December 6 2016

I wish I were…a movie


How I wish I were a movie and my life ran as effortlessly as the script of a movie.

One day, I’m walking in the down side road and suddenly I run into my man who got away from me few years back and we reconnect and end up spending the whole day together; watching the sunset and sunrise and end up kissing in the rain and enjoy the closeness we always wanted.

Next day, I catch a flight to my friend’s wedding to somewhere in the alps and a dashing stranger is sitting next to me where we have the best conversations up in the fresh air, and then I find out that he’s also going to the same wedding like I am and we have a whole weekend of brief romance awaiting us to be spent together.

I’m working at starbucks and suddenly a handsome show up and we engage in a sweet conversation, then we go out on a date the same night because we couldn’t defy the amazing chemistry between us and end the night with a magical note.

I wish every time I was upset, something astonishing happens that makes me love the world again.

I wish that when I decided to move away, someone stopped me at the airport and told me to stay.

I wish people showed the same love that the characters show in movies.

I wish reality had more room for love.

I wish life had more moments that took my breath away.

I wish all lovers get a new year’s kiss.

I wish people get the job of their dreams and love of their dreams.

I wish I were a movie, because I feel reality is uninteresting and running out of good scripts, running out of love, running out of optimism, running out of marvel and running out of happy endings.

This post is written for Blogchatter’s prompt for the week – I wish I were

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