October 30 2016

Spread Love & Happiness

I often ask myself what is happiness? I can actually count how many times I’ve been genuinely happy.

Loving without condition, talking without intention, and giving without reason, caring without expectation is this happiness?

Sounds very bookish, but it works.

Attitude is not about being rude and arrogant. It’s influencing others with your words, actions, gestures.

I was very short tempered and often labelled that I have attitude and upbringing problem. This brought in my parents which was wrong for me. Nobody deserves to bear the brunt of my ill behavior, whatever mood I may be its mine and I am to be blamed for it. Ego, arrogance, and self pride I never had them in my life but I still don’t understand why was I so short tempered?

Circumstances, situations differ from day to day and person to person. The way everybody reacts or responds is different. When I can have so much of mood differences why cannot others and I accept everybody on their face value though I have not many people around me.

I got negative suggestions, still get them and will keep on getting them but I know what to accept and what not to. These suggestions actually made me realize who is the real one who actually cares for me.

I don’t believe in revenge because it doesn’t help anybody. You can hit the person but will that heal your bruises? No, never. Apart from lack of complaint I think I am blessed with quality of pardoning everyone who has done wrong to me. I actually remember every that person who has injured me mentally and whom I have forgiven and forgotten their pierces on me.

I feel I was born romantic just because first three alphabets of my name with word ‘romantic’ are same.

I care a lot no matter if that person cares for me or not. I belong to the clan of people who believe in expressing love not just once but all the time. I don’t feel love is staged, exaggerated. Love is endless, eternal, and everlasting. It’s addictive.

I know I can’t change anyone by writing a few words here and I don’t expect anyone to follow all these immediately. But if you read the post and reached here, that means you did agree with what I wrote.

“This post is for Day 30 of UBC and Daily Chatter

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