December 8 2016



How important it is for horoscopes or kundlis to match when getting married?
Did your kundli match with your spouse?
If not, then did you marry him/her?
How many years it has been and how has been the journey so far?

To be honest, I don’t believe in burdening yourself with something called as Kundli. A kundli or a horoscope is a way to ratify a marriage, a process of intelligent elimination passed down through the ages, obviously with very little scientific relevance or proof to support its credibility.

I have read so much on Kundli or GunMilan, that it really infuriates me. I have seen marriages with 36 gunas (marks) matching out of 36 that don’t go well. To give you a back ground 36/36 gunas is extremely rare and considered as the best match. This couple despite the 36/36 is one of the unhappiest couple I have known personally. The couple cannot separate because elders do not permit as their kundli’s have matched they are forced to stay together and hence nobody is happy. At the same time, couples who got married without checking the kundli’s or asking for opinions from astrologers are happy.

Marriage never depends on Gunas and Kundlis, this is blind to believe. Marriage depends on two person’s love. No Hindu scriptures have written that one should always marry by checking kundli only. kundli makes you bias before you do the karma. I have seen marriages break and prosper but to point to a parchment of paper is very silly. Marriages require mutual cooperation and understanding- love is always a bonus but in no way do they need Kundli matching to approve their existence or voice their destiny. Matching on basis of horoscope is just a game of probability. One may or may not believe in it. But we can never take decisions blindly based on probabilities. Sometimes brain and heart’s decisions are different. If one who is with strong will and dedicated love can bring peaceful marriage life to their partner and can win against all gravitational forces of Planets. There is courage and there is fear, courage is the only thing that helps a person to win. I strongly feel that compatibility between two people comes only when they open up and communicate well and share their talks not by some pandit who plays the number game with their date of birth.

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