October 7 2016

One head Many hats


Being a woman doesn’t mean she needs to be defined by style, culture, smell or personality. Woman wakes up every morning faced with millions of decisions and despite what the world is telling her she chooses to make the right one. She stands by what she believes, realizes what she deserves and doesn’t settle for less. She is honest, and loyal, and 100% faithful. She puts up with far more than she should. I am proud to have been born as a woman. I play multiple roles in life and it really makes me happy to successful in every role I play that of a daughter, sister, friend, writer, blogger and a hardworking person.

As an individual – I am sometimes aggressive in nature; it is in me, to complete every task that I’ve thought of doing. I feel blessed with a stable mind set. I rarely made/make any bad decisions. I am often involved in my own self. Writing is my biggest interest and I lead a life full of ups and downs. I am emotional and think both the sides of the coin. I am highly self respecting and highly cautious about it. I am soft spoken, I have won awards for being a good orator. I faced a lot of difficulties in my life, but came out of them through my wit. Highly dedicated towards anything I do. I have progressed in the field of education to a very good level.

As a daughter – I am very much emotionally involved I’ve brought name and fame to my parents through my studies, sports, writing, and blogging activities. Not once but many a time I held family together, and saved the family from falling apart in difficult situations. I carry out their responsibilities very well.

As a sister – I am a strict sister, I care of my brother very well. I support him in doing a right deed but I don’t mind going against if he is wrong. I always prove lucky for my brother.

As a friend – I am usually consulted for advises, I support my friends’ decisions, and dedicated towards them. I am loyal towards all my friends. My friendship is based on principles. There is nothing more important for me than the principles. I am a follower of precision; I cannot tolerate even the smallest of lies spoken by friends.

As a wife (  I might be one in the future, I dont know) – I promise to be honest to share all my doubts, all my problems. The key to a good marriage is conversation. I want to keep talking to keep sharing. I want to discuss the problems and not keep them locked up inside. If we both know what is going wrong, only then we can sort it out, right? I will never impose myself. Through the tears, the laughter, I will continue to love more and more every single day. I will never let that spark die that was felt during the first date.

I love whatever I do. I am great with money management, I can be stubborn sometimes, I can write for most of the day, I hate all the political correctness, I love electronics. I can’t stand liars, I have my set of insecurities, I want to learn Arabic, I eat a lot but I by no means get more fat, pure randomness makes me laugh more than elaborate jokes, I love staying up all night, I keep secrets 100% safe (besides my own), I cant draw, I’ve never travelled out of country and it took me less than 15 minutes to write this post.

And I am, Novemberschild – One person with many roles, many responsibilities, many duties and many aspects.

“This post is for Day 7 of UBC and Daily Chatter

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