November 20 2016

‘Jug’ of my life – #DearZindagi


Activity Theme: Blog about your ‘Jug’ and share with us the true essence of friendship.

Friendship is about finding people who are your kind of crazy. 15years! It’s crazy that it’s been that long, by the way K and I have been friends for. We met when I was in college. I made friends who were very different from me but K has been that one who brought out the best in me. Our friendship did not begin in hours or even months to be broken easily. It is here to stay eternally. We have stood loyal that has been the hallmark of our friendship. He never rat me out with others without showing his loyalty to me first. He has been never been afraid to say to the world that I am the best. He is always proud of me ahead of every other person. He gave his heartfelt compliments and this I will never forget. Many others doubted my ability and my actions but K never did it. He believed in me, that I could make anything possible and I did because of his motivation. He believed in me, yes! And made sure I succeeded. I don’t know what I would do without him. He is always straight with me and can make me laugh hysterically. Everyone should have someone like him in their life.

It sounds like a simple task, but very few people are as attentive as K to sit with me while I speak, and he follows all my words, and waits until I finish before responding. He knows every embarrassing thing that has happened to me, and I know every weird thing about him. I never hesitate to tell him something, because I know he will take it to his grave.  Sometimes we both need is eye contact to communicate. I just need to give him ‘that look’ and he’ll know exactly what I’m thinking. He has seen me at my worst, when my heart was broken, it was the worst of times. I wasn’t myself, luckily he recognized that. We hang out for days on end and never get sick of each other, each day is like an awesome new adventure. The fact is we live in different directions of the country, (I am in South and K is in the West) we don’t get many chances to meet, but when we meet, it is always the feeling of we had never left each other. I know that I can call him at any hour to cry out my issues. As we get older, birthdays seem to feel less important and more obsolete, but K makes my birthday a national holiday and a big deal.  Sometimes life sucks. But it sucks a hell of a lot less with K by my side, telling me everything is somehow going to be okay. For all the times he wiped the tears from my cheeks, no words were needed, because I knew what he wanted to say. When things in my life are going great, my ‘jug’ my best friend K is the first person ready to celebrate. He is never jealous, or envious of the things I’ve worked hard for. In fact, sometimes it seems like he is more excited than me.  K is not just a friend to me, he is my soul friend — the type of person who changes someone’s life, who makes everything that much better. We know of each other’s insecurities, goals, shortcomings, dreams and achievements. We pick each other up and keep reminding the other that we’re not alone.

*One million memories
*Ten thousand inside jokes
*One hundred shared secrets
*One reason
*BEST FRIENDS are K and Me*

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November 20 2016

Day#20 – A Knotty Affair


A Knotty Affair’ is a story about a thirty-year-old software engineer, Viraj Sargaokar. Born into a middle class family that lives in the suburbs, he joins a south Bombay college, where he encounters a culture divide between him and his rich classmates, who ridicule him in various ways, making his college life a hell. With a father that is a disciplinarian and a professor in the same college, Viraj’s only consolation is his mother. His mother thinks the world of her son and stands by him through all his struggles. Viraj is fascinated by a classmate Ruhi, a beautiful good-natured girl, who be-friends him and treats him well, unlike the rest of his classmates. Life changes drastically for Viraj, when his honest professor father is accused of bribery and arrested.

Its a very fast paced book, and by the time premise of the book is handled, book is already halfway through. The fast pace was a good thing as not only did the story move quickly and not requiring you to invest so much emotions and pain into it, but the book also started and took the readers through a whole lot of events and scenarios of life and not hovering on it too much. The author takes you through the entire life journey of the central character so quick that at some point you wish that there was little more depth but I personally loved the pace because you can see the events happening and concluding quickly and not having to wait for things to roll out. As a refreshing view the book doesn’t not just a boy meets girl story line and has another track that has been catered too parallel and with equal importance so I would say that makes it for one of its good point. The book is really light and quick. In fact you wouldn’t even realize that you have completed the book in mere short period, when you start reading it and I am not sure which should shoulder its credit, the fast paced narration or the to-the point story line.

This Post is written for Day#20 of NaBloPoMo which challenges you to a blog post every single day in November. This is a great opportunity to publish posts daily, meet other bloggers, and try something new. 

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