November 9 2016

#WedShadow – WeekOne


It’s important to show your presence as it is yours!!

Nothing can ever take the place of presence. The world is simply a reflection of the energy we put out from within. Consider the fact that it is impossible for someone to know your history at first glance.

This is the most valuable thing that I have learned in years is the importance of Presence. Presence is important for healthy relationship, friendships, healthy marriages, and successful parenting. By presence, I mean showing up both physically and emotionally. Many of us are so concerned about getting things done that we are not at all present to the people around us. But the most important thing that you bring to any relationship is your presence.

Now a days Technology can be the enemy of presence. Quantity time produces quality time.

Think about these questions :- Do you spend time a good amount together as a family? Are you physically present? …

Remember, don’t lost in your work that your presence is what your loved one miss more than anything else. “Your presence is important for someone else’s life”

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    1. Speak out: Latest news “No more 500Rs n 1000Rs notes in market ?” what’s your take and opinion? Write your take on this news.
    2. Friendship : Write about friendship with someone yo never expected.
    3. Addict: Everyone’s addicted to something in some shape or form. What are things you can’t go without?
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November 9 2016

Day#9 Me, Tattoos are my story


In my eyes, my piercings and tattoos have made me beautiful and unique. I didn’t do it for attention. Not a day goes by without someone making a comment pertaining to my tattoos or ears. When I go anywhere, I feel eyes on me all the time. I have had people literally grab my arms and start twisting them to look at my tattoos without my permission several times. One woman literally approached me and she touched my ears to see if they were actually pierced. She was a complete stranger.

Recently an elder man came up to me and asked what my hand said. I told him, and he responded you are manner less, why Latin, are you a Christian and are you a rebel? I asked him what he meant and he told me I ruined my body. Again, a complete stranger. I’m judged and treated like less of a person because of my appearance.

Some people look at me like I must be some stupid unemployed kid (I don’t look like my age) with tattoos on my body. I’m a PHD doctorate, academically a topper since post graduation level. I am a successful writer, editor and well known blogger who is an author in making. Personally I’ve always been attracted to people with ink. I feel a lot more comfortable in my own skin and I’d hate not having them.

I am the only person in my family with tattoos, a no percentage of my friends have tattoos. I am often told, “You are going to be embarrassed by your tattoos when you are old and no one would talk to you” considering the fact many people of my age ( I am 32 ) have tattoos, when I’m older, I expect to be in surrounded by others with tattoos of the same age. We can sit around sharing stories about our ink and reminiscing about our youth.

A person criticising tattoos thinks others should not be allowed to make personal choices about their skin, money and time. Instead the tattooed people should be like them, disallowed to make a personal choice about their skin, to be disallowed spend to have their skin inked. It’s not fair people can have tattoos and not them. So they judge and find fault, they try making people seem smaller with harsh and malicious go on because it makes them feel great about themselves.

I never feel there is a need for me to defend my choice that I have 4 tattoos and 8 piercings. Instead I go through life not caring what other people think about my tattoos. As soon as I go on the defensive I show them that their judgement has exposed the truth of their own moral fibre – their truth of cheaply judging me on my appearance rather than on my character.

People get breast implants, lips inflated, cardiovascular to look good in bikini, men get implants too, colour their moustache/beard, wear contact lenses, whiten their teeth, get veneers, in fact the list goes on and on for the acceptable improvements to which no one says they are lacking confidence or they are attention seekers who degrade their intellect, self-esteem, culture, honesty, integrity, but when a person gets a tattoo and all that changes, why?

How many of those of you that intensely hate tattoos (and the people wearing them) have met someone, liked them, respected their abilities and seen their hardworking talent only to find out later they have a tattoo, or piercings or colored hair? Did it really change your thoughts towards them that much, and if so, why? This is a melodramatic thought, and it could go either way as those of us with tattoos are not Saints or perfect ones.

I am more than my tattoos and piercings. I have feelings. Please stop carelessly disrespecting and looking down on me because I look different from you. You cannot possibly make a precise judgement about me based stringently on the fact that I have tattoos. You are free to try if you like. Why don’t you tell me just what you know about my character based on my tattoos? I await for the answers from the people.

This Post is written for Day#9 of NaBloPoMo which challenges you to a blog post every single day in November. This is a great opportunity to publish posts daily, meet other bloggers, and try something new. 

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