July 28 2016

Twitter & Me


I have been using Twitter more 5 years. The first thing I do in the morning, before anything is to check Twitter – I mean a lot could have happened in the last 8-10 hours since I was sleeping, can’t miss anything.  I sometimes shake my head in disbelief when people tell me they don’t know what Twitter is.  That should be a crime!

Twitter is simple. Twitter does one small thing, and does it well. Twitter works like people do. If I’m interested in someone, I don’t have to ask their permission to follow them. I don’t have to ask if they will be my friend: that is something that evolves naturally over time. Twitter’s brilliant social architecture means that anyone can follow me, and I can follow anyone else (unless they want to keep their updates private.) People who follow me on Twitter learn that I’m experimenting a recipe, or watching a movie or riding bike with my brother or enjoying rain, things that I’d never (or rarely, since I’m doing it here) share on my blog. I know a lot more about many of my professional contacts that make them more into friends.

That was short and sweet about few of my Twitter habits or confessions. I would love to hear about your obsessions with Twitter and learn about even more reasons people are addicted to twitter.  It will also help me feel like I am a much more normal person.

I am participating in Half Marathon Blogging Challenge with Blogchatter.

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