November 28 2016

Day#28 – Hate is a big word


Its natural for a human being to have likes and dislikes for people, especially the celebrities. But I don’t understand is that why people hate the celebrities they don’t like. Isn’t hate a big word? Some artists are your favourites and some are not. It’s okay. But hating is too much. Posting ridiculous and indecent comments, but why? You don’t like a celebrity, its like you don’t like, why bother the issue more by harsh words?

I read often hateful comments about Justin Beiber, Kristen Stewart, Adele, Shahrukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Imam Siddiqui and etc. Why? They don’t even know them personally. Rather, they don’t know them at all. They make their own perceptions and comment about their personal lives. People send out so many negative vibes by all this.

The artists are there to entertain us and they do. We should respect them for that. We should respect them for their talents and art, keeping aside what they do in their personal lives. Whatever they do in their personal lives is their choice. One has no right to intrude upon them, judge them and suggest them what to do and what they should have done.

When you don’t even like your own parents intruding upon you, think about the artists then….

This Post is written for Day#28 of NaBloPoMo which challenges you to a blog post every single day in November. This is a great opportunity to publish posts daily, meet other bloggers, and try something new. 

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November 28 2016

Working from home


From the beginning I have only thought about money, being financially independent.

I started earning officially in 2008 as a freelance writer. My first pay of Rs 500 is still pending, the publication house NEVER bothered to pay and I never bothered to stay there.

I should call it my BAD LUCK because wherever I worked turned defaulters on most of their bills, and paid me after 6 months of quitting the job. The money which freelance writing gives is not LUXURY but definitely essential for the expenses.

I always thought I got patience in genetics but no I was so WRONG. The companies for which I worked and didn’t pay me for months together are the REAL people behind the loads of patience I have now in me. Waiting and I go hand in hand.

I don’t even now remember when was the LAST time I took money from my parents for my use. I have my brother (RICH is his prefix) who is always ready to help me but I can’t keep asking him for money, because I am someone who has been paddling my own boat CLOSE to 5 years+.

I thank my STARS I don’t have to pay house rent, or my car loan because these 2 very basic requirements of life are my OWN. I never had a credit card, because credit card companies don’t offer their cards to people with no fixed income and I never took their calls anytime. I live on my debit card, and so, I am never in arrears. My banker never forces me to have a compulsory balance as I don’t have an account in any international or private bank. Nationalized Indian banks are fine with Rs 1000 as minimum balance which I always endeavor to have.

Working from home has its own perks than an office life. I work in my shorts or pajamas, I don’t have to bother about my looks, it’s not obligatory to be presentable. I don’t have to think about etiquettes. The amount of freedom and time which is REALLY important to me is agreeable but you’ll get screwed up with the money. PEANUTS I must say.

I don’t regret quitting my full time job as an assistant editor, all I was told to do was to write thank you emails to subscribers, event producers and financial supporters. This was NOT the kind of work I was looking forward to do in the position of editorial assistant.

I am ALWAYS in search for new writing/editing projects, anyone who needs help, is reading this; please don’t shilly-shally to get in touch with me.

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