September 18 2016

My short hair

There’s an extensive list of reasons why I love short hair and I feel like I’m still discovering new things to love about my cropped tresses every day. My hair feels healthier, it dries much more predictably, and shaking my head feels like twirling around in a flouncy skirt. I had long hair in high school. At one point, you probably thought “I could never part with my diaphanous Rapunzel locks! They’re a symbol of my maidenhood!” Experimenting with a close-cut ‘do is extremely liberating. It makes perfect sense that cutting your hair short feels like a cleanse. You’re relieving your head of all those extra dead cells weighing it down. Better yet, this detox doesn’t require drinking vile cayenne lemonade. Naturally, you feel like Beyonce and Jay Z’s combined net worth after a drastic haircut.


Going short is unequivocally the lazy-girl’s guide to a healthy mane. Say goodbye to waiting an hour and a half for tresses to dry off. With less mass on your head, it will just naturally be a speedier process. Now, this is providing that you have hair that’s even long enough to pull back into a pony. If you do, beats the springy little tuft at the back of your head bouncing up and down like the tail of a baby deer that is your ponytail. Whether you’re blow-drying, straightening, plying your hair into a labyrinth of bobby pins, or just spiking with some turtle wax, short hair is a breeze to style. Sure, maybe your “8-hours shoved against a pillow” look is a bit messy. But your payoff is  punk style, no pomade necessary. Relieving your shoulders of that curtain of hair basically makes your body temperature drop by about 5 degrees. Also, who needs to pile their mane into a messy bun just to avoid waking up in a night sweat? Not me!! So, hooray for saying “Away with all this silly LONG hair!”

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