October 20 2016

10 Little Things


Books are wonderful- they have the ability to transport you to places that are magical, beautiful, and filled with possibilities. Book lovers often find joy in the smallest of things, but they hold a lot of meaning. The 10 little things that make every book lover happy are:

  1. The smell of old books
  2. When they find little things written in a second-hand book they buy
  3. A cosy, silent spot in a cafe
  4. Meeting someone who shares their love for reading
  5. When they receive gift vouchers to a book store
  6. And when the book store has sales
  7. When they find quirky new accessories for their books
  8. A membership card to a library that has a myriad of books to choose from
  9. When they find a limited edition version of their favourite book from their childhood
  10. Finally, when they realize that they have one device to hold all of their favourite books, and they can read them anywhere and everywhere.

“This post is for Day 20 of UBC and Daily Chatter

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