Day#19 – Of the awards and rewards


Nothing gives me so much of happiness except in the realization that I have accomplished something worthwhile in my life. No matter how hard the circumstances have been in my life, I did achieve my goals, aspirations, dreams, and ambitions and I am happy of all that I have in my life.

Since I was a kid, I can say that I was an ambitious girl because I’m always dreaming of so many things for my future and I still dream. During the course of making my dreams come true, I experienced the unexpected which made me strong to face any challenges that will come along my way. As what other say, “The virtue lies in the struggle, not in the prize”. Obviously, these things are just a small part for the eyes of others but for me, I consider them really big.

1989 – I was in 1st class; I won my first prize in best poetry recitation. I was given a hamper of 25 books. I remember most of the stories I read.

1990 – I gave my stage performance in 2nd class in Kathak and got the opportunity to come in a TV show.

1991 – I was awarded best student of the crafts class and I was given 5 sewing kits as prize.

1993 – I was in 5th class; I came first in Girl’s UN’s cross country race, 100 meters, made my team win Kho Kho.

1995 – I was in 7th class and by majority votes of students and teachers, I got selected as prefect.

1996 – In my 8th class, I wrote my first article on unemployment in Hindi which was approved and published and I was made sub-editor of the school magazine (students department) and became member of Fete and Annual school day celebration management.

1997 – In my 9th class, I was made to stand in elections by the school management and I got elected as deputy head girl, deputy sports head, deputy head prefect and deputy head of elocution, drama and debate society. I was literally called by every student as “Deputy”.

1998 – In my 10th, from deputy I was made the Head of school, sports, elocution, drama and debate society. I was the representative of our school in every competition. My project on Shakespeare was selected as one of the bests from ICSE schools of city. I was awarded as best social worker as a part of curriculum in Socially Useful Productive Work.

2003 – I had my first attempt at writing serious essays, debates and participation in quizzes on national level.

2004 – This year proved lucky as I won almost every essay contest and quizzes conducted by competitive examination magazines which I started reading since a year. I got introduced to blogging and I started to blog anonymously in Rediff. I came at 2nd position in Air India and Singapore Tourism RANK Awards (for the state of A.P. for excellence in studies and performance).

2005 – I won my first big title “Miss Intellectual” of the super brain super youth of India contest by Competition success review. I was on the cover page of the magazine.

2008 – I turned a freelance writer and my big was being selected as citizen journalist and I wrote more than 50 news pieces of some are even liked and commented today.

2009 – I got my first full time job as deputy editor of a business magazine and research associate at IIM, Ahmedabad. I came all India 3rd position in The Goi Peace Foundation & UNESCO Writing for better cause activity.

2010 – I won title “Miss Intellectual” of the super brain super youth of India contest by Competition success review for the 2nd time.

2011 – I joined Outlook group as their senior features writer and I was head of current affairs and general studies section of the magazine. I joined Twitter.

2012 – I started a new blog with a new name and passed my MBA with brightest colors.

2014 – I won for the first time few first and second prizes in blogging.

2015 – I earned my doctorate degree in business management. I received, read and reviewed almost 250 books. I won blogging contests by – Jabong, Asus Zenfone, Gillette, SBI, IDBI, HDFC, Pampers, P&G, Housing, Kellogs, Coca cola, Snapdeal, Pepsi IPL, Airtel, Vicco, Colgate, Ambipur, Vicks, Dabur.

2016 – Most interesting affair of the month in January was writing 3 entries towards #SportsChatter blogging contest. In February, I won a fashion contest for bloggers hosted by Jabong, received thank you notes and vouchers from authors for reviewing 2 books and the BIGGEST surprise was winning the #SportsMirror contest. In March I signed up for AtoZ Blogging challenge and out of blues I was made one of the conspirators to take this challenge ahead and make it a hit along with 4 more wonderful bloggers by Blogchatter, this was a BIG responsibility. I won blogging contests by Limeroad, P&G, and AdventureN. April was busiest month, I won at the first place – #Iam Capable activity, #JungleBook activity by Blogadda as well as won some freebies from Limeroad. May was One of my favourite months till date. I turned an e-book author. I won at first position- #MyInternshipTheory activity at Blogadda, so did I win at #Setwet and Ariel blogging contests. In June my blogging resolution came true; I inspired a fellow blogger to get back to some serious blogging. I won my first BIG twitter contest of 2016 on #RDBurman. In July I took up #Blogchatter 15day blogging challenge as well BloggingRhythm’s challenge. In August I shifted to my own self hosting and was born. In September I took up Alexa Campaign and came at 4th position. I won #NextLevelBlogging contest by Blogchatter. In October I took up Ultimate Blogging Challenge and Alexa had some great numbers to surprise me. Now in November I have taken up #NaBloPoMo hosted by BlogHer where I will write one post everyday this month. I read 65 books out of 100 books of #GoodReads challenge. My first e-book has been a great success, with readers showering so many compliments on it. My second e-book should be out next year. I look forward for 2017 to be more busy and good blog and work wise for me.

I have more to achieve and many stairs to climb. I thank God to have made me in this way. Now I can say that I’m already contented of what I have now, to be in this world and continue on living is such a great opportunity. My greatest achievement so far is that I’ve been able to continue with my normal life with all these awards, rewards and accolades. I love what I do, but more so, I’m glad to have very few people who appreciate my efforts.

This Post is written for Day#19 of NaBloPoMo which challenges you to a blog post every single day in November. This is a great opportunity to publish posts daily, meet other bloggers, and try something new. 

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