September 10 2016

The Diary of a Lutyens’ Princess


About the Book:   The Diary of a Lutyens’ Princess is the story of middle – class girl which is satirical yet inspirational, heartbreaking yet heart – warming.  Starry eyed young Akshraa marries her childhood love, but soon realizes that youthful passion does not always translate into everlasting togetherness. Craving a professional niche for herself in her early thirties, she becomes one of a rare and successful breed of ‘intrapreneurs’. Her life takes another turn when she falls for and ties the knot with Suryaprakash, the scion of one of the first families of business India, a package that comes riddled with its own set of sorrows. But Akshraa retains her vivacity and spiritedness, penning witty observations on the superficially perfect lives of the elite – beautiful people in exotic locales, yet in a state  of search and sufferance, undergoing the same travails as any one of us. While doing so, she discovers her own path to salivation, as she bravely resets the rules of femininity: to own up to ambition and life –on – purpose is sexy!

About The Author:   ‘The Pied Piper of joie de vivre.’, is how Bindu Dalmia christened herself.  She was mentored in the ‘Shiv Nadar factory of mind-machines in ‘thought- leadership’ as she calls it, in her formative 20’s, where remaining paranoid in pursuit of ones goals was considered virtuous, working in a managerial post with  Hindustan Computers in its nascent years. Thereafter she chartered her own course in living life on her own unconventional terms. The lessons she learned in practicality of managing her estate and finances, led her to an avid and absorbing interest in keeping a pulse on the zeitgeist of the times, tracking the state of governance and   the economy. These are issues that are not just in the realm of academics, but informed decisions that affect each and every one of us, percolating to our day to day lives. Knowledge in these spheres is empowerment, as she views these events through the prism of a contemporary woman’s world-view.

Review: The book is for all those women aspiring to become independent in life by changing the rules of feminism and put an end to all the restrictions, that is barring them from satisfying their dreams. The Diary of a Lutyens’ Princess is the author Bindu Dalmia’s debut book. It brings out inside story about the lives of the elite living in Delhi with Calcutta too making a brief appearance. The book is about a girl who belongs to a middle-class family, and her father has a rule book with quoted: “Daughters are not allowed to mingle with the opposite sex as all men are rascals.” To continue further, his daughters would marry were to be “good, virtuous Punjabis, preferable from the services, who had no vices like smoking or drinking”. And if this basic premise was not met, “the girls dared not step out” of the Laxman Rekha he drew — perhaps an emotion shared by today’s fathers. The book talks about the protagonist Akshraa’s life over five decades full of commotion.  There are few researched openings about the Babri Masjid drama, the collapse of Indian economy in the early 1990s, the Kejriwal success in Delhi. ‘The Diary of a Lutyens’ Princess’ tells a woman’s journey in a patriarchal land. The author expresses her views on life with some hard hitting outlook. The author has beautifully portrayed the reality of Indian women. It’s a read that you won’t be able to put down for sure and I highly recommend it. The flow keeps you absorbed till the last page as many would be able to connect with the story for sure.

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