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There is perhaps nothing more important to me as an author than reading the opinions of other readers about my book who spent their time on it and may be in the future even their money. The reviews are important for my growth as an author. I was encouraging my readers to write a tweet review on my book as I did not wanted to burden them with lengthy notes on my debut book but few of them have been so nice to me that they did write a big note.

Thank you dear Luke ( an author himself)

“The flight of a butterfly is completely random yet perfectly precise. And so it is with the musings of Romila as she flits from topic to topic on her blog quest from A to Z. Her fortuitous path moves from discussing Valentines day and the associated peer group pressures on singles to the paradox of social media which by its insistent connectivity has all but disconnected us from our real friends and introduced a new false reality. Whatever made you a better partner if you gave someone roses one day in the year and were not their best friend in life and when did the rules change to, ‘If it’s not on facebook, it did not happen’. Romila is that little child in the fairy tale who said ‘the emperor has no clothes’.  As the butterfly promiscuously flirts with each flower in her garden, Romila visits the cactus and the rose and settles indiscriminately on both petals and thorns. She discusses random historical events like the origin of the number zero and the birth of the city of Rome and in the next flight expresses her views on more serious matters like the lack of education to support organ donor programs and the disappearing greenery in our ever expanding concrete jungles. She seamlessly moves from science to the arts and touches upon the esoteric beauty of music, which to each of us leaves it’s signature of a moment in time and then flirts with the ridiculous by discussing her inability to find any common ground with quinoa. Unconnected topics, arbitrary in selection, her views are indiscriminate, naked and honest. There is no attempt to demonstrate her evident prowess in writing or to join the dots between the different random topics. It is what it is, nothing more and nothing less, and for that alone I am a fan. Perhaps some may say there needs to be a straight line which connects the path of A to Z, something which forms a pattern to appease the rational mind. And perhaps there should be, but would you spend hours watching a butterfly prance in the sunlight, if all she did was chose the best flower and fly in a straight line”

Thank you dear Shilpi ( Author herself)

I have reviewed several books on this blog but this is one of its kind. This ebook contains a chain of thoughts, each originating from a letter of English alphabet. I found each and every topic very original and what impressed me the most was the diversity in topics. The author has chosen each and every topic very carefully and has taken no short cuts to finish off the challenge of A – Z blogging. She has put a lot of thought and substance to every piece of blog which made them a delight to read. I liked every written piece but my favourites are “Antagonists”, “Colours”, “Jagjit Singh, my first love”, “Power of Positivity”, “Ulysses” and “Zero Invention”. All I can say about this ebook is that the author has presented beautiful thoughts in a very impressive manner that are insightful and a delight to read.”

Thank you Raman 

 “आज के जमाने में A To Z के सही अर्थ मेरी दोस्त डॉ रोमिला ने ‘The Writing Workshop’ में लिखे हैं।  मुझे किताब का टाइटल ही बहुत मजेदार है। हर शब्द का मतलब रोज़ की जिंदगी से जुड़ा हुआ है। किताब में हर तरफ आशावादी और खुशियों की बातें है, किताब में जिंदगी के हर पहलू को छुआ है चाहे वो टेक्नोलॉजी या फिर कुदरत। मुझे खुद को colours, Doors, green, happiness, Jagjit Singh & Zero वाले शब्द पसन्द आये। लेखिका ने किताब के हर शब्द को बहुत खूबी से लिखा है और किताब सरल भाषा में है जिसे मेरे जैसा साधारण आदमी भी पढ़ सकता है। किताब पढ़ कर हर कोई यही केहगा के लेखिका पंजाबी है जो सच नही है।  लेखिका ने बहुत बढ़िया काम किया है जो हर इंसान के दिल को बढ़िया लगेगा, इसके साथ में लेखिका को उनकी अगली किताब के लिए शुभकामनयें देता हूँ .”

Thank you Vishal 

November Child’s The Writing Shop is an open window of her reflection, right from Jagjit Singh to writing during the night, poetry, books and her craving for ice cream. Her writing is crisp, warm and has a relatability factor. As part of the April A to Z Challenge, the writer reflects on the importance and futility of social media, drawing reflection on topic of issues and she has everything for every one. The book is a light and breezy that will accompany you in your daily humdrum of life.

Thank you Sarika

My Writing Workshop is a first of its kind read wherein the author, Novemberschild, has compiled all the blog posts she wrote as part of the A to Z Blogging Challenge. While the challenge isn’t new to me since I sometimes follow it, this compilation was definitely something new, exciting, refreshing and interesting. I thought the idea of making a book out of blog posts was brilliant, because it make severything easy as all the posts can be read at one go, in one place without having to worry about scrolling down or praying that the internet doesn’t give up on you. The posts were all very well made and it definitely seemed like a lot of thought went into making each one unique. Sometimes, I did feel that there was too much of a sudden theme change from one post to another, but then I had to remind myself that this is not a novel, but just a compilation of posts from a blog. And that’s when I started enjoying it more. There were a bunch of typos, but they really are unavoidable and forgivable, but Novemberschild really has some great potential to write more stuff, which I definitely look forward to, because there’s something very firm and real about it. I really don’t know what else to say about the collection, aside from that the fact that’s it’s free, so make sure you get your copy from here, and give this small but significant effort a go because it’s quick, interesting and extremely enjoyable. 

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