Day#5 HaikuFive


Some use death to flee
But suicide lacks honor
Living takes courage

Their joints scream some pain
tango is their most love dance
oldies but goodies

From ashes to dust
the rebirth of the phoenix
broken but stronger

This Post is written for Day#5 of NaBloPoMo which challenges you to a blog post every single day in November. This is a great opportunity to publish posts daily, meet other bloggers, and try something new. 

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A True Alchemist? #FridayReflections

Prompt for this week: 1. If you were an animal what would you be an why

We’ll miss the dolphins very much if they were ever extinct. We would miss the dolphins because we would never hear the happy chirping sound they make, we couldn’t feed them anymore, and, most of all, there would be nothing to lighten up our day, something to make us laugh in delight, or smile from ear to ear, if we were having a gloomy and sad day. Yes, we will miss the dolphins very much if they were gone forever.

Waves flowing water sketch sea ocean and two dolphins colored background vector illustration

If I could be any animal I would be a dolphin. I could spend all day every day in the water if I wouldn’t turn into a raisin! Dolphins swim freely and are so majestic. I’ve always been fascinated by them. They are so beautiful to watch listen to as they communicate with each other. Another reason why I would want to be a dolphin is because they are strong and incredibly intelligent. The dolphin lives a simple life, consisting mostly in eating, sleeping, and procreating (dolphins, along with humans, are one of the two animals known to have sex for pleasure). The distinction is clear; dolphins won’t surpass human beings in intelligence in a billion years, because they already have.

Funny thing about dolphins: when they’re around, they always manage to make us smile! If you’re sad or gloomy or having a very bad day, a dolphin’s face will surely make your spirits soar high, out of this world! If you don’t believe me, look at the dolphins as they swim around the tank. Even if you didn’t smile that much on that day, and if you don’t smile, you are going to find yourself hearing a laugh be pulled from your throat. If you don’t laugh, then I’m sure you’ll at least smile. Dolphins always manage to make us excited. If the dolphins were wiped away from the face of the earth, different people all around the world would be crying and wishing that the dolphins would return to existence—maybe not all people, but some. Dolphins are endangered because of fishermen tossing out nets. The dolphins become tangled with it and drown—because dolphins are mammals like us, and they need to breath air every once in a while. Dolphins also beach themselves because they were majorly injured by something or someone. We need to help these dolphins, just as they had helped us, by helping to bring more happiness to our world.

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