September 24 2016

Under the same sun and moon


She promised to herself, that she will be happy and admit that he cannot be by her side. Falling in love with him was unplanned. All alone screaming in her mind “I need you, I want you, and I love you”.  Something has really changed about her that day; something broke after he left her. She put up walls to keep new friends from getting too close, and pushed out the people on the inside to keep herself safe. Within her walls, she was a soldier; no feeling- tranquil and frozen. She could still feel happy. She hid behind her big brown eyes; the same eyes he fell for. No one could see through them like he did. He saw her; who she truly was, what she truly felt, what she wanted, what she needed; he saw her and only her. Now she wears a mask. A guise to how she wanted to be seen, like another face in the crowd, another fish in the sea, just another.  He became her everything, never knew how the change happened.  But every love story doesn’t have a happy ending or effortless happiness. This story was the same. It was not the venom that quenched the legend of Romeo and Juliet, nor was it the icy water that kept Jack from Rose, but it is the distance, the greatest test to see how far love can tour.

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