October 9 2016



Love doesn’t hurt; on the contrary, it is amazing! It is the absence of mutual love that hurts. Love is very a powerful and yet beautiful emotion. Love is a bond between two people that goes beyond logic and reason, one that overwhelms the mind and senses enough to do things that are inappropriate. You cannot choose who you love, and you cannot choose to just stop loving someone.

When only one person out of these two have this emotion they might not realize that the other might not reciprocate and it is this naivety that blinds them from the plain and simple truth that they might get hurt as if they were in a relationship that doesn’t mean anything what so ever! When/if they do get hurt then they can’t understand why this person, who apparently loved them, did what they did. The answer is quite simple: Either that other person doesn’t reciprocate or they need reminding that what they are doing to those that they love the most is in fact hurting them! If they change their ways, at least enough to show that they desperately want to try, then they love you back. If they don’t then they don’t love you back. The main thing to KNOW, is that you are NOT the only one who has ever, or WILL ever, feel this way. Love does hurt especially if you have been betrayed by the one person that you felt was your life. it hurts the most especially when you put all your time an effort in order to try to make the other person as happy as they can be and regardless of all that work the one you love is not able to see how much you love them and they betray you.

To conclude, Love should never hurt. Your words, your actions, your doubt’s, insecurities, not wanting to really hear someone, respect someone, is what HURTS the other person and therefore, hurts the relationship. Love to me means learning what you and the other person you’re involved with truly are inside and changing the things that don’t work for the betterment of your relationship. Unfortunately the word love is used far too often or perhaps the bond associated with that word is perceived to be far stronger that it actually is.

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