September 29 2016

If you marry a writer


Let us all face it; the world can be a dark place we crave companionship – someone to rely on, to trust to have our backs, to love and be loved by. Some believe marriage isn’t for them, there are others who want to get married, but are worried and haven’t taken the big step yet because they’re waiting for the one.

Fear no more, the perfect match is here..Marry a writer! I have million reasons why you should marry a writer. I could go on and on and on because I am a writer.

Writers understand commitment. – finishing articles and totally dedicated to everything we do in our life. A writer is admittedly, flawed and slightly crazy. But you will also find a person who isn’t scared to commit to you. And that’s important, because everyone deserves someone who will love them and will prioritise their spouse’s well-being and happiness. And that my friend, takes commitment.

No maintenance problem. A cup of coffee. A hug when we feel low. A warm blanket for when we fall asleep on the couch. Writers love love. Basically, any tiny thing you do to show you love us and care for us is going to matter such as journals, bookmarks, and nice pens are acceptable anniversary gifts.

Writers are well read. So any possible disaster that could occur, you can bet we’ve read about it. And prepared for it.

With our creative gears constantly spinning, we’re always coming up with new and interesting things to do and say, romance can be innovative.

When we get published somewhere awesome, it will always be an excuse to celebrate.

Writers can find thousands of ways to tell you how much they care and love you.

Writers go to interesting events with interesting people. Get ready to mingle with fascinating intellectuals and artists such as book events, poetry sessions and bookstores.

Writers use all of their senses. They are passionate about their work and passionate about their lives. Any relationship that is filled with passion is a relationship that is worth trying on!

Writers deal with criticism and rejection daily. Heartbreaks dont bother. They are ready to face crisis.

Love letters and notes are what you would find in your pockets.

Whether it’s going out to dinner, seeing a concert, or traveling the world, we will treat every experience like a story. We will always enjoy our time and ensure that you do the same.

The ups and downs of marrying a writer will keep you on your toes, but in the end the reward is overwhelming. Fall in love with a writer, become their companion, because the story inside them is more beautiful than anything an ordinary relationship could conjure.

For these reasons and more you should definitely turn your romantic eyes towards your nearest Starbucks, may be you will find that girl writing and having her coffee and she will open your eyes to a whole new world.

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September 28 2016

Journey for love


It was a wonderful time we spent together. We talked about everything, made promises to each other and vowed to respect each other’s feelings. The moment came when we got lost in each other’s eyes.  Swiftly, we realised the distance between us had lessened and we become one, leaving no space for the air to pass through. That was the moment when I felt the first touch of her lips on mine. A passionate and heavenly feeling. Suddenly, the room was filled with aroma of love and passion. We both were soaked in the heavenly touch and caress of each other, that’s when a callous noise pierced through my ears and I forced my eyes to open with annoyance.

The alarm rang very loudly and I realised it was 6.15am. I had my flight at 8am. For a moment, I thought ‘What if I miss the flight’? ‘What if she thinks I had faked it throughout’? I said to myself, I just cannot afford to miss the flight’? With these scary thoughts, I immediately jumped out of my bed and to my notice my friend was already awake. I freshened up quickly and he dropped me to the airport by 7.15am. I thanked my stars, for I live within vicinity of the airport. I rushed towards the check in and realised I forgot the gift I took for her. It was a bolt of the blue moment to see the long queue at the counter. I managed to convince the ground staff of the situation who helped me get the boarding pass and finish the security check. Within no time, boarded commenced and I checked in. It was a moment of relief that I did not miss my flight and I was excited to meet her in few hours in person. With the flight off, my excitement gained new heights and that jiffy will remain an out of this world experience for me.

The reason for the havoc this morning was because of a tiresome bus journey followed by 3hours of jetlag as I had travelled previous day on a hilly route with no sleep. My mind was all set for a sound sleep to get up on time but my body did not allow it to happen. But I made my mind, to win over the situation, my mind and body so that I could meet my love.

In 2hours time the flight landed at the destination and my wait ended. I met her. We hugged each other and all my fatigue and exhaustion ended in few minutes. We spent time together in a cafe talking for long, sharing our thoughts and plans for our wonderful future together. That was my lifetime’s best feeling, totally memorable and treasure of a moment. One thing I still regret amidst the havoc of this morning was I could not surprise her with the special gift I had taken for her from the Far East.

