, stolen from the sky above

I smoothly slide them on my delicate wrist

Recollecting my first memory with them

They’ve heard me pray to the omnipresent

They’ve been kissed by my tears

Their clinking and jingling have always calmed me

Diamonds may be the best friend but

Mine are these bangles

Being voice of my hushed lips

Looped at the touch of my fingertips

Sitting among so many in a bangle box,

They stay unwearyingly,

Speaking to me yet again happily.

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June 21 2016

I love you Twitter


It is hard to believe but I have been on Twitter for almost 5years and 6months. I have to admit for the first several months I really didn’t get it, but as time went on and other social media networks lost their charm for me to want to keep using, my passion for Twitter kept growing. I am often asked what is Twitter by social media unfriendly people, its not very easy to try and describe what micro-blogging is to a person thats never heard of it. In simple words, I said ‘It is an easy way to communicate with everyone without complications”.

I have discovered the power (and fun) of Twitter, and these reasons are my own. I know that sounds crazy, but I am addicted to it just like how I am addicted to Colas and Coffee. I check Twitter before I even log into my email.There is a reason I don’t watch News anymore, and its because I don’t want to get depressed with all the doom and gloom bad news.  With Twitter, I get amazing updates and information on all that I am very  passionate about. I do not want my phone buzzing all the time so I am glad it has a mobile version that makes it easy to Twitter away on my phone if I were on a computer.  I know its silly, but it makes me smile. I love to see how certain individuals act on Twitter, and I wonder if they act the same way in real life.  How they speak, I wonder if Twitter gives them the same power people feel when sending an email or instant message.  Either way I have fun watching some peoples conversations back and forth.  Being able to chat with some of the most amazing people of any industry, and ask them questions and have them answered back almost instantly is some amazing gratification. This is a great platform to set the record straight, and let people know who you are and really build up a name for yourself.

I would not be able to call myself a real Twitter user if I did not ask you to follow me, so @romspeaks.


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June 17 2016

Suppressed Voices


Blurb: Not everyone in this world is blessed with the best things around him/her. This book is an attempt of the author to showcase those people, societies who have suffered within the humanity.

About the author: Ayesha Khurshid, a young ambitious 20 year old girl studying City and regional planning in the University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore, Pakistan. She was associated with an international Radio, Radio Faza as a Radio Jokey. Before her matriculation she found her conscience demanding to target all those suppressed voices which were striking her eardrums from long ago that was the first time when she focused on the voices of victims saying “We have been crumbled down to such an extent that no one hear our cries. Our throat lacerate we are vocal beings but we can’t shriek.” Suppressed voices, her first book compiles the voice of every human irrespective of where he lives.

Review:  I was sent a copy of ‘suppressed voices’ for review by the publishing house. Thank you for the e-book. It was one of the easiest books I have read, because it is just 29pages with sensible content. The 10 stories were nicely written despite the fact there were spelling mistakes. Story number 3, 5 and 6 were too small not even a page wish the author had made them 2 pages at least. I liked story number 7 on the December 16, 2014 episode. Story number 10 titled ‘Reparation’ was very sensibly written. I liked the cover page, nicely designed. I wish author good luck for her next book.

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June 15 2016

U & I by Abhishek Singh


Blurb: U&I is the journey of two souls made for each other. It is light hearted true love story with a purpose. It is journey of a damn serious, studious and ambitious boy from a very small village in Uttar Pradesh and happy go lucky girl from the city of Nawabs, Lucknow. It all started when the village boy moved to Lucknow for studies at the age of 14 and was infatuated by a sweet girl with dimples on her cheeks. Infatuation @ 14 Love @ 16 Dating @ 17 Long distance relationship @ 18 Accident & Ambition @ 22 One of the unfortunate things that can happen is Choose between your love and ambition. If you have to choose between love and ambition What would you choose It doesn’t matter where you go in life, What you do or how much you have… What matters is who you have besides you… It’s just about U&I… Welcome to U&I a story of two souls made for each other and let’s celebrate the love and sacrifice that every lovebird goes through in the journey called life.

Review: It is a very simple story which did not convince me. I received this book as a complimentary copy from the publisher for a review. I did not like the story or the writing style of the author. The author has no grip over the plot. Major let down of the story is narration. As I had to write a review, I forced myself to finish the book. I found nothing good in this book to be positive about the story I read. The book is recommended for all those who want some time pass reading of not to so good written love story.

You can buy the book ‘U & I’ Here

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June 13 2016

The Youngster Who Became A Spy


Blurb: The book is a thriller, set in the 3rd and 4th Century AD, about a youngster who navigates his way through to the upper echelons of the state’s administration through determination. The newly acquired territory of Kaunse, in the ancient kingdom is at the crossroads of conspiracy. Deepo, a dynamic youngster, who is a typical citizen, rises to the occasion of spying for his beloved kingdom. His effort, skill, dedication, and an uncanny ability to survive and thrive in the utmost inhospitable conditions, save the kingdom from disaster on more than two occasions. The visionary emperor alters the way of thinking of the common man and in the process enriches the entire administrative machinery. The spy, the emperor, or his advisors are unaware about the threats to their kingdom. A certain turn of events over a period, causes uneasiness within the empire. A thrilling training of spies, their tests, a meticulously planned intelligence operation, and chase, and finally the search of the unknown follows.

About the author: “Sanjay B. Tari, after having completed his B.Com and ACA, now works as a Finance Controller at Sharq Investment Company, Kuwait. The author has interest in reading historical books, biographies, autobiographies, philosophical books and fictions. He is also interested in watching different forms of art performances. Writing is an important medium through which one can at a certain level influence the society around. Although fictional, the stories are a source of inspirations for youngsters and/or administrations and the subjects they handle. This subtle message, and inspiring various people and institutions for the benefit of the society as a whole inspired the author to write. He has contributed articles to the, ‘The Chartered Accountant Journal’ and ‘Newsletter of the MMK (Maharashtra Mandal)’. ‘The Youngster who became a Spy’ is his debut novel.”

 Review: I am not a big fan of historical fiction as it needs lots of research and precision and takes into time to get the content read into the mind. I did not like much this present book. The youngster who became a spy is an attempt to keep suspense alive which did not impress me much. The author could not match to keep the demographic and chronological narration to the point usually historical fictional thriller keeps up. I did not like the history nor suspense essence of the story. The author could not incite anxiety in me as the work went towards the ends of the story. If you are in need of a very simple read you can try this book else skip reading and save time.

You can buy the book ‘Youngster Who Became a Spy’ Here

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