December 3 2016



Thanksgiving is about giving thanks, remember? What’s not to like about the idea of dedicating a day wherein the purpose is to remind us to be thankful? That sentiment isn’t applicable only to the people in our lives. It’s about everything that helps us become comfortable, productive and because technology improves the quality of life, it’s worthwhile to take a few moments to give thanks for some of those gadgets/appliances that have earned my eternal gratitude.

The most important invention is the washing machine. Any other technology comes second. Who doesn’t want spotless clothes out of their washing machine. Like any other home appliance, washing machines make our life easier and hassle free. I am thankful to this wonderful appliance. My machine ( fully automatic samsung) serves me well each week as I wash our clothes, towels and bedding. It has made my laundry a simple task. I can toss bedding and clothes that are covered with throw up in and hit the ‘rinse’ button and it takes care of the icky mess. There are days when it has worked very hard, nearly non-stop through out the day. Thank you for washing our laundry and thank you so much for having a rinse cycle and making cleaning up throw up just a bit easier.

My kitchen is incomplete without Microwave Oven. I have been using it since I was a teenager and I cannot think my life without it. Thank you Microwave, because of you I can thaw, reheat, and cook food. You are efficient, cost effective, and convenient. The consumption of electricity is very less. The food is cooked and nothing less is burnt.

I must admit that I cannot live without my laptop. The whole point of a laptop is that I can move it about easily. I can work in any part of my house, even in bed if I want to! When the weather’s warm, I can work outside. I can take it to the library, or with me when I travel. There are so many things that I can do on it – Play games, watch DVDs, listen to music, work, communicate, store photos, check up on the weather … It’s a source of entertainment, information, and a means of communication. I am so thankful to this wonderful gadget.

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