Nadaan Parinda (His pseudonym)
He is a non-compulsive thinker. A perseverant by choice. A new writer in the block. He likes the weird surprises life throws at him. An Internet nut with interests in Travelling and Photography. He can be contacted on Twitter @nadanprnda. Your comments will be appreciated.

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September 27 2016

32 Facts About Myself

32 Facts About Myself, Blogchatter, NC

With so much social media at our fingertips and the ability to talk to people anywhere in the world just using a few keystrokes, making a list of random facts about yourself can be fun. It can help people get to know you better and they in turn can share random facts about themselves whether it be questions they answer or random things they choose to volunteer. I am making a list with 32 random facts about myself that will let you know a little about me and my life.

  1. Roses make me happy because of their colours, their scent, and their charm.
  2. You all know how much of a foodie I am, and good food just makes me smile inside out. I have a long lasting love affair with food.
  3. The first thing as soon as I wake up I make my bed. I think that’s the most important thing, for me that should be done. Neat, clean, crisp sheets are my weakness. Once I have my bed all neat and clean, I feel like I have accomplished something.
  4. Meaningful conversations. About socks, sofas, or anything really. I hate small talk.
  5. I love notebooks and journals and art supplies.
  6. I have an overwhelming fear of any bodies of water so I never learned how to swim, but I love beaches.
  7. I believe in love and marriage.
  8. Two things I really hate are disrespectful people and liars.
  9. I have never played Angry Birds, or Candy Crush, or Pokémon GO, or whatever. And I’ve no idea about how it looks or what it means to others. In fact, I don’t have a single gaming app on my phone or laptop.
  10. I’m a bit obsessive about cleanliness and personalization.
  11. I take the ‘R’ and ‘L’ on my earphones pretty seriously.
  12. And I never smoked a cigarette.
  13. Some call me nerd. Some call me geek. Some call me weirdo. And some even call me smart.
  14. I hate parties and clubbing.
  15. I’m curious about almost everything that I know/want to know. Actually, my curiosity is something that’s insatiable.
  16. I LOVE grocery shopping, reading and exploring new products.
  17. I HATE tea. Never had a cup, never will.
  18. When anyone is late or they dont pick up the calls within 3-4 rings, I start to worry that something bad may have happened.
  19. I Love wearing shirts.
  20. I take jokes on myself and laughing comes very easily to me.
  21. I’m not religious, but I love discussing religion.
  22. I love music. I listen to it all the time and think the iPod is the greatest invention. I like to see live music.
  23. I pay my bills online and always on time.
  24. My sense of humor tends to be sarcastic in nature, many dont understand.
  25. I do not carry around any pictures in my wallet.
  26. I am very competitive, but I usually only compete with myself.
  27. I actually enjoy shopping for myself or someone else.
  28. I can drink chocolate milk 3-4 times a day.
  29. I think 3D is the dumbest thing ever. It does not enhance my movie-going experience.
  30. I need some sort of blanket to sleep at night, no matter how the weather is.
  31. I love bangles. I have almost 600 of them.
  32. I started writing at a very young age. It’s what I’ve always wanted to do.

I’d like to get to know you better too! Tell me a random fact about yourself!

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September 24 2016

Under the same sun and moon


She promised to herself, that she will be happy and admit that he cannot be by her side. Falling in love with him was unplanned. All alone screaming in her mind “I need you, I want you, and I love you”.  Something has really changed about her that day; something broke after he left her. She put up walls to keep new friends from getting too close, and pushed out the people on the inside to keep herself safe. Within her walls, she was a soldier; no feeling- tranquil and frozen. She could still feel happy. She hid behind her big brown eyes; the same eyes he fell for. No one could see through them like he did. He saw her; who she truly was, what she truly felt, what she wanted, what she needed; he saw her and only her. Now she wears a mask. A guise to how she wanted to be seen, like another face in the crowd, another fish in the sea, just another.  He became her everything, never knew how the change happened.  But every love story doesn’t have a happy ending or effortless happiness. This story was the same. It was not the venom that quenched the legend of Romeo and Juliet, nor was it the icy water that kept Jack from Rose, but it is the distance, the greatest test to see how far love can tour.

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September 21 2016

Nothing matters but the writing

People who keep journals have life twice and I have 4 of them.
                                   People who keep journals have life twice and I have 4 of them.

