September 28 2016

Journey for love


It was a wonderful time we spent together. We talked about everything, made promises to each other and vowed to respect each other’s feelings. The moment came when we got lost in each other’s eyes.  Swiftly, we realised the distance between us had lessened and we become one, leaving no space for the air to pass through. That was the moment when I felt the first touch of her lips on mine. A passionate and heavenly feeling. Suddenly, the room was filled with aroma of love and passion. We both were soaked in the heavenly touch and caress of each other, that’s when a callous noise pierced through my ears and I forced my eyes to open with annoyance.

The alarm rang very loudly and I realised it was 6.15am. I had my flight at 8am. For a moment, I thought ‘What if I miss the flight’? ‘What if she thinks I had faked it throughout’? I said to myself, I just cannot afford to miss the flight’? With these scary thoughts, I immediately jumped out of my bed and to my notice my friend was already awake. I freshened up quickly and he dropped me to the airport by 7.15am. I thanked my stars, for I live within vicinity of the airport. I rushed towards the check in and realised I forgot the gift I took for her. It was a bolt of the blue moment to see the long queue at the counter. I managed to convince the ground staff of the situation who helped me get the boarding pass and finish the security check. Within no time, boarded commenced and I checked in. It was a moment of relief that I did not miss my flight and I was excited to meet her in few hours in person. With the flight off, my excitement gained new heights and that jiffy will remain an out of this world experience for me.

The reason for the havoc this morning was because of a tiresome bus journey followed by 3hours of jetlag as I had travelled previous day on a hilly route with no sleep. My mind was all set for a sound sleep to get up on time but my body did not allow it to happen. But I made my mind, to win over the situation, my mind and body so that I could meet my love.

In 2hours time the flight landed at the destination and my wait ended. I met her. We hugged each other and all my fatigue and exhaustion ended in few minutes. We spent time together in a cafe talking for long, sharing our thoughts and plans for our wonderful future together. That was my lifetime’s best feeling, totally memorable and treasure of a moment. One thing I still regret amidst the havoc of this morning was I could not surprise her with the special gift I had taken for her from the Far East.

Nadaan Parinda (His pseudonym)
He is a non-compulsive thinker. A perseverant by choice. A new writer in the block. He likes the weird surprises life throws at him. An Internet nut with interests in Travelling and Photography. He can be contacted on Twitter @nadanprnda. Your comments will be appreciated.

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