July 21 2016

For the love of Bookstores


I can NEVER fall out of love with bookstores. There were moments of distraction. Who? The Internet. The online stores. Blogs and tweets and photos and endless streams of information. I’ve blogged hundreds of times, tweeted for more than 41000 times. Some of my best opportunities and favorite relationships have started online. But, in 18 years of non-stop online connection, I’ve learned something surprising. The more time I spend online, the more I realize face-to-face interaction matters the most.

Skype is great (read some great reviews on it) so is Facetime. YouTube is a window into world. Nothing beats being in the same space and breathing the same air. I like real conversations, real readings. I like visiting places such as bookstores, see people buying books and sometimes sudden conversations strike up between people, I like watching their body language on their choice of genre. In the ease of the Internet, in the promise of instant, I looked away from bookstores for a minute and when I looked back some had disappeared. They were closed. They were gone. We didn’t just lose a bookstore though; we lost a bit of magic. We lost a bit of wonder. We lost a safe haven where it’s still OK to dream big dreams. Books are not collections of paper; they’re invitations to different worlds. And being in a bookstore is like getting a passport. Best of all, it’s a curated experience.

 Bookstores matter to authors, but more than that, I think they matter to humans. They offer something no Internet site can deliver, they offer space. A room where 40 people or 4 people can get together and discuss an idea. Long live the bookstores.

 What say you, book fans? Do you feel similarly about finding books in a physical space, or do you prefer to browse exclusively online? Do you have independent bookstores that you love? What do you love about them? Leave your thoughts about bookstores.

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July 21 2016

To love me




I can’t tell you whether dating a writer is a good or bad idea. I am a writer but no one dated me. All I can say with any certainty is what, roughly, will happen to you if you love a writer. For me the world is too big, too loud, too bright, too close. I disconnect and shut out sometimes. Everyday is different for me. Some days I dont load the machine, shorts dont get changed and conversations have no supply. Some days are procrastination days when I dont feel like writing a single word. Be ready for signing up to have an opinion about everything. Lines, holes, characters, concepts and development and names, or imagery or rhyme schemes or references. There will be days when you need to talk to me. About everything. Possibly twice. These are days when everything gets trapped up in my head clogged between the head and the pen and the only other option is it comes spewing out my mouth. Sometimes brains just need an external hard drive. Listen. Nod. It’ll be okay.

But more than all that, more than anything, be loved by a writer. I am honest, there is no fluff, no sparing of feelings, no stretched truths. No beating around the bush and no lies, even if sometimes it hurts the feelings. Being in a relationship will guarantee honesty and trust. I find the deeper meaning in many things. I am such a person who is designed to break down sentences, put as much meaning as possible into paragraphs, and to always find the hidden story. Putting up walls is simply a speed bump in the journey for I would want to know and tell everything. I am free-spirited and creative. I tend to go with the wind, pick up and change directions often, and to always look at the smaller details rather than the bigger picture. I promise never have a dull moment when in the company of me. Whether it’s going out to dinner, seeing a concert, or traveling, I treat every experience like a story.

For everyone and anyone who reads this, fall in love with a writer because they will not only add you to their story, but also pull your story out of you. They will challenge you in ways you could not possibly imagine and while dating a writer may prove difficult at times, the reward is worth the risk. You will have to deal with their frustration when they are experiencing writer’s block and their immense joy when they’re riding their writer’s high. When their work is done you will be met with a smile worth a million words. The ups and downs of dating a writer will keep you on your toes, but in the end the reward is overwhelming. Fall in love with a writer because the story inside them is more beautiful than anything an ordinary relationship could conjure.

Now I await if someone really wants to date me or be in love with me?

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