July 4 2016

Motivation and You by Shalini Sharrma


From the author:  We all live in an era where the one that suffocates us is not the enemies around us but that hidden, mysterious negative power that controls us in every way without us being conscious of in its clutches. My purpose is to redefine the Alphabets that were once taught to us in childhood. We are so used to the negative tendencies that we forget we have a choice, choice to be positive, to see the bright side, even if anything has to happen it will happen, what will make a difference is how one tries to get an opportunity out of it. I hope you’ll like the book, make sure you begin with an intention to learn something out of it and I have made sure that you don’t just get to the last page of the book without learning anything at all. I’ve tried to make sure that book has no mistake, but if it’s anywhere, apologies for the same. It’s good to hear from you about the book, your ideas to further improve it and to know how far I am successful in my efforts to make a positive change.

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Review:  When dealing with goals and getting things done motivation surely plays a very important role. Its motivation that makes you do things you have never imagined possible and its motivation that keeps you from doing easy and more pleasing actions. When you are highly motivated you can reach almost every goal, nothing can stop you, you can see clearly where you are going and what you want to get and so you keep moving toward it.  Now you that have defined your goal, you might still miss the needed motivation to undertake a change. To find the will to go on and turn your dream into reality  I suggest you to analyse your goal and what you will get by achieving it, both rationally and emotionally. If both the rational analysis and the emotional desire are still not enough to motivate you, then there is a BIG source you can use: Read ‘Motivation and You by Shalini Sharrma’, her e-book has all the elements from appreciation to being your best, getting creative so that you can de-addict from irrelevant things and exercise to focus. Have gratitude towards hardwork and inspire which is as good as journaling your knowledge. Love music, it is natures best way to be optimistic. Prioritise your questioning power to feel relaxed with positivity which would train your thoughts to be unique and give value. Watering any xcuse by the young is no more, as one should have the zeal to be motivated all the time in life. All this is what Shalini Sharrma’s book talks about and the best part is the quotes by Robin Sharma. Once you have defined your goal and you are truly motivated it’s time to act. In order to get closer to your goal you might have to make some changes in your life, to develop new habits and to give up some of your beliefs. The path won’t probably be easy but as long as you are moved by a disruptive inner desire and you feel confident about yourself you will probably overcome most of the difficulties that you might have to face.

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