September 6 2016

The colours of my life – bangles


“You know what the thing is with my bangles? They’re timeless. It’s about expressing my individuality and wearing it, quite literally, on my sleeve.
“You know what is the thing with my bangles? They’re timeless. It’s about expressing my individuality and wearing it, quite literally, on my sleeve.

I am crazy about bangles. I love wearing bangles they make my hands look so beautiful. I have a good collection of bangles (almost 600) and I keep adding to it, it’s just fun to collect them. I love glass ones and those made of fibre, which are hand-painted, stone studded and colourful and make that cling and clang noise when you move.

I like mixing my bangles, piling them on my wrists, so I wear as many as I can get away with at one time. I always like to where them with a pop of different colours. I have almost all the colours of bangles -pistachio green, candy pink, mulberry purple, majestic red, peacock blue.

I feel sometimes blessed to be living in a city (Hyderabad) which has world famous bangle bazaar or the ‘Laad Bazar’ located in the branch roads of Charminar. Once a 3months I make sure to plan a trip to this market to load my bangle stand with new varieties of bangles.

I love the look of stacked bangles how they clank against the laptop while I am writing or to the utensils and cooking range in kitchen. I actually don’t need any reason to buy them as most of the people I know (read women) buy bangles only on occasions. For me life is a big occasion and I believe in staying happy each minute so why don’t make it happy by wearing bangles.


Wearing the choora has been my fantasy since a teenager. It has definitely a big connection with my love for bangles. The set of these red, maroon, off-white colored bangles signifies prosperity and fertility. The red and white bangles with the graceful white stones give a stunning look to hands. As I am a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to traditions, I will follow the rule of not removing these bangles before 40 days of the wedding and these are a symbol of a married woman; I would definitely wear them as long as I wish to.

Bangles are collectibles without limit, no age restrictions or body pre-requisites apply. Don’t you love that? And the sound.  I like the clicking and clacking, the mix of surfaces jostling and making music together. Which bangles are your favourites? Truthfully, I found it hard to chose and it took me forever to narrow it down this far. There is only one rule with bangles; the more the merrier.

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