Day#6 Commitment-Promise-Reality


Today I’m writing an open post to the future leading man of my life (will this in all probability scare him away?) in honor of the love we will be sharing together and also list down a few promises which he would have to make to have me in his life forever. It’s important that he keeps promises throughout our relationship in order to continue building a trustful and loving foundation all the way through of our lifetime.

  1. Promise me that when we gorge on the TV shows, you won’t fight for the remote.
  2. You will never spoil anything for me and be surprised at the good parts which I do.
  3. Promise me that you will introduce me to all your friends, family and & co-workers, or would never feel shy of posting our pictures together if required on the social media.
  4. Promise to continue doing the things you did to win my heart, well after you’re mine.
  5. Promise you will never treat me like a cliche.
  6. Promise we won’t fall into tired old routines and you will look for new and interesting ways to keep our relationship fun.
  7. Promise you will fight for me and when you say you are committed to me, make it important to earn and keep the trust.
  8. Promise you won’t stop caring about me when I am at my worst and you will always work to bring out the best. Everybody needs to be cared and little pushed.
  9. You will call me when you say you are going to call. You will reply to my texts because I would like to text to be in touch.
  10. Promise me that when I will fall out with my friends you will not bad-mouth them, because we both know it’s probably temporary.
  11. Promise to treat our relationship like it’s our relationship that it’s private, that it’s between us. You won’t let the world spoil it or dictate it.
  12. Promise you will do everything you can to not be a “typical guy.” I’m as bored with those stereotypes mentality of men.
  13. Promise me when I am sick, you will take care of me and you won’t be annoyed when I tell you how unpleasant I feel being sick a hundred times a day.
  14. Promise you would hear me when I talk, not just listen, but also appreciate my point of view.
  15. Promise me you will not be that perfect man because I know perfection is beyond reach.
  16. Promise me you would be honest about doubts, disturbances or any kind of insecurities about our relationship.
  17. Promise of being truthful with me if you ever feel tired, besieged or stressed out beyond belief.
  18. Promise to remember we’re in this life together, and our every waking second is about mutual give and take between the two of us.
  19. As we both have our families before each other, promise me that you will not make me choose between your family and mine.
  20. Promise to indulge with me in all family traditions, as well as the ones we make together.
  21. Promise to take care of things around the house if there should ever be a time I need your help.
  22. Promise not to allot certain roles on basis of gender to the two of us because this is our home, and we share it together.
  23. Promise to be my biggest supporter.
  24. Promise to love me for the rest of my life.
  25. Promise to become the best part of my life.

I have been independent with the things I love, but I would really want you around here to help with some of the manly works like pounding a nail in the wall for a new piece of my artwork or checking with the leak in the kitchen. And as long as you accept me as I am without expecting changes or asking for any change, I’ll accept you as my sexy man for the rest of my life.

This Post is written for Day#6 of NaBloPoMo which challenges you to a blog post every single day in November. This is a great opportunity to publish posts daily, meet other bloggers, and try something new. 

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