November 27 2016

Day#27 – Hope


A lot of times in life we see that things don’t turn out how we expect them to.

We are always told not to expect. But have you realized this, even while not expecting we are surely expecting.

It is human nature to do things out of love, want or care and yet desire to get all of it in return. What’s wrong in that?

Without reactions, our deeds are followed by heartbreaks, regrets, and anger.

So did I not deserve something in exchange? Am I not good enough to be at the receiving end for once? Or ain’t I just not permitted to wish for the “give and take”?

It’s inevitable for these questions to arise. However hard you try to block them out or you fight with yourself to let them go.

You make it simple and vow not to repeat the history. How long does it work? All it takes is a moment to make you forget the promises you made to yourself when you were deprived of what you craved for.

It is one vicious cycle with “expectations” at its centre. The only key out here is staying power. You bear it, and you learn from it.

It doesn’t mean you don’t repeat your mistakes. You just grow stronger, stronger to tolerate some more.

This Post is written for Day#27 of NaBloPoMo which challenges you to a blog post every single day in November. This is a great opportunity to publish posts daily, meet other bloggers, and try something new. 

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