December 11 2016

Joy is not in things; it is in us


Coloring is not just for the kids. It is not something that just kills some time and gives more to us. Coloring is not just for the kids. It is not something that just kills some time. For me it is pure JOY. It is becoming the latest most popular trend for reducing stress among adults that do not want to rely on medication or other therapies to get their stress under control. Let’s face facts we are not all crafty types or artistic types but that does not mean we do not long for the recognition of completing something artsy that looks great. Coloring gives you that sense of accomplishment. It is nice to take a break from life if even for a few minutes and get lost in doing something that is simplistic. Coloring is simple but the results are grand and it takes you away for a few minutes of escape from the adult responsibilities that all adults have to deal with. From an early age, I have truly loved the art of coloring. This is why I love that adult coloring books are a thing now. It is truly relaxing to take some time to yourself, kick back your heels, and color. It is soothing in its simplicity but still feels like a lot of fun. Not only is it rewarding to be coloring and finishing something you’re proud of, but it is relaxing in itself when you have the time to do it. Coloring isn’t competitive, either. You are not comparing your doodles to someone else’s, and there isn’t a way to do it wrong. It is a simple activity that can relieve so much stress from the daunting tasks in our lives. When I complete coloring in a picture, I get satisfaction from finishing something, without the stress of actually doing it. It is a beautiful thing. I will never be ashamed to whip out my 100 colored pencils and book in public, and anyone who judges me for that is simply jealous.

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