I wish someone told me


Oh to be young, sights many a person watching the dirt stained child frolic on wet, grass or splash through muddy puddles. Indeed, to be young is a great experience. The greatest asset of youth is perhaps a glorious sense of freedom from the heavy responsibilities of life. The vision of youth is fresh. It is difficult to recapture at a later age that innocent curiosity about everything that marks the days of youth. If the joys of life have rare intensity in youth, the sorrows appear intense. The delight of licking ice cream is matched at the other end of the spectrum by the disgust of having to eat spinach under the watchful eyes of mother. The process of growing up is a painful as it is joyful. From the vantage point of maturity, you regret the fading away of innocent joys and intensity and
excitement of experience.


“This post is for Day 14 of UBC and Daily Chatter

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