November 16 2016

#WedShadow Week2


Every decisions you take depends on time situation and values you hold. Sometime life puts you in a situation where you have to take up a bold and tough decisions but it same time requires your patience and values to go ahead and stand for your decisions.

I took one such decision in my life when I left my first job in renowned IT company because my parents needed me I took that decision, to stay back with my parents as they needed me more than my job and that my values given me right choice and right decision to make and stand by it.

If you have taken up any decision accept it from whole heart and respect your own decision.

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November 16 2016

Day#16, Boundaries


I wish everyone loved crossing all man-made boundaries and reach out to the whole world and to the humanity at large. And have love in our hearts, love that crosses all barriers of cast, creed, cultures, religion and even species without any bias, no prejudice and has a sense of understanding for fellow beings.  If there is no understanding there is great sorrow, and if the mind does not penetrate beyond its own barriers than there is misery. We have become communalists, so incarcerated by the boundaries created by our own minds that we seem to be forgetting the real essence and ethos of a religion. And we all are facing the impact of this communal and provisional society that has created pockets of islands of humanity, grouping within them and spreading fondness for their own kind, while hatred and disgust for others. Love a state, when you are in peace with what you see, feel or express. A state of being when you expect everything around you in its own importance with no disagreement, when you accept beauty and ugliness, the way it is naturally. When there is psychological, pious and material acceptance of nature in all its totalities in a generous way. And a state of being when you don’t see everything in terms of gain, proceeds or benefit but when you accept things for what it is rather than, what it gives you.

This Post is written for Day#16 of NaBloPoMo which challenges you to a blog post every single day in November. This is a great opportunity to publish posts daily, meet other bloggers, and try something new. 

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