December 1 2016

10 Things I Love About Me

  1. I Love To Be Entertained: I Love to enjoy life to the fullest! The worst thing for me is to be bored, so I’m always moving from thing to thing, looking for fun.
  2. I Love To Talk: While I am at times extremely quiet, I can also at times never seem to shut up. I love to chat with people, talk about things I’ve learned, things I’ve seen.
  3. I Love My Curiosity: I am a very inquisitive person, who tends to over think everything. I like to explore, ask questions, and investigate everything
  4. I Love To Laugh: I love when I can goof off and be silly, it’s not a personality I show very often to people, so when I do it is usually someone I’m very comfortable with
  5. I Love my heart because I have found that I have the capacity to love many different types of people.
  6. I Love giving — if this is being giving of my time, money, support, advocacy — I am happy when I can help others especially those who need it most.
  7. I Love my creative side! My creativity brings me a lot of joy-just the thought of being able to create something completely original through drawing, painting, writing gives me so much pride to know that there are no boundaries to my creativity.
  8. I Love my life! There are a lot of ups and downs but they have only made me stronger and really helped me appreciate the wonderful people that I have come to know and to learn and enjoy the opportunities and experiences that I have had so far.
  9. I love my enjoyment of food. I love taking joy out of having a good snack or meal. It is definitely a pleasure I take out of life. It’s also a very good way to win me over! Most of all, I love eating a lot of food, I’m always a hungry monster.
  10. I love that I am a perfectionist. I love having the drive to do something the best it can be done. I love doing things right the first time and knowing I am going to give the best result.

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