October 3 2016

Reality bites me…of friends


I am very friendly and always helping. I don’t like comparing people; everyone is different and special in their own way. I really wish people who know me understand this. I try to be careful when I talk or behave with people. I do not lie or use people for my own benefit to dump them later. I cannot even in my dreams think about deceiving anyone but since decades I have been taken for a bad ride, betrayed and hurt by people who call themselves as my friends. Perhaps I deserve it as I think everyone is good and don’t judge them instantly; this is why I get punished.  I talk to everyone, I am polite and cordial, just because I have been treated poorly, this doesn’t make me turn like them. It is not in my personality to change colours. There are such friends too who have made lifetime promises to me and never kept their word. I don’t ask for promises, until I make one. I am glad I haven’t made any promise. There is no scope of being blamed or land in awkwardness.

I like if I am remembered, or friends call me/text me, be in touch share moments of life, but unfortunately it doesnt happen. People whom I know over the internet (my blog or on twitter) are someone whom I have never met and I dont know if we would all meet ever, with whom I have limited, funny or friendly conversations. I don’t use my real name in both the places so I am given a name by everyone I communicate with. People who know me personally – by my real name and in person, don’t know I write a blog, I exist in twitter and I have a different identity online. It is a fact that no one knows the both sides of my individuality.

I am not a loner or forever in isolation, I socialise, I meet people, I talk with my neighbours, I play with children, I greet my acquaintances, I accompany my parents to relatives, shopping and other places, I teach students, I smile at those regular faces whom I see at walking park, but at the end of the day I am not their friend and vice versa.

I don’t like boasting of having hundreds of friends as I keep hearing from people I know about their implausible friend list. My contact list of my phone has only 5 numbers and only 2 apps (twitter and instagram) uploaded. Hike, Whatsapp, BBM or any other chat platforms are a big NO for me. I am not in Facebook. In twitter I follow less than 150 profiles though followers have crossed 100,  I can count how many I talk with. I believe in quality than quantity.

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October 3 2016

INTENT reveals desire; ACTION reveals commitment

“I believe in the immeasurable power of Love; that true love can endure any circumstance and reach across any distance” – Steve Maraboli

Though, I believe that I have not yet gone that far to endure some tough or impossible circumstances, but I firmly believe, that it is the power of Love which made me travel from one part of the country to the other.  After meeting her, I realized that Love surely has this endless power to unite two different souls despite the odds and differences.  We met through social media and communicated over messages and calls. I sometimes felt if such a relationship could ever work! But after meeting and knowing her, it made me accept as true that we are really ‘made for each other.’

We talked about everything and anything to understand each other let that be our preferences to sharing opinions on relevant issues. We do have differences, but taking the good side, we match almost everything from our music playlists to our idea of life.  I felt it was just a coincidence, but gradually I started to realize that it can’t just be a coincidence.  There is an invisible string of feelings and emotions which connects us so perfectly.

My life was not exciting and momentous till she came in my life.  She is the one who knows my likes and dislikes, sees life through my eyes, objects when I go wrong and accepts my good with appreciation.  I don’t wish to modify her to my requirements and also wish the same for her.  I love her for what she is and I just want her to be herself.  I will stand by her in thick and thin, no matter what situation rises.

I understand there would be ups and downs in life and also in our relationship.  I want her to be assured that however tough the time may be, I vow to stand by her side and win over the problem(s). There may be situations when the entire world could go against us, but as long as she and I are together we can fight the odds, hand in hand.

I was always a non-believer of love, but now I want her to know that I strongly believe in the infinite power of Love and she is the reason for this belief. The distances between us are not permanent, nor the pain of loneliness.  I am sure this distance will soon lower and we both will never be lonely like now.  I promise you that as every moment passes by, our relationship will grow stronger making our souls turn one, never to let go of each other.  I Love You.


Nadaan Parinda (His pseudonym)
He is a non-compulsive thinker. A perseverant by choice. A new writer in the block. He likes the weird surprises life throws at him. An Internet nut with interests in Travelling and Photography. He can be contacted on Twitter @nadanprnda. Your comments will be appreciated.

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