September 8 2016

20years from now


My first reaction is definitely hilarity. It tickles me to imagine what I will be like twenty years from today. Reactions of course, vary from person to person. One might readily wait to say that they would like to roll in wealth; another might venture to say they would be privileged person in power. But I would think of myself in a diverse light. I cannot deny that there will be some visible changes in my physique. Perhaps, I would be gray a little at places. Some people really get scared at the very thought of their advancing age. They think that it is a stepping stone to senility which brings a decline in life, but I view it in a positive way, as the real life begins at forty and I will be 53. I have not made any blue print of my future but I am sure actions of my present will certify me success in the coming years. Twenty years therefore I will be master of my fortune. I intend to dip myself in something greater than my own mind to get reliable sources of motivation. I may or may not be lucky now but twenty years thus I will have explored a lot of my inner room and optimistically enriched my life significantly.

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