July 20 2016



I discovered Instagram in 2013 Summer. First of all, it’s the one network that made me realize I love taking pictures. I can guarantee that you have also discovered it. Instagram Photos are everywhere. They hang out on your phone or in an email, on Facebook, or Twitter.  They are fun.  And they make the ordinary look awesome with those filters. There is nothing better than a picture to tell a story, Instagram is photo sharing, “reinvented”. The beauty of Instagram is that it is almost like a mini blog post in itself (with an awesome visual component) and lots of space to write the caption. Instagram is its own social media platform in that you can like or “heart” a photo as well as comment.  You can follow others and they can follow you, by adding Friends. Taking a photo, adding a filter, making it look fabulous and then sharing it is fun, there is no doubt about it. Instagram is Free.

I can see details most people miss. I spot flecks of dust everywhere. In many ways it’s a great gift, as it allows me to be successful in visual media arts. But it’s also a curse because I can’t turn it off, see, and sometimes I wish I wasn’t noticing quite so many details. But Instagram gives me an outlet for the results of this freakishly weird curse. And since my pictures appear to bring pleasure to a few people, that makes it alright. Instagram has made me realize that you don’t need a very big, expensive camera to take interesting pictures.

Why do you love Instagram? Let us discuss now.

I am participating in Half Marathon Blogging Challenge with Blogchatter.

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