I have been writing journal for quite some time now. I started my first journal without any clue as to what has to be written in it. My first few entries can be compared to random words thrown on a piece of paper. It lacked purpose and direction. But over time my thoughts have got organized and I exactly know the things that I want to write in my journal. The things that I write in my journal achieve at least one of the following:

1)      Make me smile
2)      Teach me a Lesson
3)      Make me feel confident
4)      Help me stick to a positive habit
5)      Track my progress in life
6)      Feel Gratitude

With an exception to No rules, the only required elements in writing are Honesty and Precision. This is because,it is only you who’s gonna revisit your history someday. And you can’t afford to have your memories being cheated by yourself.  As a writer, it’s curious to see how the quality of my writing goes up and down over time. There are some passages that I find gripping. The older I become, the more distance that I get from the person who wrote in the journal, and the more frequently I become surprised that I wrote what I’m reading.

Personally, writing serves as a way to keep my work and my life organized. I have a journal that I write in every single night and morning that helps me plan my days so that I don’t have to think about what it is I’m going to do in the morning and throughout the day. I create my routine for every morning, and at night I sit and dwell about what waking up early with a written routine really did for me. I think about the day I just had and what points of the day I simply wasn’t enjoying. I think about the best times of the day and what the contrast is between the moments I enjoy in life and the moments I don’t enjoy. It becomes routine after a while. It is like calling an old friend and talk to them or going through your favorite part of the day.

Writing in a journal is incredibly de-stressing. If there was something that just frustrated you that day, writing it out helps a lot. Rather than avoiding a problem, thinking about it can help you control your anger. Everything good that day can also help you go to sleep smiling if you write before bed. (Which is what I do.) After a long time of journaling, when you look back at previous writings, it makes you smile to see your funny handwriting or problems that seemed big that day, shrink into a funny story.

Let us discuss now, What does it feel like to regularly write in a journal or diary?

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September 20 2016

Silent Realities


Blurb: The ten stories in this collection explore the unspoken dimensions of human experience, moving fluidly across the real, the seemingly unreal and the magical. Mostly located in Delhi, they give expression to the silent insecurities and aspirations of its myriad characters living in an ever-changing, multi-layered society. The range of stories captures the differing frailties, moods and impulses of human behaviour: A woman pursues a strange association with handbags, a passenger in a train encounters a forgettable past, the protagonist on his way to purchase fish has a bizarre experience in an unusual habitat, a worker in a housing complex finds himself accused of a gratuitous offence, an accidental voyeur has an unexpected encounter with a street sweeper, a construction labourer transmits his interest in car-spotting to his four-year-old son, a slap leads an adolescent to a coming-of-age experience in the hills, an office worker plays with a paper-weight on his desk while he keeps waiting for something to happen, the trajectory of the relationship of a couple closely parallels that of sparrows building a nest, the story of a lonely, elderly woman and a younger family friend takes an unanticipated turn.

About the author: Ranjan Kaul is a writer based in Delhi and is the author of the novel, Through the Forest, Darkly. He recently retired from the position of Managing Director, Oxford University Press India after a long and exciting publishing career. An MA in English Literature from the University of Delhi, he completed his B. Tech from IIT Kanpur and subsequently did a postgraduate stint in industrial design from IIT Mumbai. Apart from creative writing, he draws and paints.

Review:  In a short story, every word counts. No rubbish, no excess weight with lots of freedom. I love reading short stories as it conveys containment and expansion at the same time – the idea of something compressed, yet boundless too. The current book Silent Realities by author Ranjan Kaul comes under this genre which has stories on Delhi – exploring the everyday lives of individuals from different stratum of society.  These stories can make you really look at things which are otherwise ignored or not given much importance. I appreciate the author’s way of writing and his ability to tell diverse stories from different viewpoints, settings, and plots while weaving a thread through the themes really fascinated me. In every story I felt the characters coming alive as I read them. The author is an amazing writer. It just took me couple of hours to finish the book. It was a non-stop read. I loved the stories of – the insecure lover, the little girl who helps her mother steal, and the domestic servant who loves cats. I can almost guarantee that if you pick up any story in this book, you will find at least one story that speaks to you. There is an art in creating short stories — it requires a keen understanding of characterisation, ability to assess themes, and develop a strong, focused narrative with a fascinating plot in which the author has mastered and I really wish Ranjan Kaul has more stories to tell in days to come to all of us. Highly recommending.

I won a review copy from The Tales Pensieve as part of Reviewers Programme. Register on #TTP for lots of #book fun and activities.

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