October 29 2016


It really sucks when someone you are awfully close to goes missing without any notice. What are you supposed to do especially when that person promises you of coming back? Wait for them when there are no signs of them showing up day after day after day, weeks after weeks? Or are you supposed to be worried about them when there is no way of reaching them except for a phone call ( which is never taken) email and messages to which you receive no response? Are you supposed to be angry at them for not being available, or are you supposed to feel the constant blues?

Our mind is really funny… Sometimes it gets attached to an idea of a person, the person we want to be, or the person we want to be with, or the person we want to fall for, just the whole idea is so amusing that we start living in an illusion which makes us happy and keeps us going, gives us the motivation to move ahead.

The point which confuses me is, since there is an almost invisible line between reality and illusion… How far can we go? People come and go but some of them, we really want to stay besides us. So do we let the real person go and keep staying with the illusion?

Think about it and if you have something to tell me, your own experience, please do share.

“This post is for Day 29 of UBC and Daily Chatter

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